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Lost in Blue 3 (DS)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Konami / Genre: Role Playing / Release Date: 2009

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    2 Reviews
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      20.06.2009 15:21
      Very helpful



      a great strategy game

      I remember playing Lost in Blue 2 a while ago and although I loved the concept of the game, I couldn't get anywhere with the game so gave up very quickly. When I saw Lost in Blue 3 for the bargain price of £12 I decided to persevere and try this version instead to see if it was any more playable.

      ** What is Lost in Blue? **

      You are stranded on a desert island, and when the game starts you have just woken up on an island, after your boat crashed somewhere at sea. You immediately get to choose whether you'll play as a boy or a girl, and the choice you make here will determine how the game will play out.
      In the beginning you are a lone until you find your other (you'll find the boy if you choose to play as a girl and vice versa). The game cannot progress until you find each other.
      So you're stuck on an island with plenty of food around. The aim of the game is to survive which actually sounds easier than it is.

      ** Game play / controls **

      The game is played with both the stylus and the directional pad as well as the buttons. To move around you can use the directional pad, but to search the area you will need to use the stylus. Picking items up from the ground you can use the buttons, as well as using these to interact with the characters and scenery.
      I found the controls easy to use once I had mastered what does what. When you play different games all the time, swapping to another game can be confusing when you get used to one set of controls.
      The negative to this is that holding the stylus as well as using the buttons can make my hands start to ache after long periods of play.

      ** Items **

      In the game you will need to find items to eat, places to shelter, water to drink etc. This is the basic means of survival. To start with you are holding a back pack which will hold a certain number of items. Once full you can't carry any more. Your partner will also have a backpack that holds a certain number of items.
      At the start of the game, you have to find your shelter which is fairly easy to do as your partner will talk to you in the form of speech bubbles as you move along. Once inside your shelter you'll find you can start a fire, cook meals and have a good night's sleep. There are factors that will hinder you in these processes however. You will need to collect wood to start a fire and make a fire starter. You won't be able to sleep if there is no fire as it's too cold, and you will only be able to eat cold food without a fire to cook hot food.

      There are plenty of trees, bushes etc on the island that you can collect items from such as fire wood, berries, fruits and plenty more. You will have the basics available to you until you start to explore the island.

      ** Health **

      If you don't eat, drink, rest, sleep when you need to, your health will decrease. This is shown on the upper screen much like a sim meter, and is green when good, and turns yellow when you need to pay attention to it, and turns red when you're in danger.
      I learnt quickly that I needed to top up all my meters at a frequent rate to stop myself becoming too hungry or tired.
      Without the basic health your character will eventually drop to the floor and pass out. This means game over and you'll have to start from your last save point, so try not to let this happen when you're in the middle of the jungle.

      ** Exploring **

      To complete the game you'll have to explore the island and find all the items available to you and unlock all the mysteries of the island. You will find other characters along the way that will help you in your search to get rescued. Eventually you will be able to fish for food which will provide you with better food quality to keep you full up for longer etc rather than eating fruit from the ground.
      You can choose to explore the island by yourself or take your partner along with you. Sometimes you will need your partner to be with you to move heavy objects to enable you to progress through the game. Other times it's useful to send your partner out alone to collect food or firewood for you so you can concentrate in other tasks.

      ** Shelter **

      Your cave which acts as a shelter can be improved after time by building extra storage for your food. This will all need to be built by your partner when you have provided him with the correct materials. I found this part of the game a little confusing as the menu is fairly extensive, and it's difficult to see sometimes what you need to collect to be able to build certain items.
      The more you improve upon, the better you'll cook, sleep and explore therefore gaining more sustenance and helping you explore for longer.

      ** Time **

      The game play progresses at about ten minutes game play per 30 seconds real time. You always have to be back at a shelter by dark to keep yourself safe from the night jungle. A torch will be available to you later in the game for you to be able to stay out longer but you also need to think about your rest as well.

      ** Overall **

      I wouldn't recommend this game to anyone younger than about ten years old. I don't think their attention would be up to the complexity of the game. It's a game that you can get completely engrossed in, but when you're lost and can't progress any further you can feel like you're literally going round in circles and the game loses a bit of its appeal. I have had to cheat slightly when I got stuck as I thought I had explored everywhere, which obviously I hadn't, I had missed something.
      The graphics are very clear and bright which attracts me to the game as I like to play bright fun games. I do find the game difficult to play but it does draw me back in night after night so I have definitely gotten my money's worth from the game.
      If you like strategy games then definitely give this a go. It's much better than its predecessor Lost in Blue 2.


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        22.05.2009 20:32
        Very helpful



        Wouldnt recommend


        In this game you can choose to play a boy or a girl. I choose to play the girl (so I don't know if its different for the boy) The story begins with you trapped on an island. Soon you find a friend who you know but who doesn't remember you.

        The game gives you a basic tutorial of how to move and pick things up e.t.c but then doesn't actually tell you what to do. I then spent 10 minutes wondering around the deserted island trying to work out what I was supposed to do. Finally I found a cave which the people went into. By this point in the game I was incredibly bored and switched it off!



        You don't have to have played either of the previous games to play this one. In fact I think its better if you haven't because the game seems very similar to the first one (which I played half of before it got boring! I thought this one might be better)

        I found this game incredibly boring and the lack of instructions extremely frustrating. Who knows if the game might get better as you progress through it? Based on the first one I'd say not. But I'd like to see some more reviews to see what others think.


        I found the lack of instruction on this game hard as I prefer knowing what I am supposed to do. So I would not recommend this game for anyone who feels the same. Overall I would not recommend as from what I'd played it doesn't seem worth the money.


        This is currently priced at £16.99 on Amazon, reduced from £29.99. I don't think it's worth the sale price and definately not worth the full price.


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