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Hamsterz 2 (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Family & Entertainment / PEGI Age Rating: 3+ / Published 2007-11-09 by Ubisoft / Release date: 2007-11-09

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2011 18:57
      Not Helpful



      overall a great game for children who cannot have pets at home

      this game is great fun. you get to choose your hamsters name and cages and different toys scenarios and settings. very easy to play but only once you know how. easy to pick but does take time to get used to initially and if you dont save it properly your hamsters or items get deleted (not saved) so all your hard work and time is wasted. very good for children over 5 years of age and ideal if you cannot give them a pet and no cleaning up to do. not a game to play all the time as can get quite repetitive and boring. good if you have a child with lots of friends with the same game so they can pair up their ds games. overall definitely one to conisder if you like small pets but look around as the prices can vary for this game very greatly.


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      15.03.2011 18:43
      Very helpful



      Another DS game where you look after an animal

      I've had this game a while and to start with I played it a lot - I was even the first person to write a guide for it - but after a while I stopped playing it and haven't really played it since. Why? Simply because it became boring.

      Hamsterz 2 is about looking after your own hamster, it's as simple as that. You can unlock items, buy things and take care of your pet.

      This game is pretty realistic in most respects as you have a hamster which you have to give food and water, clean out and play with and you can see it playing with the toys in its cage or happily eating food. Even the graphics are quite good. The hamsters actually look like hamsters and you can easily tell what items are.
      There are a few different pet games out there and with each one you have the same good and bad points. Yes, the animals are cute and it's fun to play with them and unlock stuff. However, after doing that for a few days it becomes boring and there's not much else to do.

      Starting the game:
      You start off with a basic cage and your hamster and it is then up to you to buy what you need and look after your hamster.

      You get stars for giving your pet food and water, petting it and giving it a toy or something to chew on. You can get stars from other hamsters as well. For example, if you go to your cousin's house and play with their hamster you will get stars. The stars are like money and allow you to buy items from the shop.

      It does have some other features which add to the game. You can buy many different items and items can be unlocked. You can also go and see other people who have hamsters. This gives your hamster a chance to play with other hamsters and if your friends have the game you can also go wireless. As well as this you can always play the mini games. You have to unlock them, but it gives you something else to play for and a reason to continue playing.

      As with similar games you can have more animals than you have room for. There is a care centre where you can leave extra hamsters and they will be looked after. If you don't plan on playing the game you can also leave your hamsters here, although I'm pretty sure they don't actually die.

      The menu:
      The game is simple and has an easy to use menu, although there are a few things that may take a while to work out. For exampe, changing cages or having babies can take a while to work out, but once you know how it isn't that difficult to do. The menu has a number of icons which are coloured. It may take a while to remember what icon is for what, although each has a symbol on to help you.

      The stylus is the easiest thing to use rather than the buttons. You can easily move objects around, pick your hamster up and so on.

      This game is good to keep the kids entertained for a while or for those who really love hamsters and like playing games like this. It's one of them games which you keep going back to every once in a while for something different to play, but it's probably not a game you'll want to spend hours playing everyday, no matter how much you love hamsters.


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