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Custom Robo Arena (US Version) (DS)

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Genre: Fighting / Rating: E - (Everyone) / Published by: Nintendo

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2009 20:15
      Very helpful



      A must buy if your a NDS owner - 8/10


      Custom Robo Arena is so awesome, the fighting style in the game are 3D with hundreds of unique parts to tune your robot into the best robo in the game.


      In this exciting game you can collect parts of Robots e.g Arms, Legs ,Back pack and many more, after you win fights whether from Tournaments or random battles in the game. When you gather a new fresh part which you are curios to test out, you can equips the item and go for a test fight against a test fight dummy just to see how effective your new amour is. After many fights your Robo can get dirty, you should be able to notice this when you are battling. The part doesnt work as well and it goes slightly grey on your Robo, but not to fear! you get a special cloth which you can use to clean him, after you make him shiny and dazzling new, there is a satisfying sound of robotic movements!


      Fighting with your best equiped robo takes skill reactions and mastering in using your robo. You can also invent new combo attacks, for example i really like the fast running legs and a stun gun with a high damaging right arm. Using that, i can run up to the enemy stun them about 10times run away and when there getting up i use the massive cannons, sometimes against weak/low HP opponents this could be a one hit kill, so remember to Always test out your new parts and see if it goes well with your Robo. In the fights you can jump and destroy obstacles in the way, the objective of the fight is to make your opponents HP go down to Zero, this is very fun and exciting, you can even tune your robo to defeat a specific boss when you find out his Weaknesses. A while into the game you can also learn the Special Power Up for your Robo , when you use this skill your robo turns into a shining gold and each of your attacks get stronger and your speed increases, but be carefull when you use this move because it only lasts about 30seconds and after this upgrade your robo will turn grey and everything will decrease in affect in that game (until you finish the fight and start cleaning your robo ).


      Custom Robo Arena graphics could improve a little, it is a bit cartoony and childish but i gueese thats the style of the game, with that said, this games graphics are suprisingly animated. All the parts have special abillities and unique attacks.


      The music for this game is really relaxing, but in fights its very suited for the enviroment. I even wanted to find a CD with all the tunes on there for my iPod.


      This game is one of the Most Creative games for the NDS. Great options of countless artillary and weapons to chose from, and awesome fighting, i give this game a 8/10 - Its Fantastic!!

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      Also Feel Free to browse through my other reviews as well.



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