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Imagine Doctor (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Simulation / Video Game for Nintendo DS / Release Date: 2009-03-27 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2009 14:39



      great fun for all ages

      this game is just one of the great games that has been released by the imagine range. i would even go as far as saying that this is the best game that imagine have come to release so far. the story line is interesting. games like this tend to get a bit repeatative and boring but because of the good story line, it doesnt. i found this game to be quite addictive actually. the mini games are fun. and i good thing i thought about this game is how you are actually taught how to do new treatments when you unlock new equipment. in the game you can not continue the game until you have mastered the art of the new treatment. i think this is extremely good as in some games you end up getting stuck as you have not had enough practise on how to do something. this game is easy to play and understand. it is a game for all ages in my opinion. as i loved it, my little sister loved it and also my step mum loved it. luckily we all have a ds as there are only two save slots on the game. i would say that is the only bad thing about this game.


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      22.05.2009 20:41
      Very helpful



      Good game, would recommend


      In this game you play a doctor who is just starting out. When the patient comes in, they tell you whats wrong and you perform tests to try to cure them and then recommend a cure. Many of these tests are simple click and drag activities.

      You begin the game by typing in your name and you are taken to the surgery. Here you meet your assistant who works with you throughout the game. She is also your first patient as she has a papercut! You clean it with cotton wool controlled with the stylus. You can then begin to treat the other patients.

      As you progress through the game you have the chance to become better at certain skills and make the doctor better. You play lots of mini (not sure if you can call them games) to diagnose the patients. These include taking the blood pressure, taking the pulse, weighing the patient, cleaning cuts, measuring the patient and more.

      For each patient you treat you get given hearts depending on how well you did which you can then use to buy new items for you apartment. In terms of customisation you can also change your shirt and scrubs.

      In the game there are several areas you can visit. You are shown a map and using the stylus can click the place you want to go. To begin with the places are:

      The surgery - this is where you work and treat the patients. You go here in the morning from your apartment and then back here after lunch.

      The coffee shop - this is where you have lunch in the middle of the day. Usually after treating 2-3 patients. Your friend sometimes meets you here for a chat.

      Your flat - This is where you live, you go here after work each night. You can customise your apartment using the hearts you earn from treating patients.

      Sophie's shop - your friend owns a shop you can visit. Here you can buy items for your flat.

      You gain more places as you progress through the game.


      Most of the mini games are controlled using the stylus to drag items such as cotton wool and plasters. To visit places on the map you click the area with the stylus. Some of the mini games are also controlled with the microphone. To make the patient open their mouth you must say ahhh into it. Be warned that you make look silly if you're in a public place.


      I thought this game was quite good, I enjoyed playing it. As the doctor gets better you are able to perform more tests so you get more things to do, this means you have something to aim for. The game also has quite a nice story line and you get to talk to the doctor's friend.

      The instructions are written but most of the activities have arrows which show you what to do or where to click. Children who cannot read may have difficulty to begin with but with some help should be able to play. The part they may find hard is once the patient is diagnosed you have to choose the correct medicine.

      One disadvantage that I found was that it gets a bit repetitive after a while as you seem to be doing the same thing quite a lot, for example taking blood pressure. This can be good though as once younger children understand each activity they can play the game on their own. Lots of the patients seem to also have the same problem, a cupboard fell on them! A bit unbelievable.

      Another thing that annoyed me was that when you go to the waiting room, it says please choose your patient. This is a lie. It does not let you choose the patient you have to treat the one at the top of the list.

      There is only 2 save slots on the game so if more than two people are playing the game this could be a problem.


      Overall a good game that I would recommend to all ages. As it's quite simple once you understand how to play it is possible for younger children to play with some support. I'm 21 and I found it quite enjoyable when I wanted to relax with a game I didn't have to think too much about. I think its suitably challenging for teenagers to play aswell.


      This is currently priced at £14.99 on Amazon, reduced from £29.99. Whilst its at this price I would definetely recommend you buy it.


      - If in a public place when saying ahhh, sometimes it'll work if you just blow into the microphone this may save some embarassment.

      - Try to be as quick as possible, from what I can work out, the quicker you are the more hearts you get.

      - Don't spend all of your hearts straight away as something might appear in the shop that you really want.


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    Develop your medical activity by improving your patients' satisfaction. Make diagnosis via fun minigames.

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