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Bomberman 2 (DS)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Konami / Genre: Puzzles / Release Date: 2009

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    3 Reviews
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      13.01.2010 22:50
      Very helpful
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      A solid game

      ~~~GAME BOX COVER~~~
      The game box is a slightly more sci fi one compared to the first one on the DS, and reflects a much more advanced improvement to game play.

      ~~~GAME PLAY~~~
      The basic concept of game play is that you are a bomberman and you place bombs in each level, in which to blow up boxes (to reveal power ups or power downs) and to attack enemies and set off traps etc...

      Game play is split into two modes: Mission and Battle

      This is the mainly single player game mode where you advance levels in different areas, and face challenges. There are over 50 levels for you to complete, and after every five, there is a boss battle.

      Each level also may contain hidden parts which you can find to upgrade your bomberman for specific power-ups.

      I found this single player section much more comprehensive than the first game, and much more fun. The body parts you can pick up also add another level of strategy to game play and the high number of levels also poses a challenge. The difficulty in this game is much more varied than the first on the DS (I completed that VERY quickly).

      This is the mode where it is basically free play. You choose from 1-20 boards (some slippery, some speedy etc) and pit yourself against up to 8 computer players or friends (will come onto later) and try to win by being the last one alive... and in doing so, score points or trophies to win!

      Compared to the previous Bomberman game, this one has most of the power-ups but no detonator bomb which was one of my favourite, although it does make game play easier...

      This has been greatly improved. In Battle Mode, not only can you play with friends with only one game card via wireless play, you can connect to Wi-fi and play with people all over the world. This feature is fantastic as it does not lag at all.

      In Missions, you can also play a Versus mode with people who also have the game, and pit yourself against them in a number of different playing boards. This multiplayer option is more comprehensive and you can have more options but it does require the other people to have the game as well.

      The graphics has not improved since the first game, and in Battle Mode, they even re-use the winning screen (pretty much identical). However, these kinds of games does not really require a very high graphics function it is the game play that counts.

      The sounds are also similar to the first game, although it does fit in and personally does not annoy me, but sometimes I would prefer to have the sound turned off.

      Around £15 RRP online, but much cheaper on Amazon or ebay.

      Bomberman 2 is a much needed improvement to the previous version on the DS, and answers all the gamers' prayers from the first game. It now has a "non-lagging" Wi-fi capability and a much improved Single player feature with a range of levels to challenge gamers.

      For Bomberman fans out there, this is a game to get. Whilst it does not contain many mini-games found in the Bomberman Land Touch series, the classic battle mode is pretty much perfect in this edition, especially in the increase of interactive levels such as the escape, skull escape and star game boards.


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        18.05.2009 00:16
        Very helpful



        Lots of great game play, a really enjoyable game

        Bomberman 2 is a game for the Nintendo DS, released in 2008 and is a follow-up to the previous Bomberman game.

        The aim of the game is simple enough, you go round the screen dropping bombs which allows you to blow up enemies and obstacles as you go.

        Unfortunately you have to make sure that you get out of the way of those bombs, and you must also avoid attacks from your enemies.

        The two screen DS display works well with this game, with the overall map element on the top of the screen and the actual game playing area on the bottom screen. The game as a whole I found easy to pick up and play and is challenging to begin with without being too difficult.

        The game is structured quite well, with lots of mini sub-levels, usual in sets of three, before you can get to the next stage. As you progress through the game and gain more experience, you can also upgrade your inventory with new items, such as weapons, to help you get through newer and more challenging levels.

        The game was actually too hard for me to complete, but I'm not a games player, and I got a long way into the game, so I think that the game's difficulty is judged very well indeed. The levels towards the end of the game are on a very tight time limit and very challenging, so more experienced games players should in my view find the game to be a good challenge.

        If I had to pick a downside to this game, it's really just that the controls can sometimes be a bit fiddly. On a few occasions I ended up exposed in the game which was frustrating, but to be honest, this is more of an issue with the DS and its size, rather than a serious programming flaw. It can be irritating though to be so near, but yet so far (when you lose all your health points and lose the level), from the end of a level!

        There is a good two player facility, where you can either play on-line or have up to eight players play together using the wi-fi feature. The advantage of the latter is that you only need one cartridge, and the multi player mode adds lots of additional enjoyment to the game. It's also nice to see when the programmers only require you to have one copy of the game rather than expecting everyone who wants to play to have the same game.

        The game is rated as 7+ so is suitable for children of most age. The game's recommended price was 24.99 pounds, but is available for just under twenty pounds on Amazon. If you want a second-hand copy, they are currently retailing for around ten pounds on Amazon and eBay.

        Overall this game is really very good condition in my opinion. It's fun, fast paced and easy to pick up for a quick game, or even for a longer session of games playing. There's certainly lots of game play in this game, and with the superb multi player options, this is a game you're likely to keep returning to.


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          01.03.2009 18:59
          Very helpful



          A great DS game, and lots of fun

          If you are familiar with Bomberman, then this is the latest follow up version.

          The basic concept is still the same, you roam around the screen and drop bombs and try and blow up your enemies.

          The idea this time is that the main computer that controls Techno city (where Bomberman lives) has been taken over by a super virus so the city needs bomberman to save them.

          To help Bomberman acheive this, as you move around the levels you collect body parts to upgrade him and make him stronger, such as legs that can perform special kicks, or an outfit that will help you attack your enemies better.

          The missions change between the levels and change between blowing up the enemies, destroying the crystals, finding the gate key, and using a certain number of bombs to blow up the same number of boxes.

          This is a very additive game and just like the original game it's absolutely brilliant. Although the idea of dropping bombs sounds very violent, its all done in a cartoon like way, and this game is suitable for the whole family. The original Bomberman is still my daughters favourite DS game.

          If I had to make any criticism at all, it's that the sound effects are (just like on the first one) all quite high pitched and annoying. It's not the sort of game you would want to play with a headache.

          It has the usual DS link up features as well so you can challenge your friends in multi player mode.


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      • Product Details

        The premise is simple – your character has the ability to drop bombs that have a set blast radius and anything destructible caught in the explosion is destroyed. Initially this could be blocks that you need to move to access the entire level, but ultimately your rival characters are the ones you need to destroy to win!

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