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Garfields Fun Fest (DS)

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Manufacturer: Zoo Digital / Manufacturer: Destination Software, Inc. / Genre: Action / ESRB Rating: E - (Everyone) / PEGI Age Rating: Age 3+ / Release Date: July, 2008

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    1 Review
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      20.05.2009 18:29
      Very helpful



      Really good fun, plenty of variety

      Since I was little Garfield has been my favourite cartoon character. Even now I get a comic emailed to me every day! I bought game as part of HMV's 2 for £30 offer, so it cost me £15 but I think full price at the time was £19.99.

      When I started playing it, the first thing I noticed was the graphics. For the DS, or at least the games I have played on it (around 16 different ones), the graphics in Garfield's Fun Fest really are excellent. Compared to some other similar type games, that is recognizable characters, the graphics in this are really clear. I was very impressed. And not just in the little cutaway story images that you get - in the actual game play too.

      You can play as Garfield or Odie, and each character has its own quirks, similar to their personality - for example Garfield has to keep eating or he falls asleep! There are different types of levels: standard platform style levels, running levels and performance levels. The story is that Garfield has to become funny again to prepare for the Fun Fest, so he has to explore and find things, run with Odie and practise his show. In my opinion the performance levels are by far the hardest - you have to match up moving icons on stars, and I kept getting booed offstage the first time I tried it! The running ones are really easy, you just have to avoid obstacles and pick up food bonuses. The platform ones, where you explore, can be tricky - it's easy to get lost, and with Garfield falling asleep it gets difficult! When this happens Odie has to find an alarm clock to wake Garfield up, but sometimes you're miles from a clock when it happens!

      I got really stuck on the first level, and that disheartened me for a while. I kept looking at the game but not playing it because I didn't just want to end up stuck again! Eventually when I did play it again, I found I figured it out quite easily.

      I really like this game now, there is variety in it with the different types of levels, and I love Garfield so playing as him is fun! I still get stuck sometimes, and I think one of the reasons for that on the platform levels is that the screen is small so there's a limit to how far around you can see. But that can't really be helped.

      I would recommend this game, it's of better quality than other film/tv/cartoon character tie ins that I have played, and there is enough variety in it to keep kids and adults alike amused!


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