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Crazy Frog Racer (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Racing / Driving / Type: Racing / Release date: 2006-11-02

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    2 Reviews
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      25.08.2008 14:47



      Rubbish complete waste of time

      This game is based on the crazy frog, that was at on time on TV advertising for the annoying ring tones, so to top things off they made the game for DS which is just as annoying as the ring tone. The game is meant to be crazy from racing but it just some rubbish graphics with the back of the frog, the sound to it are just as bad aswel, it the same repetitive beat and sound all the way through. Maybee they aught do Sweety the Chick racing.
      The game doesn't really have anything for it either, there is no levels, any other racers, or anything like that, its just the one thing going around the track, a child could of made it better.
      I think you can play over Wifi, but i have never done this, also the game is probably a bit better if you use the download play on it, so that there is a bit more competition.


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      25.06.2008 12:07
      Very helpful



      Stick to Mario Kart.

      About the Game
      Released in 2006 by Mercury Games, Crazy Frog Racer is yet another addition to the character licensed spin off racing game for the NDS.

      For those of you who are fortunate enough NOT to know who the Crazy Frog is (aka The annoying thing) he is basically a Blue coloured frog who rides an imaginary invisible moped and wears 1950's style motorcycle racing goggles. What makes him annoying is the sound he makes which is hard to explain but apparently it is the sound of a backfiring moped combustion engine! The frog's success was due initially to mobile phone ring tone popularity and then a techno record remix of Beverly Hills Cop music Axel F. Now you know!

      The plot of the game is straightforward. You compete in futuristic motor races against computer or human opponents (via Wifi) with the objective to win. Whilst racing you can collect 'power-ups' such as weapons that you can use to give yourself advantage and win the race. There are also 'Super Boost' panels on the floor that increase your acceleration.

      These style games, being a common genre for the NDS, are plentiful. So, how does the Crazy Frog variant hold up?

      On starting the game you can choose between Single Player, Multiplayer (Where you can host or join a race with up to another four NDS equipped players). After choosing the number of players you can then select which game to play - A single race, a championship race or a time trial. In all three race modes you can choose to race as one of the following characters -

      Annoying thing -The crazy frog)
      Ellie - A winged female pixie on a hover moped!
      Jack - A beanie hatted male riding an invisible bike with a booster pack on his back
      Flash - A red hooded character on a motorised surfboard
      Drone - A mechanical character in a jetski-esque vehicle
      Grim - A faceless character in a purple hoodie riding a motorised surfboard
      Michel - A chef with cleaver in a dodgem car!
      Bobo - A ninja alien of a hoverbike

      Each character has strengths and weaknesses and this is determined by the following characteristics - Speed, Acceleration, Road holding and Weight. The natural choice of going for a character with great speed does not always pay off. The more curved and winding tracks can be easier to navigate with a slower character. In this respect road holding is also a beneficial attribute to select on many of the courses.

      Single race Mode-
      In this mode you can compete in a single race. The first option is to choose the difficulty level between Easy, Normal and Hard. This affects the way that your CPU controlled opponents perform. After you have selected the difficulty mode you can then choose the character (from the previously mentioned list) that you would like to be in the race.

      Once your character has been selected you can then finally choose which track you would like to compete on. The track selections are East Park Beach, South West High Town, High Town, North City, Sewer, West City, West park Beach, Park beach and Downtown.

      Once the track has been selected the race begins. The upper screen of the NDS after displaying a flythrough of the race circuit then becomes the main race display The lower screen displays a overhead display of the race circuit which displays where you are on the circuit (marked by a yellow circle with a 1 inside it) and where your opponents are (represented as red dots). It also displays a score for the skull tokens collected (I'll explain these later), your speed, the lap you are currently on and a health status bar (represented by a cog).

      The race tracks themselves are more life elevated runways with high side walls. In fact all of the race tracks are very futuristic, with the majority of the scenery being a background blur. There is slight variation to this where there are hexagonal tunnels and tubes to fly through (predominant in the Sewer level). Despite the twists and turns and the odd tunnel, the actual races are extremely samey.

      So, after the countdown - 3, 2, 1 the race has begun. You are racing against 3 opponents, all computer controlled. The race has three laps. The first thing to notice is that your character is floating above the race track in a bouncy sponge like motion unconnected from the racetrack beneath you. I suppose being futuristic then this is supposed to emulate the transport of the future. Racing is straight forward you can steer left and right, accelerate and slow down.

      Your opponents are not keen for you to win, so collecting and using Power Ups can really help in the game. Weapons such as land mines, vacuums and closing electric clam balls can be laid for trailing opponents to encounter. The biggest problem with power ups I found was the layout of some tracks gave you virtually no time to collect or avoid the power ups due to blind spots in the game. A good example of this is when you go up and over a hill you cannot see beyond the precipice.

      Some of the tracks have gaps that represent jumps in them. You need to accelerate fast and then land in the right position to continue. If you land incorrectly or do not have enough speed then you fall into the abyss and lose valuable race time. What I did find more annoying than the frog himself was the position that your racer was placed after missing a jump. Frequently I found that I was unable to have another attempt at the jump without having to drive the wrong way around the track to gain enough distance for another attempt.

      Once you have completed your 3 laps you are shown a screen of your position. If you have completed a new personal best record for that circuit then this is saved and available to view from the main menu. So that's basically the whole game covered.

      Championship Mode
      In this mode you compete against either CPU or Human opponents (via wifi).
      The object of the game is to win each championship and progress to the next. There are 3 championship modes in which to complete Baby Cup, Funny Cup and Crazy Cup. The Funny Cup and Crazy Cup are initially locked and are unlocked in sequence by successfully winning the previous cup.

      Gameplay, character selection and difficulty are identical to those in single player mode

      Multiplayer Mode
      In Multiplayer mode you can either host or join an existing game via a wifi connection.
      You have both single race and Championship races to compete in. Up to 4 players can compete against each other using wifi. Gameplay is identical to that of Single player mode.

      I found the game played in this mode to be far more enjoyable. The CPU opponents were in my opinion a little too easy to defeat, so pitched against another human became a more enjoyable challenge.

      The racing characters are well defined though maybe a little blocky. Overall however the imagery is bright. As the game is a 3d racer, the buildings and scenery have been built by shaded vector blocks and are noticeably blocky. The track is also slightly blocky, but does not distract or dulled the overall game play.

      Movement and overall flow of the graphics are good, with no noticeable lag or slowdown.

      Sound and controls
      The music is in general is computer generated fuzzy piano and bass lines and loud snare drum. Much of the music, being a variant of this style, is looped and repetitive. Over the top of this is a sample of the annoying thing doing his trademark 'Ding, ddding ding etc" which does become surprisingly annoying after a couple of minutes! It is also very apparent that the frog sample is played randomly across the backing music and is not in any form of musical time which does make him even more annoying! Fortunately you do have the option to adjust both the Music and Sound Volume in the options screen!

      Sound affects such as weapon explosions, collision and acceleration are good.

      Controlling the game is straightforward using the NDS joypad for direction control and the A, X, Y and B buttons for acceleration, deceleration and utilising power ups.
      Like with all racing games an analogue controller would better suit a racing game, but this is not an option as unlike the PSP the NDS only has a digital joypad.

      My conclusion
      With the myriad of kart style racing games on the DS I found this game to be slightly lacking. The leader of the pack in this Genre is undoubtedly Mario Kart, and the Crazy Frogs success alone is not enough of an endorsement to make this a good game. My biggest gripes are the poor artificial intelligence of the competitor cars, broken game play by poor vehicle positioning after a crash and most importantly the grinding whine of the annoying thing over the soundtrack!

      Additional details, Price & Availability
      ------------------------------------- ----------
      Publisher: Mercury games
      Developer: The Code Monkeys
      Genre: Racer

      The game was available for £22.15 from www.amazon.co.uk at time of writing.

      Copyright M Jones (Otalgia) 2008


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    • Product Details

      The Annoying Thing goes portable in a high octane racing riot through cityscapes and underground mayhem. Blast your opponents, pick up zany power ups and super boosts. This is your chance to join The Annoying Thing or beat him. Choose from 8 different characters including The Annoying Thing. Then take the racing mayhem to your friends with wifi multiplayer, going head to head in race mode. Crazy Frog Racer on PS2 and PC became Christmas No.1 in the UK All Format Budget Chart. Now Crazy Frog Racer is heading for Nintendo DS with added features and four-way wifi multiplayer.

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