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My Vet Practice (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Strategy / Rating: E - (Everyone) / Published by: Ubi Soft Entertainment / Type: Simulation/Life / Release date: 2007-02-02

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    2 Reviews
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      30.01.2009 11:56
      Very helpful



      a nice basic vet interaction game

      I have since graduated from using my daughter's DS to buying my own. I still borrow her games though from time to time whilst I am building up my collection.
      She didn't rate My Vet Practice very high so I insisted that I should try it to get an adults point of view on it.

      ** The aim of the game **

      In My Vet Practice you take on the role of a vet who is just starting up her own vet practice. You start with an empty house with the basics to see a few clients, and you must build your practice up and create extensions to be able to treat all the animals available in the game.

      When you start the game you will see that there is a list of tasks you need to complete in order to complete the game. These are all very simple tasks but to complete them you have to make sure you have earned enough money to buy items you need, and run the practice on a daily basis, keeping the animals fed and watered and clean all on your own.

      ** Game play **

      You control your character with the directional pad, and can also use the stylus is you want to. The main screen of the game is your vet practice and the grounds surrounding it which will grow when you start building other buildings such as a cat house.
      To access the town, you have to walk to the south of your screen. I didn't know where the town was to start with as you can't actually read the sign posts as a player. Once I knew this was the only exit out of my grounds then the following times it was easy.
      Whilst you actually walk around your own grounds, you don't do the same in the town. A row of buildings appear and you use your stylus or directional button to choose which shop you want to go into. Once in there the same principle applies, and you just choose how many of each item you want or need before pressing the B button to return to your grounds.#
      I would have preferred the two sections of the game to gel together with the same controls, but alas not to be. You do get used to the change and it's not difficult to follow, just annoying from my point of view.

      ** Items **

      By being a vet you need to be able to care for any animals you may see. Food, medicines, training courses and toys are all available to you in a nearby town to be bought when funds are available.
      These items can be bought very easily, and I would recommend having a stock of medicines and food before you start otherwise if you can't treat an animal correctly you don't gain any money and the customer won't return to you.

      ** Treating animals **

      The animals are diagnosed for you. All you have to do is read the instructions on the screen and then choose the correct medicines to be able to treat them. I am quite impatient and the first few animals I was skipping vital information and not treating them properly, until I realised it was laid out in front of me.

      Occasionally the animals will require over night treatment, which is available when you have the proper facilities for them. When you start caring for animals as in patients then you will earn more money for them and your practice will grow quicker.

      ** Daily Play **

      Each day starts at 8am and ends at 8am. The time skips through quite quickly. You have to make sure you're in your practice to greet any new patients who appear as blue dots on your screen if you're out of the practice, as well as making sure any animals you are caring for are fed, watered and clean.
      You can choose to end the day earlier that 8pm if you have completed everything you wanted to by going into your office in your house and choosing the end day option. I have found the game can be saved at any time during the day as well as at the end which is good for when you get interrupted when playing.

      ** Extending **

      As I mentioned to be able to complete the game you must extend your practice to be able to home cats, dogs, and horses as well as the smaller animals available to you at the beginning.
      All the extensions are done in your home as well by choosing the option you want to build. As long as you have enough money then you can select it. The following morning the new addition will be built.
      As you extend I have noticed some animal areas are placed quite a walk away from your practice which means extra walking time through the day to visit the animals.
      It's also worth noting at this point that to be able to extend your practice to care for different animals, certain tasks have to be done in the college in town to be qualified to care for certain animals. The tests cost money as well and if you fail it then you lose the money and have to re take it. The tests are easy but make sure you read what is on the screen, and don't do what I did and guess a couple of times.

      ** Overall **

      The game overall for me is slightly repetitive until you have earned enough to start looking after horses. At this point in the game you have the option to ride the horses around your grounds. I found the controls for this a bit tedious to start with but when I got the hang of them it was better.

      There are a few really nice points to this game such as learning about different animals and their ailments. For younger children this has a nice educational aspect to it. It's just a shame the graphics don't portray the animals in a great light and they look more 2d than they really should.
      The game supports voice recognition in the horses play, but I hate this as my partner always gives me funny looks when I start talking into my console. It's great fun for the children though.

      I think it's aimed more towards six years and plus rather than being a great game for an adult. Saying that though I did play it quite happily, and was going back to it every night until I had completed everything I wanted to. For me it didn't take too long to complete but it should hold more lifespan for a child.
      This makes the low price of £17.99 from Amazon a nice addition to any animal lover's game collection.


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        04.01.2009 17:30



        a okay game,

        in "my vet practice" you have to complete set tasks treat animals and earn enough money to pay for medicines, which you have to buy from a nearby village, as well as catering for the animals needs.

        i enjoyed playing my vet practice for a while, it was surprisingly addictive but it doesn't take a lot of time to complete all the tasks in the game. i also thought the front cover was very misleading as the graphics aren't that good.

        one of the things i liked about the game is the way that new areas of the vet practice are opened slowly, and also how you need to make money to buy supplies because this keeps you interested in the game which is often very repetitive.

        "my vet practice" is very similar to "the Sims 2 pets" except in my vets practice you only have to look after the animals

        i would recommend this game to young girls only, probably under 11.


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    • Product Details

      Do you sometimes dream of being a vet doctor? With the game My Vet Practice this dream can come true. Build up your own practice, decide when to build which building and which patient to treat. Every day people come to you with their animals, guinea pigs, rabbits, budgerigars, cats, dogs and even horses. Sometimes it can even be necessary to accommodate the animals and take care of them for a couple of days, so that they get well and happy again quickly. Therefore you can build extra stables and accomodations. Feeding, playing with the pets, bear company, but also cleaning up and the daily treatment are your duties. For very demanding horse-patients, you can experience interesting things about horse whispering. But although the work with pets is a lot of fun, even the best vet doctor needs some time out. Then you take your own horse and go for a long ride at the beach, on meadows and fields or through the nearby forest. Stock up new energy to become the best vet doctor of all time.

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