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Essential Sudoku DS (DS)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Puzzle / Published by: D3 Publisher

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    3 Reviews
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      06.07.2009 20:35



      Plenty of Su Duko games.

      Im a huge su Duko fan, I can never get enough of it. Im not a fan of the fancy extras which seem to have tagged onto the end of the game, trying to make it more interesting, so I purchased this hoping it contained only basic Su Duko.

      The advantage of Su Dukpo exploding everywhere is that because the nintendo is over run with games they are all being sold off very cheaply and I managed to find this reduced in a bargain bucket for only £5 so couldnt resist.

      The game contains normla Su Duko and a type of Su Duko colour and picture puzzle whereby you have to make a picture out of different coloured blocks. That game is actually quite fun and also worth a play. I havent seen a similar game anywhere else.

      The normal SU Duko part to the game doesn't disappoint either, it has many many games of all difficulty levels. The levels were divided out evenly and I agreed with the cataogories of ease that they put each game into. I have played on this game tons of times and still havent repeated a game-that I have noticed.

      For the cheap bargain price, this game keeps you occupied for absolutely ages. Well worth it.


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      13.05.2009 19:41
      1 Comment



      Worth buying if only for the picture puzzle game


      This game contains two games, number puzzle which is normal sudoku and picture puzzle.

      Sudoku is a game where you have a square grid made up of 9 smaller square grids which each contain 9 squares. (hope you understood that!) The aim of the game is to fit the numbers 1-9 in the correct place in each of the 9 grids.

      The rules are that you have to fill in the blank squares so that each row, column and square contains a number from 1-9 with no repeats. Some numbers are in the grid to begin with so this gives you a starting point.

      In the picture puzzle the aim is to create a picture using different coloured squares. You have a ten by ten square grid. At the top and left hand side of each column and row there are coloured numbers. These numbers tell you how many of that colour square are in that row or column. Using the stylus you then select the colour and place it in the correct place.

      When you complete the game you are given either a extremely well done, well done, or try harder based on how long it took. These are marked as different colours on a chart so you can see what you got for each level.

      There are 1000 number puzzle games and 1000 picture puzzle games. The games are split into 100s. eg. 1-100, 101-200. This means you do not have to play the games in order as such. For example if you get stuck on game 22 you can stop that section and move onto 101 to return to it at a later date.


      The games are controlled with the stylus. The squares on the picture game can be tapped with the stylus to colour them or whole areas can be filled by dragging the stylus across the screen. The number game also uses the stylus to tap squares and then write the number needed.


      The game itself is good as sudoku games go. You can choose either to put a number in the square for definite or as a maybe. If you choose maybe it goes as a small number in the corner of the square.

      The only problem I've had is trying to write the number 5, which always thinks I want an 8! You have to draw it as two separate parts (the curve then the straight line at the top)

      The picture puzzle game is brilliant; I am totally addicted at the moment. It is fun and each one only takes about 5 minutes to complete. The fact that you can move onto a different section of numbers takes away the frustration if you are unable to complete a level.

      The only thing is that some pictures don't look like what they are supposed to.

      I think overall it is a good sudoku game, however the best sudoku I've played on DS is on Dr Kawashminas Brain Training game and I just don't think it's as good as that. But with the picture puzzle game I think it's well worth the money.


      I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I am still playing it as there are so many levels to complete. I would defiantly recommend, it can be played on the commute for short periods of times. Or if you are addicted like me for hours on end. I don't think it is suitable for children as it is quite challenging, it may be suitable for older teenagers.

      This is currently priced at £7.52 in Amazon, reduced from £12.99. A fantastic buy at either price as it'll keep you entertained for hours on end.


      - When playing the picture puzzle if all of the boxes are the same colour start with the highest number. If they are more than one colour start with the one that has the least amount, you can work out then where they should go by looking at the top and left hand side together.

      - If you have a number 6 for example. Count 6 from the left/top and then count 6 from the right/bottom. Do any of the squares overlap? If they do colour these in, the 6 squares must fall in these squares.

      - When drawing a 5 on the number puzzle, draw it in two halves. Draw the straight top bit then the curve.


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        20.10.2008 22:40
        Very helpful



        Good game for sudoku or puzzle fans...

        I'm a fan of puzzle type games and i'm always looking for new games to play. The first time i completed a sudoku puzzle was in a newspaper and i enjoyed doing it as it really made me think trying to work it out. When i found out there was a sudoku game on nintendo ds i couldnt wait to buy it.

        The sudoku puzzle is made up of one 9x9 grid which has nine 3x3 grids. The aim of the game is to fill each column, row and 3x3 grid with the numbers 1-9 only once. It is harder than it sounds. If you use the button controls then completing the puzzles are easier but i liked using my stylus as thats the part of the nintendo ds that i like. I sometimes found that when i was inputting the number with my stylus the computer wouldnt recognise it so occasionally i did have to use the controls otherwise i couldn't complete the puzzle.

        One thing i didn't like about the sudoku puzzle was the fact that i also had to have a notebook next to me while i was completing it so i could jot the numbers down as i found this easier to complete it. Other people might find it okay to do it without but ive never completed a puzzle without doing this.

        As well as the original sudoku number puzzles, the game also has a picture puzzle (also known as picross) mode. The aim of the game is to use your logic to build a picture using the clues which are displayed on the top screen. Unfortunately the display is quite small so the squares in the picture puzzles can be hard to shade which would be tricky for someone with poor eyesight. Personally I found this very difficult to play so eventually gave up.

        There is a multiplayer option on this game where you play against someone to complete the puzzles. I have never played it this way as it's something i like to do on my own.

        The instructions on this game are quite vague and can be hard to understand. As i already knew how to play sudoku i found it okay. I think this is why i was unable to play the picture puzzle mode and eventually gave up.

        Overall I do like the game as i'm a fan of sudoku but i would just be as happy buying a sudoku book and doing the puzzles in there. However currently you can get it from play.com at £12.99 so for this price i would recommend it to someone who likes sudoku or puzzle type games, as there are 1000 puzzles for each mode to keep you busy.


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