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NAMCO Museum DS (DS)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Arcade & Platform / Video Game for Nintendo DS / Release Date: 2008-02-29 / Published by Namco

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    3 Reviews
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      28.11.2011 01:19
      Very helpful
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      Fantastic retro collection!

      I seen this game sitting on the self in GAME for £15 and couldn't resist. I love retro games and bought this game mostly because I enjoy playing PacMan and love arcade games.

      NAMCO Museum for the DS is a fantastic collection of NAMCO games from the 80's/90's. NAMCO Museum was released in early 2008 and contains a seven popular games, they are:
      Pacman is the most popular game from this list of arcade games, it is a game where you play as Pacman and direct him right, left, up and down through a maze eating a number of fruits and balls and avoiding ghosts. It is a great fun game though it can get a bit repetitive so I am glad that for the money there were more games on this arcade cartridge.

      Dig Dug 2
      Dig Dug 2 is a game where you go through levels and kill all the enemies in each level. The levels are set up in a maze kind of way on an island and the levels get harder the more you progress in the game. You can use different weapons to kill enemies, a pump to blow up and explode enemies or a jackhammer to break the ground. You score more points if you can kill enemies at the same time. This is a typical arcade game and I didn't really enjoy playing it much, it gets repetitive and boring after a while.

      Xevious is a shooting arcade game where you are a spaceship and go through different levels destroying other spaceships. I never really came across this game as a child, as I think it was before my time, however it is quite an amusing game, it reminded me slightly of GRADIUS for the NES which was one of my favourite NES games (apart from the Mario's of course).

      Galaga is another shooting game, this game reminds me a lot of Space Invaders, you play as a space ship who can move either right or left and shoot, you aim to shoot enemies that look a bit like alien that are upwards above you. I also got quite a bit of game play out of this game, mostly because it can be quite addictive, though once you have done one level, they are all basically the same, only harder.

      The Tower Of Druaga
      The Tower Of Druaga is a mazed based game, where you play the hero Gilgamesh who is trying to save his girlfriend Kai from the evil demon Druaga. In this game you go through levels with a sword and a shield and kill all the enemies in your path, you have to collect keys in order to get through doors and progress through the game . I really enjoyed playing this game, even though I had never heard of it before, although I did find it a bit challenging at parts.

      Mappy is a really fun Platformer game on the NAMCO Museum, in this game you play Mappy the PoliceMouse, and you go through a massive house that is full of cats, your objective is to collect as many items as possible and also dodge and avoid the cats at all costs. I really enjoyed playing this game and it reminded me a bit of the original Donkey Kong in the way it was played and laid out.

      Galaxian is another shooting game, this game reminds me a lot of Space Invaders and it seems to be a less advanced version of Galaga, I don't really think it is necessary to have both games on the NAMCO Museum as they are very alike, you play as a space ship who can move either right or left and shoot, you aim to shoot enemies that look a bit like alien that are upwards above you

      The graphics on this game are not very advanced, obviously as this is a retro arcade game, the graphics haven't been touched too much which is a good thing in my opinion as it would ruin the retro experience if they had of been.

      Overall I think that this is a great collection of games, I think that this would be a good by for anyone who loves Namco games. I was glad I bought it and have got lots of hours of gameplay from it. My favourite game from this collection is Mappy, though all the games have some kind of playability out of them.

      *also posted on ciao under lorrainek90


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        15.07.2010 00:31
        Very helpful



        Some good and some bad , Average collection overall

        Popping in here with another compilation game review, because honestly what could be better than 7 games on 1 cartridge. Especially when they are all Namco classics like these.

        Released in 2007 , this title packs in seven of Namco's best known titles including Pacman, Dig Dug 2, Xevious, Galaga, Galazian, The tower of Druaga and Mappy. Not only that but there are 2 secret unlockable games and a port of Pacman VS thrown in for good measure, although the latter does lack multiplayer.
        I will also admit that calling these all classics is very good hearted of me, I only play the Pacman games and Dig Dug , whilst every now and again dipping into the other titles.

        A note for all the games before I talk about them has to be the screen, the design of the DS makes the port of the game very stretched and doesn't do it any favours. This is also hinderd by the range of hardcore settings allowing you to play with the design of the game, this is on the bottom and looks really old.
        Unfortunatley the solution is to rotate the screen and play it with the controlls vertical, this way the screen looks a lot better but it does take getting used to.
        The idea of putting a game origionally made on one small screen, moving it to a wide screen is bad, it's like playing a ps1 game on one of the fan party screens at the world cup.

        So onto the important things , the titles. All of these games are ports and so look, play and sound as they did on their origional consoles, albeit with a few bug fixes.

        Pacman - Now you are not a gamer if you have never controlled the little pill popping maestro that is Pacman. Known for his infamous "Waka Waka" noise (High fives to those who made the noise when they read it) he has become an icon and cult figure, even getting a tv show and top 10 single.
        Bursting to life in 1980 , it set itself apart from Asteroids, Pong and space invaders in numerous ways. It had great colours for a start , say goodbye to black and white, move out the way green and grey, we want yellow , blue and red. In addition it was a new form of gameplay, something of which had never been seen before, oh sure space invaders you could move around but only horizontaly, this had all directions filled with horrible ghosts who wanted to kill you.
        So the ghosts, is anyone as sad as me to know their names. please ..... ahh guess not. well its blinky, pinky , inky and clyde , these felt more like true enemies than any other game as they would chase you round and werent stuck on a loop. All very exciting as you heart races when one is near and you hit a pill to eat them.
        The controls were so simple as it was just the D-pad and the soundtrack was as wonderful as it was annoying.
        This is a truly great game with a ton of hours available, theirs over 250 levels to complete.

        Tower of druaga - A title you may not of heard of, but with good reason. The game is similar to Pacman in the sense that you were in a closed maze with enemys, but you had to use your sword to fight them and get a key to unlock a door so you may move to the next level.
        The story is that the princess has been kidnapped and you must fight through 60 levels to save her. This gets pretty tiring after a few levels and it just feels really dull.
        The graphics and controls were fine , with a less attacking soundtrack but it's the draining feel this game gives you that makes it a poor title.

        Xevious - A top down shooter where you fly a jet over a map shooting at oncoming targets, as well as dropping bombs below to take out ground enemies.
        The game only had 1 level but it was the speed of difficulty and skill that made it really addictive. The attacks were really varied ranging from missiles to slow bullets and it was always a constant onsluaght.
        Graphics were very good with the tree's and scenery below looking quite spectacular, as well as the planes and missiles looking really menacing as they flew towards you.
        Controls were probably most advance here as it had 8 directions in which you could move the plane, this was extremely useful when their were lots of enemies and extreme amounts of evasive manouvers had to be taken.

        Galaxian - Although it may look like a hooky version of space invaders there are some differences.
        You control a ship which can only move sideways at the bottom of the screen, you get points by taking out the swarm of aliens coming towards you. However you have no sheilds like Space invaders and two, the enemies would at certain intervals, fly directly at you in a kamikaze attack. This made gameplay a lot more exciting as you knew you had to be on you toes and that any moment the ship could be destroyed.
        The graphics were also better than Space invaders with more colours and design. Controls were also very easy just being the D-pad and a shoot button.

        Galaga - This was the sequel to Galaxian , although how that worked I dont know as it doesn't carry on a narrative but hey ho.
        The first of the changes here is you can now freely move about the screen and shoot more bullets in different directions.
        The game also kept track of Hit/Miss ratio, so a clear pioneer for CoD all these years later.
        Again hours of fun with over 250 levels to play through.

        Mappy - A rather random one this, you control a mouse who runs around a mansion collecting stolen goods from the evil cats. The higher the worth of the stolen goods, the more points you get and so this carry's on over many levels.
        The enemies and Mappy move between levels via trampolines and this adds a slight Pacman element to the game. Although it is a little more intense as the longer you take , the more cats are moved in and so you must be both quick and careful.
        The game had very simple graphics , but not in the way Space invaders and Pacman did which looked cool, these just looked a little cheap.

        Dig Dug 2 - The last game review of this set is Dig Dug 2.
        The game takes place on a remote island and your mission is to kill all the enemies on the island. You have two main enemies , one is a little orange man with goggles and the other is a mighty dragon that breaths fire. Thankfully you have some weapons to get rid of them with, these are a pump and a jackhammer.
        The pump would let you pump air into your enemy until they exploded and the jackhammer made holes all the way to the sea, which would then drown them.
        The graphics were nice and it had a funky soundtrack, the game was quite difficult though as sometimes enemies would just jump off the edge which meant you wouldn't get any points.

        The game is Available on Amazon for £25 , this is a little high to be fair. The best games really are Pacman, Dig Dug , Xevious and Galaga, so for those it isn't worth that much.

        However it is a nice range of games and a look into Namco's back catalouge, but then the control system and design of the games lets it down.


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        22.03.2010 14:14
        Very helpful



        Arcade Classics

        NAMCO Museum 2

        This game is based on arcade classics including Pac-Man, Galaga, Xevious, Dig Dug II, Galaxian, Mappy, and Tower of Druaga!

        The game has several different playing modes including Pac-Man VS, Arcade and Wireless Play.

        Arcade Mode:
        Here you can choose from one of the 7 games to play, the game graphics represent the original graphics which the game was brought out to be played on many years ago... When first playing the game the navigation to get to play the game is a bit of a mystery as you click on to the game then play the guess what to play next game to actually get to play the game as on the touch screen you are listed with options about the game settings and hints and tips. To save the hassle press start to begin the game. Then you can play the game using the buttons as explained in the manual and on the touch screen in the menu before. The games are quite good to pick up and play but have no story mode and are purely made for the traditional arcade classic game play.

        The other modes listed above allow you to connect to wifi and wireless nintendo so you can battle with other DS users which is quite good.

        Overall this game is a moreorless what it says in the name "arcade classics" and nothing more, but a good game nonetheless.


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