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Guitar Hero on Tour Decades - Bundle (DS)

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11 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Release Date: 2008 / Published by Activision

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    11 Reviews
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      02.08.2009 13:33



      if reduced in price, worth the money

      I bought this game as a bundle after I had played it on PS2 and found that it played very differently.

      Instead of the usual five buttons you only have four to deal with because of the way the device plugs into your DS. The bundle normally costs between £30 and £40, the same price as most other consoles, however due to the limited buttons as well as the lowered sound quality and playing experience I believe it should be sold for less.

      Regardless, the song choice is good including classics (Rock and Roll All Night) and some of the best known rock songs(All The Small Things) so it is good to play for varied listeners. It is very addictive and a lot of fun to play with hours of enjoyment so it is a very varied play experience.

      Unfortunatly sometimes when playing the game the guitar grip can come undone and you can lose the song by having to restart the console.

      Really a mixed review. Some parts I love but other parts really bug me. If the price is reduced and you dont get annoyed easily it is worth buying.


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      30.06.2009 23:05
      Very helpful



      good game for traveling, not quite as good as the Xbox/playstation versions

      After playing Guitar Heron on both PS2 and Xbox I decided to get the DS version to travel with. The game includes the hand grip needed to play which probably increases the price slightly compared to other DS games. The song choices are limited initially but the collection builds to around 30 classic rock tunes after unlocking them during the game. Though there is not much to do after all songs have been unlocked except to challenge high scores or use multiplayer mode. The game does suffer slightly from being made into portable format but is still entertaining with multiplayer modes being a particular improvement over the original DS game. The grip cam be awkward and tends to slip and occasionally detach from the console at which point you must restart the console for the console to re-register the presence of the grip. After some playing the grip can make your wrist a little sore though I do have a previous injury which may have added to the discomfort it took a lot of playing to begin to strain the wrist and on an average train journey this would not be a problem. I did get a few odd stares at commuter time while sat playing my DS like a guitar, maybe not a game to be played in public by the self-conscious!


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      09.06.2009 18:51



      good game

      well guitar hero has struck all the consoles with storm and the ds version is no different, this pack includes over 30 classic rock tracks from all the decades, and it also includes the grip that is needed to play guitar hero on the ds. as the game starts there is some insite to the sound that the ds is capeable of, most games have very simple sound but this is not most games. once the game is started there are a couple of modes, single player multiplayer and training, once the game i started the player is limited to a small number of sons but as the player progresses through the game more and more songs are unlocked along with outfits and guitars. there is many well known songs included with the game, and all sound extremely well while being played on the ds. the only down sides to this game is that with the strap on buttons i found that it left you holding the ds at a rather unnatural and slightly uncomfortable angle, but none the less this did not ruin the playability of the game. the other thing that i disliked about this game is that once you have palyed through the game once and unlocked everything then there is not much more you can do so it is not so good for re playing the game, well apart from the rock music that comes from the ds which is enough for some people but not me. all in all this was a good buy and i would certainly reccomend it for long bus or train journeys.


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      28.05.2009 14:51



      Great game

      I bought this before myself and my sister went away on holiday, she had the game too which means you can play wireless between two players. As part of the bundle you get the game, the 'guitar' which is a hand piece that attaches to the side of the DS which has a strap to go round your hand to stay in place. I also have this game on the Xbox 360 and it goes without saying that the graphics on the 360 are brilliant, the DS however is a little basic. The game however is a lot of fun to play especially if you are playi ng against a friend, and it is challeneging depending how you compare on the guitar but there really is a level for all, you can have it very easy or very hard!

      Overall, a good game for the DS compared to some of the games out there and it does provide a lot of entertainment!


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      26.03.2009 13:14
      1 Comment




      The guitar hero games for the DS are so much worse than those for Xbox or other consoles but thats hardly surprising considering it's tiny in comparison.
      Admittedly I do like this game however and think it's pretty fun to play but just fon't play it outside your house as you look like a bit of an idiot when your playing your DS like a guitar.
      The songs are lot more wide and varied than the first one for DS and somehow this game is more fun to play even though relativley speaking they're the same.
      The little atachment you get to play the game is very easy to use once you get the hang of it and you have to find your own personal way of holding the DS that is most comfortable for you to strum, as I've seen many ways to hold it.
      Overall it is a prettu fun review and I genuinely like to play this game but it does get pretti boring and repetitive after a while as all your doing is the same thing over and over again and depnding on how you hold the DS your hands can start to hurt after an hour or so of play.


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        22.01.2009 02:28
        Very helpful



        Im disappointed in this game :(

        I bought this game with a great deal of excitement as I love the Guitar Hero games for the playstation and the Xbox. However Guitar Hero D.S didnt really give me the challenge or the thrill that I normally get from playing these games.

        So What Went Wrong?

        The first thing I noticed that was disappointing about this game was the fact that there was only four buttons to play with instead of the usual five on the other consoles. This made gameplay a lot more dull and not as challenging as the other games.

        The next thing I faulted with this game is that the DS does not have a great sound capability so the songs cannot be played loudly to give you that 'guitar hero feeling' that you receive much more with the other games on the other consoles.

        The game is around the same price as the other guitar hero games for other consoles at around £30-40. With the faults I have previously described with this reveiw I would have expected to pay less for this game.

        Whats Right About it?

        The song list is ok in this game with some great songs included, some of these are:
        All The Small Things - Blink 182
        Spiderwebs - No Doubt
        All Star - Smash Mouth
        Breed - Nirvana
        Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
        This Love - Maroon 5
        Rock and Roll All Nite - KISS (cover by Line 6)


        I think this game is less challenging and quite dull compared to the other Guitar Hero games on other consoles.
        I give this games two stars because I felt like I was playing a cheap imatation of the game as it didnt live up to the high standards that I expected from the Guitar Hero team.

        ***Also posted on ciao under lorrainek90***


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        21.01.2009 11:28
        Very helpful



        Good portable fun

        This is better than the original DS Guitar Hero game as in the multiplayer format you can access all the different aspects ie the carreer mode, the duel mode and it is also possible to play either the lead guitar or the bass guitar from the start.

        The tracks are all fairly well known apart from the most recent tracks - which are possibly done for the American market. It is quick and easy to start - the grip just clips into the game slot. If you have the older style DS then an adapter is included to change the grip - but you need a screwdriver to change them over - if you were hoping to use the grip on two different DS's (old style and new Style) it isn't really that practical.

        It can be a bitt annoying at times because the grip can slip out of the game slot but this doesn't happen too often as long as you are careful


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        19.01.2009 17:38
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A fun game but the other games are better.

        I bought this game last month for £33 from Game. I enjoyed playing the other guitar hero games with the guitar control so I decided to by this game to try out. I find it great fun and it is good that I can take it anywhere with me.

        In the box as well as the game there is the Guitar Hero guitar grip, skins for the grip, stickers, a pick stylus and adapter for the original Nintendo DS. The pick stylus is stored in the guitar grip.

        The grip plugs in to the game pak slot. You need to make sure you don't lose the game slot cover when you remove it to use the grip.

        I am left handed and so it is good that I could select lefty flip and play the left handed way. The guitar grip is symmetrical and so I could still hold it easily unlike the guitar controller for other consoles that is not symmetrical.

        The game has 28 song different years that I like playing along to.

        Like with all other guitar hero games there are four difficulty levels of the game which are easy, medium, hard and expert. The DS grip only has four buttons and so I find it easier to play the songs on harder levels than when using the guitar controller. I found it quite easy to get used to the grip.

        You can play single player in career mode or quick play and there is also a multiplayer option.

        After playing the game for a while I find that my wrist starts to hurt and so I have a break from the game. The grip is fastened around your hand with velcro but I found it kept slipping a bit. If you knock the grip out of the slot by mistake you have to turn the DS off and then back on again.

        I find it fun to play and convenient that I can carry it around but I prefer playing the game on other consoles.


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          09.01.2009 23:27



          Maybe try before you buy....

          I bought this game on a whim and wasn't sure if I would actually like it. I am now hooked! It's a simple game to understand - you strum the virtual strings and press the correct coloured buttons as they hit the bridge of the guitar. I have only completed the first (easy) level so far, which i did find quite easy as I do have some rhythym however going onto the next level there is quite a jump in difficulty levels, it gets a lot harder very quickly. The songs are really good on this and I found that I recognised mroe songs the further back the years went so I think there would be something on here that everyone would recognise and it is a lot easier when you know the song you are trying to play! I think the best thing about this game is that it does switch over for left handers which I think is very important as a lot of DS games I am unable to play because they are designed with right handers in mind. In short, I would recommend trying this game out first before you buy it or buying it second hand if you are unsure.


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          03.01.2009 17:45
          Very helpful



          Great game, buy it!

          I'm not going to repeat all the stuff in previous reviews on this item about how to play and what songs etc. I'm just going to say -in my humble opinion -this game is brilliant! If you're considering buying it - do it and you will be addicted!

          As I have been playing guitar for nearly 20 years I always viewed the Guitar Hero franchise with some suspicion - you pay for a fake guitar and stand in front of the TV playing it? Odd i was thinking..very odd. Especially when these days you can pick up a cheap electric guitar for less than the guitar hero game.

          So anyway over the festive period I was shopping for a ds game for a gift and came across the guitar hero decades bundle for the ds. Now I love my ds -I only get to play it over the holidays so when I do I like to buy a new game, and on seeing this game I thought it may be fun to try it out.

          The bundle with the guitar grip and game costs £30 in Gamestation at the moment - which is quite a bargain considering the hours of fun I have had out of this game already.

          All I can say is - this game is brilliant! I struggle with some ds games as I get bored if I can't manage to play them well, but the whole guitar hero concept of easy to play hard to master is perfect and really keeps you hooked! The only criticism I would have is that this game can get dull once you have unlocked all the songs - it would be cooler if you could download songs perhaps or have more than 25 on a game. Now I have completed this I'm off to find the original On Tour game to play. Well I would if I could wrestle the ds off my flatmate......


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          30.12.2008 20:57
          Very helpful



          A really fun game to play, but way too easy to finish.

          I suggested this product, and for some reason put bundle into it. I brought this game a solus, so I will be doing a review on the solus part of the game, and will be talking about the guitar grip as well.

          If you have already read my Guitar Hero on Tour review, a lot of this may seem similar. It's not going to be a copy of the original review, but as it is pretty much the same game so things like the Instructions and the Guitar Grip will be pretty similar. I hope this is not against the rules, as I don't want to leave it out, just because some people may have not read my other review and I don't want to leave it out.


          For people that have already used any of the guitar hero franchise you will feel the same premise with this version. It uses the same sort of things but just on a different console. To play the game you just have to press the frets and strum in time to the notes on screen. It may sound simple but it does take a lot of skill to work your way up to expert

          ------------------------------------------ -------------------------------
          Basic Play (For all different stages of the game)
          ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------

          To play the game, it doesn't matter if you start of on practise, easy or even expert. It's all the same; it just might get a bit harder.

          To play the game you hold the DS like a book, the Guitar Grip peripheral slides into the Game Boy Advance port on the Nintendo DS and it features four buttons on the top. Your hand fits through the strap so your fingertips rest on each of these buttons and your thumb slots through a hoop on the strap.

          On the left hand screen of the DS, when you are playing a song, is a giant moving fret board which houses different colour buttons, which correspond to the different fret buttons on the Guitar Grip.

          On the right hand of the DS is the touch screen, this is where you use the guitar pick stylus to strum from left to right as you push down the corresponding fret buttons.

          To use the whammy bar just wiggle the pick stylus across the touch screen, I don't know if this gives you any more points but it sounds cool.


          (This is pretty much the same as my other review with a bit of different info, this is my own work)

          Rock Metre- This tells you how well you're doing. The rock metre, is like a sideways traffic light, it has red, amber and green, the game starts off with the needle in the amber section, as you go through the song, depending on how good you are, the needle will move up or down, if you're good then it'll move up and if you're awful then it'll move down.

          Star Power Metre- When you unleash the glory of star power, you automatically double the score that you have. To get the star power you have to complete star sequences to fill up the star metre, to activate the star power, you have to either yell 'ROCK OUT' into the mic or press any of the following buttons (x, y, a, b or control pad), if all that fails just tap the star metre on the touch screen. This is in the shape of a microphone in this version, I really do thing this looks quite tacky, but I found myself using this a lot more often in this game, to rock out, just tap it with the stylus.

          Just like the problems with the Guitar Hero on Tour the scoring is almost impossible to keep an eye on the scoring, as your eyes are glued to the fret board. Everything from the star power, crowd approvable and the score multiplier metre are on the right hand side, on the touch screen. This is not a big problem but it's one of the bad points about the game.

          Main Menu

          (This is the same as the Guitar Hero on Tour Review)

          Single Player

          When you click single player on the main menu it brings you to a sub menu, which lets you do many things, from career to guitar duels. This is probably the main section that most people will use to play. The main section is career; from here you can play like a rock star, playing different venues and different songs, showing everyone your talents.


          I have not had the option yet to use this mode as I don't know anyone that likes Guitar Hero or has it on DS. When you go onto this sub menu, it'll ask you if you want host or join. Use this to add another player to your game.


          On the single player sub menu screen you have two options, they are:


          Create Your Band- This is the first section that you get taken to when you open up the career section, it'll ask you to enter a band name, I'm not sure of the letter limit but I'm sure you can come up with something cool.

          Select Character- At this point the game will ask you to select your character, you can choose from the following:

          Game Play Explained- This is completely up to you whether you use this, I would say if you're new to the game, even if you have played the other ones on different consoles, check it out, if you are like me and have played Guitar Hero On Tour before, you can just click no and skip.


          Play Live Show

          When you click on this you get three sub menus, they are:

          Lead Guitar
          Bass/Rhythm Guitar
          Guitar Duel

          I'll talk about the last one in more detail below, but the other two are pretty straight forward, there is not much difference between them as well, you can choose either the lead guitar of bass/rhythm guitar and play the same songs with the same beat and the same difficulty.

          THE LIVE SHOW

          Once you have clicked either Lead Guitar of Bass/Rhythm Guitar you go onto the next section, this is...

          Select Difficulty

          On the right you have the different difficulties, they are of course (Easy, Medium, and Hard & Expert), and I always go with medium as it's not too easy but it's not impossible like expert or hard. On the left you have your statistics, it'll tell you how many songs you have completed on the different difficulties there are.

          The Songs

          In the songs section you have to unlock each section to get the new songs. So for example you first start of the game with one venue and four songs, then once you have completed the fourth song, I think depending how good you are, you get to play an encore, this provides you with your fifth song, and then once that is completed you go onto the next venue.

          On the right is the set list as they call it, the this just gives you the names of the songs, when the song you want to play is highlighted you have the name of the song on the right with the person who sang it and the date it was released, if you click on info you will get some information about the song.


          Takio Hotel- Ready, Set, Go!
          Paramore- CrushCrushCrush
          Fall Out Boy- The Take Over, The Breaks Over
          Foo Fighters- The Pretender
          Encore- Smashing Pumpkins- Tarantula

          This is a great setlist to play, especially on medium. It's not too hard on medium and is way too easy on easy. Some of my favourite bands are on this setlist and some of the songs are just brilliant. I think The Pretender is my favourite; it's challenging but not impossible.

          Linkin Park- One Step Closer
          Alien Ant Farm- Smooth Criminal
          Jimmy Eat World- The Middle
          Red Hot Chilli Peppers- Can't Stop
          Encore- The Darkness- I Believe In A Thing Called Love

          This is even better than the previous setlist, the tracks are all tracks I like and love and together it becomes quite a completed setlist. Some of the songs, especially Red Hot Chilli Peppers had my fingers aching as the riffs are quite hard to play. They are a lot of fun.

          Weezer- Buddy Holly
          Lenny Kravitz- Are You Gonna Go My Way
          Blind Melon- No Rain
          Oasis- Some Might Say
          Encore- Stone Temple Pilots- Down

          Probably the most boring setlist so far, the first two songs especially and the encore, I have never heard of Blind Melon, No Rain but I really enjoyed listening to it as well as Oasis's song, some might say. An easier setlist to play than the previous one.

          Survivor- Eye Of The Tiger
          REM- The One I Love
          Los Lobos- La Bamba
          Journey- Any Way You Want It
          Encore- Bon Jovi- You Give Love A Bad Name

          This setlist was a shock for me; I would never call REM and the song La Bamba rock, which this DS game is supposed to be about. I really enjoyed playing Eye of The Tiger and You Give Love A Bad Name and I also found out, for the star power metre, you don't have to just shout, Rock On or whatever it is, singing along to 'You Give Love A Bad Name' works as well.

          Free- All Right Now
          Blondie- One Way Or Another
          Edgar Winter Group- Free Ride
          Boston- Rock and Roll Band
          Encore- Lynyrd Skynyrd- Sweet Home Alabama

          The final one and probably the most disappointing round for me, the only song I enjoyed was the encore and the rest weren't very good songs in my opinion. One Way Or Another is one of those songs that I've heard way too much so I played it on silent.

          Queen- We Are The Champions
          Joe Satriani- Satch Boogie
          Phoenix- Everything is Everything

          I have actually just only managed to get We Are The Champions, which I unlocked after completing the 1970's round. Apparently if you complete the guitar duels, which I aint done yet.

          GUITAR DUELS

          I never really tried this on the On Tour one, but have found it to be a great source of enjoyment for me this time around. It's a lot more challenging and it doesn't matter about getting 100% of notes played, it's all about beating your opponent and using everything in your power, which you gain whilst playing to beat them.

          This bit is played by two people, you can choose the multiplayer mode on the main menu to hook up two DS's together and play against someone else but in this section on the single player mode you play against the computer. You choose a character and then rock out against another character.

          Battle Power Ups- This is instead of star power, you have to hit a series of battle gems to collect attacks. These attacks are displayed as icons in a row on the touch screen. As long as you don't have an attack against the other person up, you touch the attack and they have to deal with the attack. Some of the best duel items are as follows:

          Against the Opponent

          Broken String- When the opponent uses this attack, you have to drag the broken ends of the string together before that note can be played again.
          Signature- This becomes quite annoying, an excited fan pushes an item in front of the touch screen and you have to sign it, it can be anything from a leg warmer to a skateboard.
          Pyrotechnics- You literally have to blow into the microphone which is located on the right of the DS. Quite annoying but effective as you can't do anything else for a while till the fire is out.
          Hyper speed- I've not had a problem with this, it's pretty easy to do, the speed that the notes travel doubles.
          Screen Flip- The screen flips but you still have to use the stylus on the touch screen making it very hard to play.

          All of these attacks and defences are great and it provides a lot of fun, I really had a lot more fun playing this that I did the live show. It's a lot less complex but you have to be on the ball at all times.


          There are many things that I was looking at when playing this new version of the Guitar Hero game, and mainly I was comparing it to the version I had for Christmas. I got this on sale at Game a few days ago and it's already been sold on EBay after 1 day.

          I'm going to set this final opinion bit out a bit differently, hope it works out.

          The Good

          There are many good things about not only this game in particular but the whole Guitar Hero franchise, everyone has probably heard of it. It basically started with the PS2 I believe, with the PS2 you got a guitar and a disk and you could rock out to some brilliant songs. From then on it moved to other consoles like Wii, Xbox and even the PS3, but no one thought it would be able to be played on the Nintendo DS but they proved them wrong.

          Okay there are problems and they're listed under the Bad points about the game but there are so many good points that I just have to mention and that I think over rule the bad.

          Okay think about it here the screen is what 6x4cm and you get two of them, people moan about the graphics that they're pixalated and don't really go with the songs that they're singing.

          I DON'T CARE. For the price you pay and for the size of the little DS you get what you deserve, a nice looking band and to be fair, you don't really have the chance to look at the band whilst you are playing, your eyes are glued to the moving fret board not the band playing behind them.

          Like I said on the other review, the attention to detail is just brilliant, the strings vibrate when you're playing them, when you hit the particular note, and a flame comes out from it. The graphics for what you are paying for and the screen resolution they had to work with is just awesome.

          The Songs

          I think the problem with the songs in the first On Tour game was that a lot of them were new recordings, however with this one all of them are original versions of the songs and there are no covers at all.

          The track list does span 5 decades of music, from modern to the 1970's, some of the songs work better than others, I think my favourite has to be Blind Melon as it is so nice to listen to whilst playing and it's challenging whilst being simple.

          I had read somewhere that We Are The Champions is on the game but I couldn't find it, however when I completed the game this was the bonus song they gave me and I love it, it's so much fun and such a lovely song to play.


          Pulling of the great little solos does make you feel really good, sometimes you find yourself not even thinking about the notes and your fingers just do the walking. This is something that I found myself working out throughout the game, don't think too much about what you're playing next, your fingers will do it and you're more likely to get through it this way.

          The Bad

          The Guitar Grip

          Okay, I moaned about this a lot in my previous review, and I'm going to moan about it again. I know I didn't buy another guitar grip with the decade's version, but I have to say that's not the point. I know they're hasn't been any changes to the guitar grip and it's still exactly the same.

          I have to say, you do get used to it and you do find a way of sort of getting comfortable with the guitar grip. When you play for excessive amounts of time however, you move you arm into a stretch position and you find yourself in a lot of pain. This is because your arm has stayed in one uncomfortable position for a long period of time.

          When I first played it I found it almost impossible to play with but now I find I can play probably two setlist without having to take a break. It takes a lot of getting used to.

          Comparison to Guitar Hero on Tour
          --------------------------------------------- -

          No Improvement

          Okay the game is more like an expansion pack rather than another game, the Guitar Grip which can be brought with both games is exactly the same and you receive the same amount of problems with it as you did before.

          Activision and Red Octane haven't taken the time to look at reviews of the game and looked at the problems that everyone seems to be facing, to me this is just laziness and I don't think I would be buying another version if they don't up there game.

          Not Enough Tracks

          I think there were 26 tracks on the On Tour game and now 28 on the Decades game, for me this is nowhere near enough. I completed the whole setlist in 2 hours and then went onto the guitar duel and completed half of that in 1 hour and couldn't be bothered to complete the rest.

          Another problem we've come across is that if you start on Easy and unlock say 2000's and then want to go up another level you have to unlock 2000's again and play the same songs as before. I think maybe they should change the songs about for each different difficulty level as it really does get quite boring.

          Way Too Easy

          Like I said before, I completed the game in 2 hours, for me paying out £15 or whatever you pay on it is just ridiculous. For example, on the On Tour game including the Guitar Grip you can pay up to £40 for it. So is it worth playing that amount of money for a game you play for 2 hours, 3 tops. No, not at all and I think this is Guitar Hero NDS downfall, it is way too easy.


          I have to say I really did enjoy both games, but no way were they worth the money we spent on them. We are attempting to flog the Guitar Hero on Tour on EBay but that one doesn't want to sell for the price we want for it, but the Decades one, after only 12 hours of being on EBay sold and for a great price.

          If you like previous franchises of Guitar Hero then you will like this version.

          Summary: A really fun game to play, but way too easy to finish.


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        • Product Details

          Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades expands the experience of Guitar Hero: On Tour by taking players through a rock-and-roll journey from today’s rock through the classic rock of the 70s. Utilizing the revolutionary Guitar Hero Guitar Grip peripheral that fits in the Game Pak slot on the Nintendo DS, Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades gives fans the ability to shred through time with their favorite tunes and customize their characters in decade-themed costumes and venues. The soundtrack features 28 master tracks from the great decades of music, including 21 that are exclusive to Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades. For the first time, owners of Guitar Hero: On Tour or Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades will be able to stream over 50 songs from the two games using a local wireless connection. Guitar Hero On Tour: Decades delivers the gameplay that players have come to expect and continues the ground-breaking on-the-go Guitar Hero experience

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