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Bubble Bobble Revolution (DS)

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Manufacturer: Atari / Genre: Classic Arcade

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    1 Review
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      20.04.2007 13:53
      Very helpful



      I Love it .

      It has been over a year now since I was bought my Nintendo DS by my fiancé and I think he thought at the time that I would play with it for a few months and then get bored so it would be back in its box and away forever. Well I have surprised him with still buying games for it now and playing it at least once a week and my most recent game is Bubble Bobble Revolution. Now I only bought this because I remember playing it years ago and loving it but the DS version to be honest is good but not that great and I think they could have done more with it and here is why.


      DS Version:

      There are two versions of the game on the DS version as you have the classic Bubble Bobble game which was available years ago and the new Revolution version.


      What is the Story of the Game?

      Well there are two characters which are these little blue and green monsters called Bubblin and Bobblin. Their little pink monster girlfriends have been snatched by the bad guys and they have to battle their way through levels to get to them. The bad guys come in a variety of shapes and with different modes of attack. Bubblin and Bobblin can blow bubbles to trap their enemies and then burst them to kill them. With 100 levels there are a lot of baddies to get by to get to the girls.

      Verdict on the Story:

      I do not think the story is absolutely amazing but I suppose they have just kept it simple. Good VS evil and fighting to get back somebody you love. That is seriously how simple it gets so you can’t get confused at all so although it may be a bit boring at times at least you know what you are aiming for.



      The characters in this game are quite fun and it will amuse you to find out all of the things that they can do. I played the classic game for years and I am just rediscovering what everything can do on the DS version. Although there are only a few ways to kill the baddies I do not think it is too boring as the levels are all different and at the moment I am stuck on one and it is driving me mad so although it sounds quite easy at times it is quite difficult.


      Graphics and Sounds:

      The graphics on the old version are not very good but to be honest you do kind of expect it as it is the old version so it is a tiny screen with easy and limited game play and the graphics are extremely simple. The new Revolution version has a lot better graphics and the game looks nicer and as it is over two screens it seems to be a lot bigger and therefore is a lot more clearer.

      I have to say the sounds in this game are good and quite catchy as I always want to dance along to them and I do sometimes and my fiancé just laughs at me. The only problem is that the sounds are always the same so I cannot play the game for hours as it does annoy me quite a bit and when you notice it is the same it drives you up the wall a little bit. I do think they could have done a bit more.



      The game play is ok in terms of what you have to do as I do prefer games sometimes to be a bit simple so you know exactly what you are doing and you can’t really go wrong. Also I think with 100 levels on the old version and the same on the new it does take you a while to complete and although they are all practically the same I don’t get too bored with the game play it is just the music.

      The one thing I will say although this game is good and I like getting through the levels I don’t think it makes use of the actual DS that well which is a shame. The touch screen is not really used at all, you can use it at the beginning to choose which game you want to play and then that is it.


      2 Player:

      This game does give you an option to play two players with both versions of the game and we have tried it once and it is quite good. You play versus so basically it is the first one to burst the bubble so to speak. I only played it for a few minutes though before my playing partner had to leave so I will update this section when I do it again.


      Things to Know:

      Price –
      Certificate –



      I think this game is good and entertains you for quite a long time before you can complete it. I like the characters and the fact that there are two versions of the game to choose from so when you are like me and stuck in one of them you can still play the other one. This is good for me as I get very angry with games when I get stuck so it calms me down a little bit.

      The bad thing is that it can get a bit boring as it is so repetitive and the game play is good to some people but I can see why people do get fed up. Plus the DS controls could have been used more and if I am being honest the Revolution game is a bit annoying as it is over two screens but because they have just made everything bigger it just gets annoying.

      I think I have enjoyed this game more than I usually would have because I have loved it for years and it was my favourite game as a child. It is sad but my fish are even named after the two characters.

      In conclusion I am going to give this game three stars as although I personally love it and I think it is fun and addictive I do see why it is not really worthy as it is to be put onto the DS as they could have done so much more with the touch screen and the microphone as although they have done some it is really not that good at all.

      Thanks for reading.



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      Bubble Bobble. It's back. Again.

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