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AMF Bowling Pinbusters (DS)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Bethesda / Genre: Sports / Release Date: 2008

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    2 Reviews
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      06.10.2009 10:59
      Very helpful



      A good attempt at a bowling game, shame ther eis no stylus use though!

      This Bowling game is a bit different to what I imagined it to be. But on the flip side it turned out to be quite good really.
      First you can what game mode you would like to play in out of a total of five, World cup, Precision bowling, Quick play, Duckpins, multiplayer and a practice mode.

      World cup; This allows you to pit yourself against many rivals in many cleverly and crazily designed bowling arenas. You start off against rivals who display slight power increases compared to your own and then the get better skill as well. The more people you beat you unlock them as playable characters. This is also the case for the bowling lane arena too. There is a special psyche mode that allows you to put off your opponent by being able to control their ball, so when the bowl you can send them into the gutter. Not only this but this special move as it were puts a red pin on the bowling lane for their go to get in the way and obstruct their view. The more people you play against the more characters and arenas you have to use.

      Precision Bowling: This just helps you get your eye on the game really. They ask you to hit each pin highlighted. SO they start with the first pin and move back. As long as you hit the marked one you get 100% Not really difficult just a bit of time wasting really.

      Quick play: Just like world tour but shorter. Play a bowling match as opposed to three or four lengthy games.

      Duckpins: This is bowling but with small diddy pins and a bowls bowling ball. It is much harder to knock them all over for a strike as they are slightly more spaced apart. A lot harder than the normal bowling games, but good fun none the less. I did get bored though as you get 3 throws per go as its harder.

      Multiplayer: Join up with friends in a multiplayer bowling game!

      Practice mode: Is a short game, to just practice really.

      Now onto game play , where is use of the stylus??? This game should have been about using your little wand to do allsorts instead its all 'A' and the 'D-pad'.
      Line you bowler up, press left or right a little. Then choose power, press A wait for your characters arm to go back and stop them before the max with another 'A press. That's it. Then when you see your ball going slightly too far left or right correct it by pressing the D-pad the opposite way. What, so they are giving you a way of cheating??? And the point of that is?

      The overall graphics of the game are rather good to be fair, the pins look good and so do the lanes. Sometimes however the pins don't fall down when you should have blatantly got a strike, which is weird. Oh well.

      So apart from the disappointment of not using the stylus which would have made this game a sure fire hit it does not do a too bad a job of being a bowling game.
      I really enjoyed it after playing it for a while and then could not put it down!
      So I give it 7/10. It's good for a short time but could be better.


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      26.07.2009 22:01
      Very helpful



      Gets repetitive quickly, not really recommended

      This review is of the Nintendo DS game, AMF Bowling - Pinbusters, published by Koch Media and Bethesda. As the name suggests, this is a game all about ten pin bowling.

      There are five different modes in which you can play this bowling game, the World Cup, precision bowling, quick play, duckpins and the practice mode. They are really very similar however, World Cup and quick play are really the same, just slightly different lengths, whereas duckpins is really the same game with the same controls and responses, just with shorter pins.

      There are a range of different locations around the world where you can go bowling, including locations such as Route 66, Highland Bowling and Deep Space Lanes for example. By playing through the World Cup, you are able to unlock more bowling lanes and also more different characters.

      In terms of playing the game however, there are major failings. This is a game that would be much better to play with the touch screen and stylus, and this seems the obvious choice. Unfortunately this isn't a supported feature, and all of the playing action is done by using the d-pad and the navigational buttons.

      Once you do get used to the controls in the game without using the stylus, it remains very limited. The controls are generally frustrating, and the ball often doesn't go where you wanted it to, regardless of the amount of experience that you have in the game. Given that the game is limited in its scope, getting this bit wrong really does make the game a big disappointment.

      There are a reasonable number of multi player modes, which allow you to either connect with friends via the Nintendo DS link-up, or you can pass the game around your friends if you only have the one Nintendo DS. You can also go on-line and play this game with others, but it's not likely that you will find a vast number of takers to do this.

      The graphics in the game are quite good, and the 3D presentation of the pins is quite smooth. There are times though were it looks as though the pins should fall down, but actually don't, and vice versa. The sound in the game is quite fun, bright music playing in the background and reasonable sound effects. Indeed, the graphics and sound in the game are really the strongest attributes that the game has.

      The game retails for 19.99 pounds, but can currently be purchased from Amazon for half of that price, 9.99 pounds. If you're happy with a second hand copy, these are currently available for around five pounds on sites such as eBay and Amazon. The game is rated as 3+, so is suitable for children of most ages.

      In summary, this really is quite a limited game, as the main element of the bowling isn't really that much fun. Even with experience, the ball still doesn't go where you want it to, and the lack of stylus and touch screen support does take away from the game. There are positives, especially the impressive range of multi player options, but given the quality of the game play, it's not likely that you'd want to play using these features for long.


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  • Product Details

    The thrill of the lanes is in your hands with AMF Bowling Pinbusters! Take on the challenge alone or against players from around the world as you compete to become a bowling champion.