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Kirby: Power Paintbrush (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action / Rating: E - (Everyone) / Published by: Nintendo

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    2 Reviews
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      10.11.2010 15:23
      Very helpful



      Brilliant, simply brilliant.

      Although the Nintendo DS has been a huge sensation on the back of Nintendo's major franchises such as Mario and Pokémon, it's one of Ninendo's lesser well remembered characters that has been in one of the very best DS games. Kirby, the pink bubblegum like character that oozes cute like no other character could even dream of featured in the excellent Kirby Power Paintbrush a game that truly shows how excellent, unique and intelligent DS games can be.

      Although 2D platform games have been around for decades and, in some eyes, are old hat, Kirby Power Paintbrush gives the genre a whole new slant and shows that it's still open to more invention all these years on. The character is controlled by the DS's stylus which is where this game really steps above the likes of Mario and Sonic, the players draw rainbow tracks for Kirby to travel along from the start of the level to the end with a variety of power ups to collect and puzzles to solve along the way. Though the use of the rainbow tracks may sound complex he game is oddly simple and addictively fun because of the new gameplay method that allows the game to stand out from the crowd.

      If it's the gameplay mechanism that makes it stand out then it's he graphics and the sound that complete the game with easy listening and simple background music that sounds like a throw back to video game music of old, the early Sonic games for example. The graphics lack the clarity of modern day 3D platform games but again have a retro like quality to the days of old when video games were made to be fun. It's this fun charm that really makes the game such a joy o play, yet it's the same blend between the new (the gameplay style) and the old of days long gone in video game history.

      Though many may be wondering how long it's going to last, and it's a surprisingly difficult and deep game, with 7 stages and a host of levels to complete along the way before unlocking more characters giving the game a wealth of replay value. For the hardcore gamers however the game spews depth at you like few plat formers could with a host of collectables and a time trial mode allowing you to try and shave time off your best speeds through levels. Even the lower level gamers will find the game completely addictive as if hypnotised by the games unique charm and unrivalled levels of cuteness.

      Although the game is now a fair few years old (have been released in 2005) and can be difficult to find in shops it's a game that is likely to be a bargain basement game if you can find it and one of the best DS buys you can possibly get. Lots of bright and fun colours, quick paced action and none stop fun.


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      02.08.2009 19:45



      This game is a perfect example of how the DS allows for innovation and unique gameplay

      Written February 2006:

      Kirby Power PaintBrush/Canvas Curse- Review
      Kirby rules, and quite frankly, if you do not like the asexual little pink blob, you need help, now. Get help now, and then read this review. This time though, Kirby has lost his limbs to an evil witch called Drawcia, so Kirby must now get revenge and restore his hometown, which the witch mucked up. Kirby may be armless (and legless), but he certainly is not harmless, and neither is this game.

      Everything is very colourful, and no scenery is too bland, it all goes perfectly. All the levels have enough colours to make your eyes bleed. The graphics are all perfect, except the menus, which are a bit bland, and could use some more colour and backgrounds. Nonetheless, Graphics, 10/10.

      Not as good as other Kirby games, but still does a good job, with different tunes for the levels, which are quite catchy. Also, the return of the Dancing Kirby tune gives the sound a 9/10.

      This game is everything that Yoshi Touch and Go should have been. The term used for this game is "Poetry in motion", because the game runs so smoothly. There are also some cool new powers as well, such as the needle power. However, the game will get on your nerves every now and then because of certain points where the game will do anything to piss you off (Ice world, I'm looking at you!). Apart from some niggles, its mainly faultless, which makes it 10/10.

      This game is HUGE. There are 5 playable characters, every world except 8 has a time challenge and a line challenge (get to the end drawing as little on the screen as possible), with extra unlockable challenges, and 225 medals to collect. However, WHERE IS THE MULTIPLAYER? Kirby and the Magical Labyrinth/Magic Mirror had multiplayer, so why not this? This game, as massive as it is, could have increased its lifespan massively with multiplayer mode.

      Overall, this game is a perfect example of how the DS allows for innovation and unique gameplay. This game is a perfect example of the powers of the DS, and could never exist anywhere else. This game is my favourite Kirby game. This game is massive, and it will take you ages to master it. If you like Kirby, get this NOW. If you do not like Kirby, you do not know what you are missing.

      Final Score: 93%


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  • Product Details

    Following their popular YOSHI TOUCH AND GO title, Nintendo has released KIRBY: Canvas Curse for the Nintendo DS. Players won't need to touch the control pad or the buttons here: the game is entirely controlled by using the stylus and the touch screen. Players draw lines, bridges, and walls to maneuver Kirby or to protect him from enemies. Kirby spends a lot of time as a ball in the game while players draw bridges over pits, walls to change his direction, and barriers to protect him from enemy attacks. Different colored lines have different properties as well, so players will have to be quick in changing colors. When Kirby comes unrolled, he can use a dash attack or copy enemy special moves. The game is broken up in to several different worlds, each comprised of three levels. At the end of each world, players select one of three bosses to battle. Players have the choice of the same three bosses for each world, but the more a player fights a boss, the stronger that boss becomes.

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