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Goldeneye 007 (DS)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2010-11-05 / Published by Activision

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    1 Review
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      04.02.2011 14:04
      Very helpful



      An old concept brought up to date and not really working

      I remember all those years ago when I had my Nintendo 64 spending hours and hours playing the original Goldeneye game. So when I saw that they had recreated the title on the Wii and DS I was quite keen to try it. Thankfully, as usual these days, Lovefilm came to my aid and sent me the DS version of the game and from the moment it arrived I was quite looking forward to playing it. I've recently rediscovered my addiction to first person shooters and so I was really looking forward to playing one of my favourite games from the late 90's.

      The Concept

      Following the story of Goldeneye, we join Daniel Craig as Bond and your mission is to shoot, destroy and generally cause havoc in order to complete your mission and get to the end goal. The original Goldeneye game followed the plot of the movie but this time around it is a new mission after the opening sequence that takes Bond on a varied journey around the world. The main elements of the original plot are still there but for me it was this plot that made the original game and from the outset I began to worry about this simply being a cash in on the Bond franchise.

      Shaken, But Not Stirred

      With the basis of the original story in place the developers could have been forgiven for this slight change but perhaps the bigger one I just couldn't accept was the fact you took on the role of Daniel Craig as Bond. The original Goldeneye game and of course film starred Pierce Brosnan and for the second occasion I felt that this game was nothing more than another opportunity to rinse a bit more money out of the Bond franchise and the Goldeneye game. I could have accepted an update of the original game, but this is a total revamp and for me, on this format I don't really feel that it worked particularly well.

      Of course I haven't tried the Wii version of the game and I'm open to the suggestion that it is far better but based on this version I have been left totally underwhelmed by the latest addition to the Bond game franchise. It has it's good points and of course aspects such as the control system work reasonably well once you're up to speed but I just felt that graphically and in terms of the story the game was a real let down.


      It would be fair to say of course that the developers are limited in what they can achieve from the game by the DS's capabilities but when it comes to the graphics I was quite disappointed. Almost every bad guy looked the same and had this been a star wars game that would be fine but for every guard to be a clone of each other it takes the edge off of a Bond game straight away. Even the levels you work your way through are quite repetitive and after very short bursts of game play I found myself becoming increasingly bored by the levels repetitive nature. Even the cut sequences could be better and I'm sure are a million times better on the Wii.


      As you would expect in this day and age the sounds for the game are exactly what you would want. The explosions, bullet shots and explosions all sound reasonably realistic and with Daniel Craig providing the voice for Bond it is at least realistic in this respect.

      Game Play & Control

      This is perhaps where the game won back some points. The control system for the game is quite clever and uses the bottom screen on the DS to change your characters direction and weaponry, whilst the top screen gives the view from your characters position. I felt this worked quite well but the biggest challenge with this was getting the hang of the controls. They were quite hard to get used to and become proficient in before you get shot too many times. This also became a problem if you didn't play the game consistently as you tend to forget how this works.

      The player control system does work though and out of a pretty poor game I am glad to say that at least something about it that impressed me.


      Having been largely disappointed by my first taste of a first person shooter on the DS, I can't say that I'm particularly keen to repeat the experience. I felt the system didn't really have the capabilities to do justice to the game, especially having seen the screenshots of the Wii version. It is a shame as I am sure this could be a good game but I think this is just the wrong platform for it. The control system works well once you get the hang of it, but I'm afraid that is about the only positive I can take from the game.

      The graphics just aren't good enough and what could have been a great game is let down by a number of aspects. I've heard people mention the blatant cashing in by companies on the 007 franchise in order to make a few quid and this is certainly a prime example of it. With the Wii version also available and by the looks of it far better I think they could have avoided this release on the DS and left GoldenEye on systems that could handle it. I'm afraid I really can't recommend the DS version of this game and would honestly advise anyone intending to buy it to either safe their money or buy it on the Wii.

      Platform: Nintendo DS and Wii
      Age - 16 plus


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