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Hidden Mysteries: Titanic (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Puzzle / Video Game for Nintendo DS / ESRB Rating: Kids to Adults / Release Date: 2010-07-30 / Published by Avanquest Software

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2011 20:22
      Very helpful




      Every now and then I like to get RSI by playing on my daughters DS and I saw this game in Blockbusters pre-owned for £8.99. It passed my checklist when looking for a computer game namely:

      1) Actually looked like something I could complete - being that it's for 3year old +
      2) Did look pretty interesting from the bumpf on the back with mysteries and puzzles to solve
      3) The cover led me to think that the graphics would be enjoyable
      4) Had a purpose and would give me more of a challenge than hours of Bejewelled Blitz or Tetris

      With all my boxes ticked I merrily paid and took my game home to settle down to some fun.

      ~the bumpf~

      Hidden mysteries: Titanic takes place aboard the R.M.S Titanic on her fateful voyage across the Atlantic. Explore the most famous ship in the world and feel the ship's deck creak beneath you as you go in search for hidden objects, decode secret puzzles and solve the greatest sea mystery ever.

      ~sounds good so what's it like?~

      We play as a first class passenger whose job is to piece together a range of problems and puzzles relating to her husband, her mother and other passengers aboard. The upclose graphics are ok - but not as fantastic as I'd been led to believe from the box cover, however I've definitely seen worse - so I carried on.

      I have to admit the first task I was set - to find my missing boarding pass - was seemingly simple - however the actually play was really clunky and unclear. There is a need to flit from room-to-room and passenger to passenger to try and glean clues and ideas - but this isn't an easy or natural process. There is a map to help but I had to refer to the instruction booklet for ideas. Unfortunately this was about as useful as reading a swahili newspaper and in the end I abandoned the book in frustration and donned the stylus with a mind not to be beaten.

      After sheer trial and error I managed to navagate my way around this game by going back over myself again and again from room to room and thoroughly poking everything. I concluded that there is a very sketchy plan of action to be adopted but it's by no means user friendly. Most of the tasks involved milling about to collect objects which would then solve a problem yet rather than being included in the problem you simply had to present the objects and voila the problem pieced itself together which was boring and confusing.

      I persevered as once I'd discovered the formula it didn't alter. In fact I soon found myself whizzing through the levels all 20 of them - or in fact far too few of them. In no time at all I'd completed the game which stopped as illogically as it had started.


      I don't think so no. I'm pretty confident that I learnt nothing useful about the Titanic and certainly didn't feel that I'd solved "the greatest sea mystery of all time". In fact if anything I was wholly dissapointed. This game took some getting into and as soon as it was actually getting interesting it was finished.


      Well let's just say I'm damn glad I didn't pay the £27+ that new DS games seem to retail for. I don't think when the pitch suggest that I would discover hundreds of different objects it meant any more than 101 either, there really wasn't enough to do. I also can't imagine that a 3 year old would piece this together any more easily than I did and my competent 7 year old didn't think much of it either.

      ~final thoughts~

      The only hidden mystery here is how to play the game in the first place - but having done that I would argue "why bother" - there are much better mystery games on the market than this.


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        13.12.2010 14:43
        Very helpful



        A game which could have delivered much more

        I think many people would know all about the history of the famous ship Titanic which hit an iceberg and sunk many years ago now.

        This game appealed to me because I knew about the Hidden Mystery games franchise from PC games I played in the past. This game is designed around the Titanic.

        You begin by playing the role a lady who is going to need to board the ship and first mission is all about you finding various items and putting them together to find her boarding pass. The game is not well explained to be honest and no tutorials are present so there is a huge lack of help for anyone playing.

        You do get some hints about how to play the game now and then but they are small hints without a purpose. You use the stylus to move around but your only allowed in certains areas or rooms that your told to visit.

        So you begin by chatting to your partner and he might suggest to go searching for the boarding pass youself. You have four areas open to your character to explore and in every single room you visit you need to do something. It might be to pick up a pair of tweezers which are hidden or it might be a simple clue to another problem in another room.

        You will find you pick up objects which seem pointless at the time but yet they offer a real purpose as you continue to play the game. You need to click on characters when they are present as they represent the information you need to finish the game. If you read there conversations carefully they also give you hints and ideas about how to complete the current level your on.

        Not only do you have plenty of conversations with characters but you can make the story of the game change as you play. Sometimes your given the option of picking the right reply to a question asked. This might be a rude and sarcastic reply or it might be a simple and kind gestured one. Either way which ever route you choose they claim on the game will alter the story as you continue.

        Objects you need to find are never given to you on a list like previous hidden mystery games. Your role is to find the items by searching random rooms and then using those items to unlock other areas which need exploring.

        I found the game not to bad because it did keep me involved and I wanted to explore the game to finish it as quickly as possible. I never found it boring but I did find parts a bit to far fetched. Some of the language in the game used in my view might not have been present when the Titanic was around.

        I also believe that because your playing the role of a 1st Class passenger that some of the language portrayed on the game makes you wonder how much effort and thought went into the research of the language used back in the early 20th Century.

        There is little in terms of graphics to shout about. Some of the characters faces are very poorly done and the rooms on the ship look an absolute mess. You have to use the stylus at times to just tap the screen and hope in some of the dark spaces an item is there for you to explore.

        I think because the game is not necessary that easy to complete it makes it a challenge worth taking up but at the same time with poor language and graphics it does make you wonder what the purpose of the game was.

        You visit various areas of the ship including bedrooms and cafes to try and piece together mysteries and you also get to see a story unfold as well as you continue through the adventure. I just wish the game could have focused on some of the key areas of the ship but this never happened.

        The speed of the game is rather quick when you need to use some of the items. You just drag those items onto the screen into an area you think requires that missing item and hopefully it will work and if not your told it won't.

        Overall the game is a challenge and there is plenty to complain about and many things to shout about but overall it will receive a rating of 3 stars from me. If you find this under £10 its a good price and it would be suitable for anyone in there teenage and older years.


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