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James Pond: Codename Robocod (DS)

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    2 Reviews
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      11.05.2009 19:43
      Very helpful



      A fun and challenging game

      James Pond Codename Robocod is a 2D platform game for the Nintendo DS. Old gamers may remember this game, as this is based on previous games for the Commodore Amiga and SNES.

      The game is easy to pick up and play with logical controls, ie, the d-pad controls. Movement is smooth and the programmers have ensured that it's an easy game to get into. The game is a platformer, and you will find the easiest way to get through the game is by jumping over any enemies that you might find, but you can also kill enemies in the game by jumping on their head.

      There is one bonus level which can be reached by collecting enough items, but in general, you just aim to pick up as many points as you can, and this is really the limit to the game play. You just work through the different levels of the game, which is fun, but at places I found it hard to work out how to get through certain points. There are also the traditional end of level guardians which have to be killed to progress.

      You can collect additional items throughout the game, such as stars which give you extra health or wings which allow you to temporarily be able to fly. There are even umbrellas, which allow you to fall to the ground more slowly, and with experience you can even glide down using these. There are other additions like these, which do add some variation to the game.

      I'm not that good a games player unfortunately, so I never did complete the game. However, I did get a good way into it, and found it fun to play, and the game play is likely to be enjoyed by kids. The difficulty of the game appears to be set just about right and should be challenging enough for most players, whilst still being possible to complete.

      The graphics are colourful and fun, and do add a lot to the atmosphere in the game. It gives the game a nice bright appearance, and reminds me of games like Rainbow Islands for the Amiga, and of course the Amiga version of this game. The sound isn't quite as impressive, quite repetitive and irritating, so I was quite happy to turn this off.

      The game is rated 3+ so is suitable for all but the very youngest of children. The game is currently available new on Amazon for nine pounds, but if you prefer, the game is also available second-hand on sites such as Amazon and eBay for just a few pounds. At time of writing there are lots of copies of this game available second hand, suggesting possibly that many owners have grown bored of the game.

      Overall however this is a fun and enjoyable game to play, sometimes the controls are slightly fiddly but it's fun to work through the game. I lost interest in the game after not that much game play, as I struggled to get through some parts of the game, but overall, definitely not a bad purchase if you can get the game for just a few pounds. It's also a piece of gaming history given its predecessors!


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      02.08.2008 19:02



      Not fun

      I got this game because it was in an offer with my DS Lite console but the game is pretty bad.

      The game starts up with multiple language selection, why this is not automatic is beyond my logic. The menu shows "New Game", "Load Game", "Continue Game", "High Scores", "Options"

      In the options menu you can choose if you want jump to be the A button or the B button. You can change the music volume and view the credits too. The high scores shows a list of top ten ranking scores with name, score, level.

      The game itself- it's sort of a platformer like a mario game (except it's not just left to right) where you collect bells and various pieces of food. You can jump and extend yourself upwards and cling on. The levels are not challenging at all, futile sprawling around the level to free elves, until you bore yourself of the repetition.

      There are bucket loads of items to collect to get a higher score

      The graphics are pretty bad and the game seems meaningless, no proper goals and is full of random graphics. It is a bit tacky and feels childish. It is 2D but doesn't make too much use of the DS to provide a nice game. The background is wierd, sometimes using tiled backgrounds, or not particularly interesting walls.

      The music: what can I say, it's terrible - some annoying cheery jingle over and over, which is really annoying.

      The touch screen controls, whilst being a nice gimmick, are completely useless, and you may as well stick with d-pad and a b x y as has worked so well in the past and still does on the DS.

      Gameplay isn't fun, it's a pretty poor game.


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    • Product Details

      James Pond, the international gaming legend and one of the most playable platform games ever, retains all its classic features while adding new and improved ones like, Touch Screen interaction, second screen status and location displays, plus 100 levels with auto-save. The mission, stop evil Dr. Maybe`s plans for world domination. Your only chance is to take on the role of the aquatic super-hero, James Pond, as he jumps, climbs, squashes and stretches through level after level of some of the best cartoon-style game graphics ever seen, battling your way through bizarre encounters with Bouncing Teddy Bears, Crazy Cadillacs, Whirling Dervishes, Chocolate Mountains and unforgettable, wacky end of level baddies laying in wait for you.

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