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My Animal Hospital in Africa (DS)

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Genre: Action / Published by: Koch Media

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    1 Review
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      18.08.2010 16:32
      Very helpful



      A waste of money and very disapointing

      As a big fan of animal ds games I was looking forward to trying this.

      You start off as a young female animal doctor at an acclaimed animal hospital in the African savannah. It's your job to diagnose the sick and injured animals the ranger brings you, and after you've made your diagnosis you must care for them until they are well enough to be returned to the ranger. When a sick animal is brought to your hospital, a ranger icon pops up and you are asked if you want to treat the animal or not. When you click yes you see the animal ready and waiting on an examination table, now it's your job to find out what's wrong! When diagnosing the animal you have a range of instruments to choose from such as thermometer or magnifying glass. After you've used one of these a message appears saying whether you have found anything unusual or not, for example if you have used the thermometer it will say whether the animal has got a temperature or not. When you've used all the instruments there is to offer and have found out the particular symptoms of the animal you then have to make your diagnosis of what illness it is suffering from. Every time you find a sympton after using an instrument, bars next to the names of possible illnesses start to move. This will indicate what the problem most likely is. It all depends on what illness the animal has as to whether it needs to stay in the hospital or not.

      I'd like to point out here about the graphics, as always the picture on the box makes the graphics look incredible but I was quite disapointed when I played this game. The diagnosis part is very basic, all you do is click and there is very little interaction with the animal.

      When playing the game you can wander freely around the animal enclosures and your house, it's a bit like the Sims in the way that you can interact with items and you have to keep your person healthy and happy. (You have to make your person sleep when she's tired, watch TV when she's bored etc.) You can also read books about animals. Caring for the animals involves visiting their inclosure and feeding, stroking and playing with it. Once again, these jobs are all just clicking and watching. When stroking the animal you move your stylus over it's body, the animal will then do to set moves over and over. The playing part is slightly more fun, you throw a ball in the air and the animal will do a set response to this. Cute to watch at first but it quickly gets boring.

      You earn money by successfully treating animals, this money you can spend on new furniture and items for your house, differing types of animal enclosures and items to put in with the animals. You can also buy new instruments for diagnosing animals. Unfortunately, you have no choice as to where the items are placed and most of the items you can't interact with.

      One of the few good points about this game is the variety of animals in it. As it's based in Africa you get to treat meerkats, lions, zebras and more. This game is very boring to play as you end up doing the same thing over and over again, you spend a lot of your time waiting for animals to arrive and even then, when they do arrive it's just the same tedious tasks repeated. Caring for the animals soon gets boring too and doesn't take long to do, neither does buying items. This game had so much potential but was sadly a huge disapointment.

      If you're after interesting and varied gameplay then this is definately not for you, but if you're a casual gamer who likes animals then it might offer some interest. In conclusion, I'd say stay away from it, it's a waste of money and incredibly boring!


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  • Product Details

    My Animal Hospital in Africa is a dedicated NDS conversion, taking advantage of all the NDS special features. The player takes up the role of a young female animal doctor at an acclaimed animal hospital in the African savannah. Her main tasks are healing and nursing sick and injured animals, which are dropped off by rangers, farmers and tourists, while managing the hospital's economics. Making sure enough funds are available to buy food, furniture, equipment, enclosures and pay employee wages.

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