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Crayola Treasure Adventures (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Adventure / Age: 3 years+ / Published by Atari / Release date: 2008-03-28 /

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    2 Reviews
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      24.02.2010 11:58



      colouring game for small children and budding artists

      Crayola Treasure Adventures is retailing around £27 which is pretty steep but this game can be played again and again and again never getting boring as it is as creative as the player.

      Colour has gone from the world it is your job to restore it.

      This game is aimed at young children but I really enjoyed it.
      Basically you go through quests using your stylus as a pen or crayon. Either colouring in, touching flashing areas or dot to dot to unlock an new area of the game. Every new area you unlock unlocks a new part of the map of your quest as well as colouring pens crayons and pictures to colour.

      The best part of this game is the colouring book colour in unlocked pictures anyway you want be as creative as you like when your done delete and start again.

      This game is great for small children and any budding artists its not so great for those who have already moved on to action packed ds games.


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      08.01.2010 00:13
      Very helpful



      Highly Recommended

      Crayola Treasure Adventures for the DS is a clever little gaming concept. The full retail price is £24.99, which is the norm for DS games these days unfortunately, if a little on the high side. However, our local Tesco had this included in their January Sales Entertainment Blitz, and it cost us just £6! Definitely one to look out for in the sales then, especially as it's such a great little game for getting your little one to sit still and concentrate on something for a few minutes.

      Crayole Treasure Adventures is one of very few DS games that I've seen advertised for youngsters that is genuinely accessible to very young children. A lot of games have far too much reading involved, as well as requiring much greater hand-eye co-ordination that your average pre-schooler has. It never ceases to amaze me that some of the plots on these games are so intricate that even I can't work them too!

      This game very simply requires youngsters to solve basic puzzles in order to unlock colouring pages. The puzzles include dot-to-dots that only have to be roughly connected (the computer puts in nice neat lines for you!) and jigsaw puzzles featuring 9 pieces that have been jumbled up, but not turned around. This means that youngsters only have to drag and drop the puzzle pieces into place, and not try to rotate them or anything. The other game that we've come across is a speed-colouring game, where you have to colour in the flashing black and white pictures before the time runs out. There's no timer on the screen to distract little gamers, so they just have to rely on the game timing out if they go too slowly, or seeing the picture light up completed if they go fast enough.

      We've played up a few levels so far, and the puzzles don't really seem to get any harder. This would be frustrating for the older child, but a youngster of around four to six years old will probably find this appealing. The grandson hasn't been at all bothered that the puzzles are so repetitive, but personally I'd have liked to have seen them get a little harder as the game progressed.

      Once you've solved some puzzles from the adventure section, you can return to the main screen and select the colouring pages section. There, you will find a few more colouring pages have been unlocked, as well as some extra crayon colours. Our grandson absolutely loves colouring in on this, and finds the controls really easy to use. There are only a handful of options to choose from, which is great for those who are new to gaming. As I said before, slightly older children will just be bored by this though. You've literally just got two different marker sizes, a choice of felt pen or crayon (felt pen is brighter) and then you can choose your colour too. Other than that, the only variety is in which colouring page you choose to do each time. In total there are a little over 100 pages, and mostly these are just animals or creatures drawn in black outline on a plain white background. So far we've only unlocked about 30 as we haven't played this too much just yet.

      The way this game is set out means that some children as young as 3yrs old really will be able to play this with very little adult assistance. The DS is a very sensitive games console so kids who can control a pen reasonably well, should be able to control the DS Stylus without trouble too. There's a reasonable amount of wording included, but the picture icons used on the menus are quite clear, and the instructions are very repetitive too. I suspect this is deliberate so that non-readers will be able to learn how to use this game unaided with a bit of practice. Our grandson has certainly picked up how to use it by himself.

      This is a very simple, bright and colourful way to introduce youngsters to video games. Computers are a big part of life these days, so naturally computing is an important skill to teach our youngsters. I personally wouldn't go out and buy a DS for sole use by a child under about seven years old, especially because of the amount of reading involved in most DS games, but I think this is a great game to have on hand for a youngster if you already own a DS - especially if you get it for the bargain price that we did.


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