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Around the World in 80 Days (DS)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Release Date: 2010-03-05 / Published by PlayV

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    1 Review
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      14.07.2010 16:01
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      A game which can be mixed

      Not many people are aware of the vast range of games available on the Nintendo DS console and this game was one of those I found whilst browsing my local supermarket.

      The game is based around the movie entitled Around the World in 80 days. If people have not seen the film it is about a man named Mr Fogg and his assistant who claim they can go around the world in 80 days. There have been two film versions out based on this idea but this game tries to copy the first movie ever released.

      The game itself follows a story which sort of gives an insight into the background of the characters and what they are aiming to achieve. The game asks the players to participate in a puzzle type mission and try and collect items as the characters go around the world.

      You might imagine this game as one of those where you need to move blocks around to try and make 3 of more  of the same colour and once you have done this they are taken away from the grid. As well as taking part in this part of the puzzle you must also try and get the pieces hidden in the grid to the bottom before the timer runs out. You might need a few pieces for the item or might need several this all depends on how far in the game you are.
      You collect points for moves you make and you get to collect extra lives as well as you pass through each day.

      Every day is a new puzzle to take on and these puzzles can be really complicated as new features are added such as frozen blocks and brick walls and you have to try and manipulate your blocks to go around them. You get power ups as well to assist you in the adventure and continue on your journey.

      The story continues after each day has passed so you never lose track of what is going on but sometimes the story can be tedious and extremely boring so you tend to skip this part and aim to the finish the game.
      As you can imagine you need to take part in 80 puzzles to finish the game but each time the clock reaches zero before you finish a puzzle you lose a life so they are valuable assets to keep.

      The game overall can be repetitive and quite boring as the days go on but you tend to have the urge for completing the game as it has this addictive nature to it as well. This is hard to explain but trust me this is the feeling you get inside.

      Although the game has good points there are some negatives as well and the biggest is the game play because although at times blocks move around quickly when you control them with the stylus other times the game tends to freeze up slightly so the timer continues to move whilst your stuck attempting to make moves.

      The game play is not always terrible but it tends to get worse as you advance further through the game towards the latter stages. The graphics are at times poor but overall they are not as bad as they might have been.

      Each time you pass a new area or country your blocks change in the puzzle to help you understand where you are so the graphics are not too bad. Even the characters themselves in the game are easy to work out although some of the facial expressions are slightly incorrect.  I would point out that there are times when the game can cheat with the player and deliberately make you fail.

      On a few levels you might come across situations which are extremely difficult to work out. You can make many combinations with the blocks and even use power ups but the level is very difficult and sadly the game does little to assist you so there is no help during the game at all.

      I suppose the game is suitable from ages 8 and above due to complex nature of the game at times and I would imagine younger people would find it difficult to work out various combinations and methods for completing the game.

      I would have hoped for a game which has variations in the types of puzzles they make you complete but sadly they are repetitive and this sort of takes away the glamour of the game. The story should have been more interesting perhaps with a video clip now and then or more realism.

      This game is not easy to find as I found this by chance and ended up buying it but I have not seen this game around since that day.  This is also a two player game as well should you want to take a friend on in a challenge.
      My overall rating for this game is 7 out of 10 but this could have been much higher if they made a few alterations.


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