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Deal or No Deal: The Banker Is Back (DS)

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7 Reviews

Published by: Mindscape / Genre: Family & Entertainment / Release Date: 2008

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    7 Reviews
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      18.01.2011 12:31
      Very helpful
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      A game to pass the time though interest is lost after a while

      Deal or No Deal (DS)

      Having watched Deal or No Deal on the television, I thought I would try my hand at the DS game version. I was able to pick the game up for £6.00 on Ebay though it can be picked up on Amazon for just under £10.

      The object of Deal or No Deal is to literally open boxes in the hope that you beat the bankers offers and come away with a great deal of (game) money. Such a shame it isn't real money!

      There are three options of gameplay to this DS game;

      1: Solo Game - This is the closest to the television version of the game where you pick out the boxes for elimination in the hope of winning big.

      2: Challenge the banker - This is a lot like the old game of mastermind where you need to guess the bankers code of four numbers (mastermind has colours on a long board which you have to guess the right code). Everytime you make a guess, the banker will give you four coloured dots; green shows you have the right number in the right position, yellow shows you have the right number though in the wrong place and red shows you that you have chosen the wrong number. You have ten guesses to find the right code and beat the banker.

      3: Multiplayer - Multiplayer allows two people to play together, one as the contestant and one as the banker with a further two options. The first being the usual way of playing and the second being with an evil banker who is allowed to know what amount is in the chosen box.

      At first I found this game a great way to pass the time and loved the feature of being able to play the banker. After a while, though, the game becomes tedious and I soon found myself loosing interest like I once did with the television show. After a long break I find I can pick it up again to start playing though after that first new game feeling, I find that the interest has vanished.

      I paid £6.00 for the game which is not too bad for a DS game of this kind though I would recommend keeping the price low if you do fancy the game as I fell you will probably be disappointed if you pay too much.


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        12.01.2010 21:24
        Very helpful



        If only the cash you won came out of the console.... but hey

        I have watched the game show Deal or No Deal a few times and have found it alright I suppose, although the mother in law is almost addicted to it which baffles me slightly as I find that the game show gets a little too repetitive and a little boring.
        But as I said, it's not the game show I am talking about here it is the DS game itself which I bought for my daughter for Christmas as she like the game show and I was stuck for present ideas.
        Anyway, luckily she was over the moon with it, (good job really as I wasn't going to take to back to the shop), and begin playing on it not long after unwrapping it. So it wasn't too long before the rest of us were having a go, trying to beat the banker, going for the big £250,000 prize, (shame it wasn't for real though as the wife won it on her second go whilst I kept winning nothing more than a few hundred quid).

        So with a few games under my belt I thought I'd tell the world about the Nintendo DS version of the Deal or No Deal game.

        This DS game is dramatically called 'Deal or no Deal... the Banker is back..!!'

        Firstly, for those people who have never seen the actual game show and haven't got a clue what I am talking about I am going to give a brief run down of how Deal or no Deal is played. (remember, this is the English version hosted by Noel Edmonds).

        ** THE GAME SHOW... (if you've seen the show then you can skip this bit)

        There are 22 sealed boxes all containing a cash value ranging from 1p up to £250,000.
        The full list being...
        1p, 10p, 50p, £1, £5, £10, £50, £100, £250, £500, £750, (all these were shaded blue)
        £1,000, £3,000, £10,000, £15,000, £20,000, £35,000, £50,000, £75,000, £100,000 and finally the big one being £250,000, (all these were shaded orange/red).

        The game starts with 22 contestants randomly choosing a box number 1 to 22, with the 22 players standing behind two long desks, known as the East wing and the West wing, 11 players along each desk with their chosen boxes in front of them.
        Then a player is chosen, allegedly at random, to play the game with the chance of winning the big prize of £250,000.
        The chosen player then begins to eliminate boxes from the two 'wings', choosing five in the first 'round' then three in the consecutive 'rounds'.
        At the end of each 'round' the Banker telephones the host, Noel Edmonds, and makes the contestant a cash offer, this offer is dependent on what amounts of cash are still active in the remaining boxes.
        Then Noel asks the contestant whether he wants to Deal or no Deal.
        If the contestant feels the bankers offer is good then they deal and go home with that offer rather than the amount in their box, but if they feel the bankers offer is low they continue on with the game and eliminate more boxes.
        If a player does 'deal' then the game continues regardless just to see how it would end.

        The aim of the game is to try and 'Beat the Banker', which means to take home more money than he offers by sticking with your chosen box or to take the bankers offer and have less in your chosen box...

        That is the gameshow itself and is basically how the Nintendo DS game is played, although the DS game gives you a few more playing options...


        The banker is Back...

        These are the game options...

        1) Solo...where you play the normal game and eliminate boxes in the hope of winning the big cash prize.
        ** Bankers solo mode... the game chooses the boxes as normal and the player make the offer.

        2) Challenge the banker...
        ** Bankers code...where you have to choose a code of four numbers which are presented on a rotating spindle. When you have guessed four numbers you will see four coloured dots on the screen, a green dot tells you you have a correct number in the right position, a yellow dot tells you you have chosen the correct number but not in the right position and a red dot tells you that you have chosen numbers not in the code.
        You have to try and find the four digit code with in ten guesses.

        ** Bankers offer evaluation... where you are asked to rate the bankers offer, given a list of options from Ridiculous to terrific. The nearer you get to a real evaluation, according to the banker, the more respect points you will receive and the better the next cash offer will be. But the worse your evaluation the less respect you'll get and the lower the next offer.

        3) Multiplayer...This is when two player can play simultaneously in a single game.

        A) Classic game... where one player is the contestant whilst the other is the banker.
        B) Evil Banker... The banker is allowed to see what is in the box as the game continues in the classic way.

        So, unlike the game show hosted by Noel Edmonds, the DS game offers you the chance to be the banker.

        ** PLAYING THE GAME...

        Once you have slotted the game into your Nintendo DS it will load, as usual, then you are presented with a profile option where you can add the names of up to three people.
        After you have chosen a profile you are then given some options...

        * Start a new game...Choose one of the game options
        * Tutorial...this gives you a briefing of the three game options on offer
        * Options... allows you to turn sound effect and music on/off
        * Account...Shows you some stats of the account you're on, such as lowest amount won, total winning, best amount won and bankers respect.
        * Credits... The credits scroll up the screen as if the show has ended.

        When you start a new game you are given three game options...

        * Solo... giving you the options of classic, banker and Bankers Bonus.
        * Multiplayer....giving you the options of Classic or Evil banker.
        * Bankers code...with three levels or difficulty, easy, normal or hard.

        ** The main game, The classic game, is played by firstly touching the on screen arrows on the bottom screen on your DS with the stylus until you find a numbered box you want to choose, touching the actual box as it centres in the screen.
        Then you continue to play in the same way, touching the arrows, moving the numbered boxes along the screen, picking the ones you want to eliminate by touching the actual boxes.
        The chosen box will open to reveal a cash amount, if it is a low amount the crowd will cheer, if it is a higher amount they usually gasp.
        The top screen shows you which cash amounts have been eliminated and which you have left.
        After each round the phone will ring and the banker will make you an offer, the amount will be shown on the screen with the options to Deal or No Deal.
        All the offers are shown so that you now what they are.
        Regardless of your choice to deal or not the game continues, although if you have dealt you know what you have won.

        As I said there are other games to play, unlike the game show, with each game being played in similar style, but to go into detail about each game would surely take up a lot of time and space.

        ** IN CONCLUSION...

        When I first played this game, after having to force it from my daughters grasp, I went straight to the classic version as I had seen the show on channel four and knew how to play, although I have played at being the banker and also the bankers code, which are quite entertaining but the main game is what it is all about.
        Anyway, I chose my number and played the game as you would, eliminating the boxes as I went, taking in the bankers offer, laughing at the piddly amounts he stated, clicking No Deal most of the way.
        Then, when the larger amounts in the boxes started to go and the bankers offers were getting worse I suddenly found myself getting a bit annoyed with myself for not taking the game a little more seriously, there was money involved, fictional I know but the principal was there.
        So I started to take it a bit more serious and found myself getting into the game, really trying to get as much cash as I could, failing miserably every time.

        It is such a simple game to play, especially if you have seen the television show, although the instruction manual that comes with the game is as clear as day anyway.
        But with is being so simple it becomes a little infuriating as you expect to beat the banker in each game, which is easier said than done.

        I enjoyed getting my teeth into the game, continuously trying to beat the banker, trying to win at least a grand anyway, but me being adventurous, or is greed, I always fell flat on my face with the banker taking me for a ride, I almost felt like he was laughing at me from inside the Nintendo, ( I know, paranoia I know).

        What more can I say about this DS game which is risen from the very popular game show, the main game on the DS is played the same way as the television show, with the DS game having a few extras to boot, like giving you the chance to play the banker, offering the imaginary contestant what you think is a fair cash value for there box.
        I haven't played at being the banker much as I found it to be a little too much hassle trying to figure out what to offer, but it is still fun to play when you get a little bored of the classic game.

        In all, a nice easy game to play but can get a bit tedious at times, becoming annoying if, like me, you keep opening the big cash value boxes.

        If you do fancy this game then you can get this version for just over a tenner from amazon, which is quite good value for money if you or someone you know enjoys playing Deal or No Deal.


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          19.09.2009 15:21
          Very helpful



          A game to played once a month as when played a few time you know where the big money is

          I got this game when I got golden balls (I have also rated this game) as it came in a two pack. Again this wasn't a very satisfying game show to Ds game combination.

          When you first turn on this game your asked to type in a user name so you can save any data. Once this is completed you can play the game either in one player mode or multi player (single card play) The game is set out just like the Tv show where there are 22 red boxes and you eliminate the boxes without trying to lose the big money. One thing which isn't the same as the Tv show is you get to pick what number box you would like.

          On one player mode you have the option of being the contestant or the banker.

          There is also a bankers bonus option where you play as the contestant then when the banker makes an offer and you touch no deal you get the option for the bankers bonus where you have a series of numbers and have to guess the bankers code (It's set out abit like the children's game mastermind as you have a series of red,yellow and green lights saying if a number is in the right place (green light) right number wrong place (yellow light) wrong number wrong place (red light)) You have 6 tries if you correctly break the bankers code he will then make a higher offer but if you fail it will resume to your game and you will carry on eliminating boxes.

          When you play as the contestant it's almost exactly the same as the Tv show the only thing different is you pick the number of the box you want (think I have already mentioned this) you then eliminate the boxes in three apart from in the first round when you eliminate five. Once you have eliminated the first five boxes the banker will make you an offer it's then up to you if you want to deal or no deal. If you don't deal the banker will then make you offers everytime you eliminate three until you deal or are down until the last two boxes.

          When you play as the banker it's almost exactly the same as playing as the contestant the only difference being when the computer eliminate boxes you then decide how much to offer the computer.

          In multi player mode it's the same as playing one player mode one person is the banker (the person who sends the game to the other player) and one person is the contestant. The only added feature on multi player mode instead of having the bankers bonus you can decided to be classic banker or evil banker. Playing evil banker means when the person who downloaded the game selects which box they would like to use, the banker can have a quick peek and see whats inside of the box making it easier not to be beaten by the contestant.

          The problems I have with this game when your in multi player you have to keep swapping DS's so that both players can have a turn at being the banker and the contestant. Another problem I have once you've played it a few times you remember which boxes have the big cash in so you can the majority of the time select the £250,000 box. On the whole this game can be good to play once or twice a month as you tend to forget over time which boxes are which but is not a game that can be played everyday as you end up getting bored very easily.


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            18.08.2009 02:31
            Very helpful



            Forget opening boxes; this deserves to be locked in one. Just awful.

            Surely there can't be many worse ideas than a quiz game where the outcome is completely and utterly random and the contestant is asked to be able to display no more skill than being able to count up to twenty-two, can there? How about a computer game version where the only redeeming feature of the TV show - winning money - is removed? Or worse, where the graphics are so irredeemably awful that they genuinely look like an 8-bit game from the 1980s? It can't get any worse than that. Can it? How about two of them?

            This is, indeed, the second DS game based on Noel Edmonds' skill- and interest-free cosmic-ordering poo-fest Deal Or No Deal. Even if you like the show - which, from my previous comment, you can probably work out that I don't - there is no excuse for a game so relentlessly low-rent that I can only assume the developers programmed it in their tea break.

            It fulfils its basic criteria, which is to offer a game of Deal or No Deal. You choose a box, and then proceed to randomly choose other boxes while trying to persuade yourself that you've got some kind of plan. At certain points the Banker pops up and offers you far less money than you want. You can ignore him and play on, or choose to Deal and accept his offer - at which point the game continues anyway in the hope of making you feel stupid for Dealing. At the end of the game you win nothing. You've wasted five minutes of your life.

            In addition there's a Banker mode where you get to play as the Banker. Thing is, it's simply no fun, as all it really does is lower your interaction with the game even further. Then there's the Banker's Bonus mode which allows you to challenge the Banker to a simple game of Mastermind in order to affect his respect for you, thereby altering the amounts he offers. Neither of them are substantially more fun than the original game mode, and the Banker mode is considerably less so.

            So why do I consider this game to be so substandard? Because on the title screen there's music that's actually out of tune. Because this is a game with ugly, lumpen avatars. Because the Noel Edmonds sprite has exactly three frames of animation and is drawn in exactly six colours. Because the "excitement" of the game show is expressed using three sound samples, all of them of such muffled low quality that it's like listening to the show in a different room with a pair of socks pulled over your head. Because even with a multiplayer mode and that Mastermind bonus game this is thinner than a hermit's address book and shallower than Jude Law.

            With it's rotten graphics, awful sound and dearth of features this is the kind of quick cash-in game that deserves to gather dust on the shop shelves forever, and while it's not the worst game I've ever played it's certainly near the bottom of the pile. Not just cheap, but cheap and nasty.


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              11.05.2009 19:08
              Very helpful



              Overall, quite dull. Little reason to play many times.

              Deal or No Deal : The Banker is Back is a game for the Nintendo DS. The game is based on the Channel 4 game show presented by Noel Edmonds and he appears on the front of the game's packaging.

              The main part of the game is playing Deal or No Deal in the traditional way, where you have to decide whether to accept an offer of money for your box at certain points throughout the game, or carry on in the hope of winning more virtual money.

              You can also opt to play the game as the banker, so you have to make offers to the contestant. This is interesting to play a couple of times given the novelty factor, but I found even this additional mode did little to increase the longevity of the game for me. Without the human interest generated by the real television show, the game becomes almost a very dull maths game.

              In terms of the graphics and video clips, this game is better than similar titles that I've seen, but only just The graphics all appear quite smooth and there are some short video elements in the game as well which do add a little to the atmosphere before the game starts. However, when playing the game the contestants are all dull and there is no atmosphere in the game, with nearly no sound other than the bare minimum.

              With regards to playing the game, it's easy to do by using the stylus to choose the boxes that you want to select. If you've watched the television show before you'll immediately know how to play the game, but alternatively you'll soon pick up the game through the in-game instructions.

              In terms of long term interest, I'd say that this hasn't got much. Once you've played this game through a couple of times, there's not much incentive to play it many more times. However, it's an easy game to pick up and play for a few minutes, which is one of the biggest up-sides to this game.

              The game's recommended retail price is 19.99 pounds but the current price for a new copy on Amazon is 12.99 pounds. Second hand copies of the game can be found much cheaper on sites such as eBay, suggesting how many people have bought the game but been quite unimpressed at it, so want to sell. At the time of writing, some copies have sold for just a few pounds.

              In terms of the game's rating, it has been rated as 3+, which means that the game is suitable to be played by children of nearly all ages. Whether or not they'd want to for very long is another matter.

              Overall, I found this to be a game limited by the fact that it just gets quite repetitive after a while. As you obviously can't win any money playing the game at home, the game has to be very entertaining. Games like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire can work playing at home as they are quiz games which change every time. Ultimately, for me, this format just doesn't work for long, but the programmers haven't done a bad job given the heavy limitations they've had to work from.


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              06.05.2009 20:03



              great quick fun!

              THis is the sequel to the UK version of Deal or No deal on the DS and i have to commend them for the improvements. It is much more fun than the first game, with added features, graphically and gamplaywise.

              The TV show is all about opening boxes, and revealing set monetary amounts on the board, and attempting to knock out the bad lower amounts, whilst keeping the high ones intact. The box you choose at the beginning is like leverage, and you can either play to the end and take this home, or accept a deal from the banker.

              Firstly, the graphics are much improved, and playing it seems more realistic and fun. The players' faces are more rounded and realistic, with better shadows. They also removed the bankers game find the ball under the cups thing which to be honest was a complete waste of time!!!

              I really like the simplicity of the game and the speed of it, and it is just fun overall. it is rare for a game from a tv show to translate so well, and i think this is why it works and is a good sequel.

              However, the amount of info that is contained is not very much and the game is not worth full retail price, because you can get similar ones online on flash websites. I would advise to get it around £5 on the internet!


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              29.01.2009 15:42
              Very helpful



              def raw deal

              I did not buy this game I borrowed my cousins and I must say that I was glad that I did not purchase the game.

              This game is just like the game show which after a while I think gets pretty boring as it drives me crazy when watching on the telly as I think some people get greedy and that leaves me shouting at the TV, on the occasions that I have watched it.

              The graphics on the Nintendo DS are good, they are not the best that I have seen but as they are only a game show so I do not think that this needs to have outstanding graphics to play this style of game.

              The game starts with a video introduction with sound, and then there are 22 numbered boxes with cash amounts in them. You pick one of the boxes then the remaining go on two wings the east and west. You then pick the boxes one by one that you want to open to show a cash amount by pressing select on the screen. After opening the first 5 boxes you are then given an offer from the banker for you box. You then accept or decline the offer. If you decline to open the next three boxes and then another offer from the banker and so forth until you decide to deal at the amount the banker has offered or if you choose to go down to the last two boxes, you then decide to either stick with you box, take the bankers offer or possibly swap the box.

              The aim of the game is to have the box with £250,000 or failing that to get more money from the banker than you box is worth.

              There is a version on the game called challenge the banker and you can also play as the Banker. You can create your own profile to play the game or use the wifi to challenge your friends to a game.

              If you are a fan of deal or no deal this is a game for you, it is also not a lengthily challenging game so if you want a challenging game this is not the game for you. It is basic and I think that after you have played it a few tomes the novelty would wear off the best function is the multiplayer option when you can compete against your friends.

              This is a game that is worth the £15.00 price tag but if you want a challenging game this is not the game for you. If you love deal or no deal you will love this. In reading some reviews people have given this game a terrible rating as the character and Noel do not look real, this is a computer game I am not sure what there were expecting in a game.

              I am glad that I never personally purchased the game.
              Can you beat the banker give it a go!!!


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            • Product Details

              Back by popular demand, Endemol's award-winning TV game show 'Deal or No Deal' is now on Nintendo Wii. The Banker Is Back is the sequel to the successful Deal Or No Deal on Nintendo DS.

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