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Disney Fairies: Tinker Bell (DS)

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Genre: Family & Entertainment / Video Game for Nintendo DS / To Be Announced / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2008-11-14 / Published by Disney Interactive

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    1 Review
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      10.02.2010 10:35
      Very helpful



      A captivating game that embraces all the magic of the film

      Within our household we only have 4 DS games - the last one to arrive being the Tinkerbell DS Game. I have to admit to being abit sceptical at first about it - don't get me wrong I love the film but I was unsure how this would provide a lasting game that my daughter would play with - how could this compare to Nintendogs? How wrong I was.

      The theme of the Tinkerbell film is that the seasons we are familiar with on Earth and how animals walk, swim, fly and all natures details are all as a result of the preparations that the fairies do. To do this the fairies reside in a place called Pixie Hollow and once all the preparations are complete they bring them to the mainland. Within Pixie Hollow the fairies are categorised from birth according to where their strengths lie. Tinkerbell is a tinker fairy.

      So, within the game there are 6 language choices: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
      The main menu for the game leads to Playing the Game, Todays Fortune and Options. Todays Fortune is where Tinkerbell tells you your fortune for the day, within Options you can turn the volume on or off (quite useful as the music gets quite repetitive)or delete your saved data.

      Playing the Game - the game is based in Pixie Hollow which to be honest is vast and as the game progresses it just gets bigger, so on the top screen you are able to view an overally map of Pixie Hollow and there will be an icon of Tinkerbell on there to show where she is.

      Preparing the Seasons
      Tinkerbell must first meet the Minister of the Season to obtain a Preparation List, Tinkerbell must then repair all items for the season, play mini-games and do favours for the fairies of Pixie Hollow to gather everything on the list, deliver all items to the Minister, then bask in the glow of accomplishment and watch as the Minister brings the Season to the mainland.

      Tinkerbell meets many fairy friends who may need help. some require seeds to be found, some will need to trade items such as flower petals, some will just need favours like delivering light beads and shells. There is a to-do list in the command menu that helps with remembering them all.

      Blue sparkles on the screen show where to find items, yellow sparkles show where to find fairy friends.

      The command menu will display:
      Your achieved title i.e Fixer Upper
      Your medals to spend in Pixie Hollow
      Your darts to use in the roulette game
      Materials Owned (what you are collecting for tasks or seasons)
      Achievement List
      A button to return to the game
      A button to view any forgotton tutorials

      Progress throughout the game can be saved.

      So reverting back to the command menu, there were sub-menus mentioned:

      Pick and choose Tinkerbells clothes and accessories here (you will also collect some throught the game), you can also create your own costume design, but she has to have a few seasons under her belt to do this, if she wants to make more then she has to either give an outfit away or leave it in the Accessory Shop where the person who picks it up might leave a gift in appreciation.

      Stamps can be used to decorate the clothes, when the game commences you have 4, but upto 16 can be collected. The colours can be altered too, dependent on the berries collected.

      Materials Owned
      Here you can view your ever growing collection of materials. Organised into Flower / Animal / Water and Light Materials, it's as easy as can be to find what you need.

      Use this list to check the fairies you've met and things you've collected.

      List of Achievements
      This is a list of everything accomplished from mini game scores to items you've collected.

      Making Accessories
      As Tinkerbells title changes this enables her to make accessories such as hair ornaments, anklets and bracelets for herself and other fairies. The items collected can be used to make the accessory, in accordance with the respective Recipe Card.

      The accessories are ranked based on rarity of materials and craftmanship. Higher rated accessories will earn Tinkerbell more praise, more FAiry Medals. Again any accessory left in the accessory shop, can be taken by a fairy who may leave a fairy medal or two to show her thanks.

      The bedrock of the game is friendship, by doing things for the fairies, or just havign a nice chat, Tinkerbells friendship meter with that fairy improves, however her friendship with that fairy will suffer if she doesn't keep in touch or complete an errand on time or even if she gives the fairy something she doesn't like.

      The friendship meters are loacated in the Lists opion of the command menu.

      The game itself is stated as suitable from age 3+, and I sure this relates to the content, however if your child cannot read this game will not mean an awful lot and seem quite laborius. From Age 5-6 is more suitable.


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