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Monster Bomber (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action / Rating: E - (Everyone) / Published by: Taito

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    2 Reviews
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      07.05.2009 17:35
      Very helpful



      Good puzzle game in short bursts

      Monster Bomber is a puzzle game for the Nintendo DS.

      The game is essentially similar to space invaders, but instead of just shooting guns at the descending aliens, you instead shoot balls of similar colours at them. The game is over when the aliens reach the bottom of the screen. It's an easy game to get into, and easy to play for a short while without having to get too involved.

      The game is played by using the stylus to select the various balls which to fire at the invaders. This is quite easy to pick up, although can be slightly frustrating at times when the game doesn't respond as you might expect. Each of the levels is quite fast paced, so doesn't last for too longer, just a few minutes.

      There are many similar on-line games which you can play for free, and not only is there a cost advantage, there's in my mind also a playing advantage as well. In this game the aliens don't stay still which makes working out a strategic solution much harder. Instead of this adding to the game play, it leads to a situation where I found myself just randomly firing balls at the aliens without worrying about the colours, which does become quite dull after a while.

      There is a challenge mode which you can work through, which you work through a series of levels. It's not too difficult to complete this, and there are various additional challenges to encourage the player to work through these levels again. I'm not a very good games player, so when I finish a set of levels, it probably means that the difficulty level has been set to be far too easy!

      Once you have unlocked a level in the challenge mode, you are also then able to play it in the scenario mode. This enables you to play each level through without the progression requirements, although you can do this across a number of different difficulty levels.

      The graphics are average and are good enough to be able to play the game without really thinking of them, but not a great deal of effort has really been put into the visual side of the game. Some additional features or graphics would have made the game a bit more atmospheric.

      The sound in the game isn't too bad, it varies between levels and more than does the job of being entertaining without being obtrusive. The sound effects don't really push the DS's capabilities to its limits, but this isn't the kind of game where that would be required.

      There is a multi player mode where you can play with up to four players against each others. You only require one cartridge to play with others which is an advantage, as it's unlikely that you would be able to find three other people all with this same game.

      The game is rated 3+ so is suitable for all but the youngest of children. The game's recommended retail price is 19.99 pounds, but is available currently on Amazon for 11.99 pounds, but can be found cheaper second-hand on sites such as eBay.

      In conclusion, the game is very good for just picking up for a few minutes to play. I never found the game appealing enough to spend more than about twenty minutes at a time, because it is just a bit too repetitive and without enough challenges. However if you can get the game cheaply it's not a bad investment as it's not a bad puzzle game, especially if you like your puzzle games to be fast-paced.


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      03.12.2008 13:25
      Very helpful



      Great alien blasting game from Taito

      About the game
      Monster Bomber is a blend of an arcade shoot-em-up game and strategy elements.

      Developed by arcade legends Taito and published in 2006 by Majesco, the objective of the game follows the clichéd storyline of protecting planet Earth from a swarm of descending aliens by blasting them out of the sky before they land on your bases.
      Comparison to Space invaders is inevitable however the game adds a new level of complexity through the addition of power ups and downs plus a unique missile firing method.

      Game Play
      The game has three modes of play; scenario and survival and multiplayer.

      In scenario mode you progress through series of stages with set objectives (such as defeat a set amount of monsters). Each completed successful stage allows you to progress to the next level. The stages are layered in a pyramid style and you start at the bottom of the pyramid and progress to the top as each stage is completed.

      Survival mode is a little different and offers a more "instant play" version of the game where your main objective is to survive wave after wave of alien invaders until your lives are lost.

      As the Survival mode game style is included as in the stages of scenario mode I'll base my review on that. Each screen in survival mode has a defined objective, such as destroy a given amount of aliens or create a given number of chain reactions (I'll explain this later). Despite the objective the method of game play is always the same.

      The game playing area is split over the two Nintendo DS screens. The top screen displays the host of invading aliens whereas the bottom screen has a strip of coloured squares that represent the missile fire buttons and also a grey area above that is used for missile trajectory. A line representing a protection shield separates the two play areas.

      The aliens in the top screen slowly descend towards the lower screen and when they touch your shield line it is breached and the aliens can pass through the hole. Once an alien has passed through the shield area the game is over.

      So how do you stop these multicoloured beasties invading? Simple by using the multicoloured buttons on the rear of the screen fire missile balls at the aliens. You can destroy an alien in a couple of ways.

      The first way is to fire a ball the same colour as the approaching alien. To do this you touch on the coloured button that matches the alien colour and hurl the missile ball in the aliens' direction using the stylus to adjust the angle. If the ball hits the alien it is destroyed however if the coloured missile ball hits and alien of a different colour then it turns into another alien.

      The second way is to fire a stronger missile ball at the aliens. To create a stronger missile ball you need to click on the coloured button that matches the colour of the alien that you wish to destroy and then hold it in place for a few seconds with the stylus to increase its powers of destruction. When the missile ball is fully charged you can then throw it at the aliens in the usual manner. The supercharged missile ball has a greater payload than its feebler counterpart and when it hits an alien of the same colour it destroys it and all of the other matching coloured aliens in its path. Should the missile hit the wrong colour alien in error then the alien is pushed up the playfield and away from the shield. If this alien collides with an alien whose colour matches the missile ball then a "Chain reaction" is created and all colliding aliens are destroyed.

      You may think that using a powered up missile ball would make completing this game a breeze, think again! The powering up of a missile ball can take a couple of seconds and whilst the missile is charging the aliens continue their quest towards your shield. I find that the best time to use this weapon is when there are a large matching group of aliens sharing the same colour that can be eliminated in one large chain reaction.

      The game gets further complicated as some aliens require more than one hit to be destroyed. They are sometimes armoured by oil drum coats that when hit explode and reveal the occupying alien.

      The best part of the game is where you have a rainbow missile ball. To get this type of missile you must destroy a set amount of aliens. As each alien is destroyed a level meter begins to fill and when it is full up you can then use the rainbow missile ball (for a 5 second burst). The rainbow missile ball destroys an alien regardless of its colour and I find that in this mode you can frantically sweep the stylus back and forth the coloured missile buttons and destroy a couple of rows of approaching aliens before your weapon returns to its usual state.

      Fortunately in addition to the rainbow missile ball there are also a large range of power-ups that descend from the top screen and can assist your game play dramatically. There are about ten of these power ups (such as freezing the aliens' movement) and they really do help clear a level. Unfortunately they are quite sparse and don't appear as much as I'd like in the game.

      In addition to the power-ups there are also power-downs. These items, like the power ups, fall from the top screen and are activated when shot. These items really hamper your game play and have features such as faster invading aliens that really make the defence task impossible. When playing in multiplayer mode you can inflict these power downs onto your opponents.

      Each challenge continues until the aliens have breached your shield line and then its game over.

      It's worth noting at this point that up to four people can play this game in multiplayer mode and only 1 cartridge is required to host the game in download play mode. The multiplayer takes the same format as the previously mentioned survival mode, where the last player remaining is the winner of the game.
      The game also has the usual save game, sound and difficulty level options available plus a good in-game tutorial.

      Sound, control and graphics
      The music is computer generated music that bubbles away happily in the background without effecting concentration or enjoyment of the game. The missiles are fired with a healthy retro laser sound and the noise of toasted exploding aliens is gratuitous!

      The controls mainly consist of stylus swipes to hurl your missiles at the invading alien fleet. The controls work well although the frantic stylus swiping can get quite tiring on the wrist after a prolonged amount of playing.

      The graphics are bright and colourful with the alien sprites being large and well defined. The menus are clear and intuitive and overall the game has a slight cartoon style to it.

      The game play is quite repetitive and can become quite boring after a long period of play.

      That said, it is a very well designed game and is quite challenging to progress through the levels, particularly in scenario mode. The frantic stylus action may exhaust the casual player although it's an ideal game to pick up when urges to indulge in an arcade game call! There is an element of strategy required in scenario mode and I this can prove tricky, however I found that rapid indiscriminate missile firing usually had the desired effect and cleared the levels regardless!

      To conclude I would say that this is an enjoyable game as most of the levels didn't require a great deal of concentration to play and it's a great game for a quick alien bashing fix!

      © M Jones (Otalgia) 2008


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    • Product Details

      The monsters attack is devastating, but finally scientists from the planet discover a weapon that can fight off the alien invasion: the Bakudan Ball, a rainbow cannon that can destroy the monsters using colour as its ammunition.

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