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Nintendo Presents: Style Boutique (DS)

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5 Reviews

Genre: Simulation / Video Game for Nintendo DS / ESRB Rating: Everyone / Release Date: 2009-10-23 / Published by Nintendo

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    5 Reviews
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      05.07.2011 19:08
      Very helpful
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      Nice little game for girly girls

      This is a game for the DS. You start off working in a boutique and eventually open your own.
      The Game retails at £22.44 on Amazon, and is rated PEGI 3.

      Take part in fashion shows, where you design the outfit and win specialist items from "Coco" a flamboyant, supposedly top fashion designer. You are responsible for attending event halls in which you buy stick for your boutique. Different brands suit different customer tastes. You have to make sure that you have as much of every item in as many brands, so you dont disappoint a customer. You can make your own character and personalise their clothes and hair colour, eyes etc.

      Whilst in the boutique, different customers will come in and ask for certain items, sometimes an entire outfit. You have to get it right by looking at their taste, and style they as for, along with their budget. Different brands suit different styles. Get it wrong and they will leave and may not come back.

      Another positive about this game is that it is quite good for girly girls and focuses more on the fun of "dress up" and less on the issues of the fashion world today. Sometimes a game can have a negatvie influence, and being a fashion game, this could have easily focused too much on the models, but it didnt, it just looked at matching clothes to taste, and is harmless.

      However it can be a tad repetitive at times. I would suggest the amount of time it takes to progress further in the game is a bit too long. You find yourself selecting clothes and not really caring. For younger children, i would think they would loose interest and give up.
      There are breaks in this once you "own" your own boutique. You can buy clothes for your store and visit your apartment, as well as buying clothes, make up and changing your characters hair.
      There is a limit for how much you can purchase for your store, but you can increase the "stock room size" as long as you meet certain goals.

      In a small way this teaches young players how to spend the "boutique" money wisely and makes them workout what are better sellers etc. I'm not going to get all serious about it, but it does teach players to consider what "stock" to buy and how to select what will work best. (not very well explained, im not sure how else to put it).
      This is a nice little game and can keep kids occupied for a few hours. I would reccoment giving the game a try, however i wouldn't pay £20 or more for it. I would suggest going into shops, such as the Computer Exchange, they may have it for a lot cheaper, maybe £10 or so.


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        20.05.2011 13:40



        Good game

        When I first bought my Nintendo DSi, I got this game free. It was farely new out when I got it. First of all, I really enjoyed creating my character. And also you got to nae your shop. It was really fun making it personal. When you first start it can be quite tough... because you dont have many clothes to start off with. As time goes on you get more clothes and realise whats best at selling. People come into your shop and you have to style them, either one piece of clothing or a whole outfit. There are many genre's of people. Punk's, posh, bubbly and more. There are a whole lot of clothing. And everyday didfferent day there is an 'exclusive' item. Which means you can only buy it that day of the year. As time goes on you enter competitions and you get better and more popular. You can change the interior and music to attract different kinds of people. The customers have loyalty card and after getting so many stamps they get a discount. You yourself can also put on sales which attract even more people. You can change your persons hair and make up and clothes. This game is around £25. Its really fun for girls who love clothes and dressing up people!


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        11.06.2010 20:07
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Despite its disadvantages, anyone who lives and breathes fashion with adore this game!

        I absolutely LOVE fashion, so I bought this game at Christmas to treat myself. This game is yet another fashion game for the Nintendo DS, so I didn't have high hopes and I was expecting it to be pretty bad, but you should never judge a book (or a game for that matter!) by its cover...

        ~Packaging and Appearance
        Nintendo DS Style Boutique's box cover is very attractive and caught my attention straight away - partly because of the glossy red court shoe on the front that looked strinking against a black background. Around this shoe are other fashion items floating in bubbles and a larger bubble in the top left corner showing one of the many boutique interiors you can choose for your boutique. This game is suitable for 3+. If I was in charge of the age rating, I'd give it at least 6+ because this game has quite a lot of dialogue in it, so the player needs to have decent reading skills to enjoy this game and serve the customers by reading their needs.

        The aim of this game is to run your own boutuque and make a name for yourself in the fashion world. Right at the beginning of the game you have to fill in your name and birthday and then set off to your new boss' boutique, Primavera. Your boss is called Grace and will employ you as a helper, along with fellow assistant Renee, and you will help Primavera's costumers find the perfect outfit, along with some prompts from Grace to help you. You will also meet many other characters now, including Libby, a scatty but very friendly photographer who will photograph fashion shows you take part in (more on this later), Roccoco, a mad woman obessed with fashion (and about 3ft tall), Dominic, a rather delicious guy who owns Primavera and your boutique (he's also a bit of eye candy when you're bored with the game [getting bored with this game is very unlikely!]) and Godfrey, Dominic's butler, also Libby's grandfather.

        Thanks for reading if you've got this far and not fallen asleep from utter boredom of me ranting on.

        Anyway, after you've served a sufficient amount of customers at Primavera, you will be told that you can start business at your own boutique! You will choose your interior (this will affect who comes to your boutique and what brand of clothes you can buy for your boutique) and your music to play in the boutique. Let me warn you now, the music is very repetitive and may seem really good at first but will very soon get annoying. I have warned you! However, the good thing is that if you just get so annoyed with the music that you want to smash the Nintendo DS, you can choose the None Music option.

        So, when you've opened the boutique you wil see some customers on the Touch Screen. Just tap on them to serve them. Each customer will be dressed in a specific brand of clothes (however sometimes it will be a mix and the items that they're wearing most of is the brand they like) and the customers will ask for either a specific item of clothing, a whole outfit, a piece of your choice or they will ask to buy a mannequin outfit. If they want a specific item of clothing, you've got to pay attention to what their style is. If you get something they don't like, they will walk out of the door and you will get no profit, unless you persuade them to buy the item! If they ask for a whole outfit, then just put together a collection of clothes in their style and if they ask for a mannequin just tap 'Certainly' when the customer asks. You must also keep their budget in mind, or they won't buy items you recommend! It will be fun satisfying a customer's needs, but they will end up asking for the next thing next time they visit, so you need to keep stocked up on the item they like!

        You can also advertise your boutique by sending mailouts with items of your choice on them. The next day, plenty of customers will come asking for mailout items, so you must make sure that you have plenty of stock!

        Thanks for coming this far - there's still more!

        If you ever run out of stock, you can go to the Exibition Hall. Depending on your boutique's interior, certain brands will be stocked to suit the interior. So, for example, if your boutique's interior's bright and cute, then the brands Daizies and April Bonbon will be exibited, because they sell cute clothes. There are sixteen brands in total, each selling completely different clothes from urban and girly to elegant and refined to punky and preppy to hippy and even Chinese and Japanese-inspired clothes. The game claims that there are 10,000 items of clothing to collect. The detail on the clothes is reasonably good, but is not very 3-D and there is room for improvement on this front. Each brand has a different price, so items from the posh deisgner brand, Alvarado can be up to £1000 a pop and the plain simple brand, Pure Cloth, has a minimum price of £1 for a pair of socks. Every time you buy a new item of clothing, it will be sent to your apartment to your character can wear it too.

        You can also frequentely change your character's look by going to the har salon and beautician. At the hair salon, the very friendly hairdresser, Didi, will style your hair for you. You can choose from 35 differnt styles, short, medium or long from a pretty bob or a cute crop or an afro! You can also choose a colour for your new hairstyle (64 main colours) and two different highlights (90 colours per highlight to choose from). You pay for your haircut out of your own money that you earn, not the shop funds.

        Thanks for coming this far - I know it's a very long review!

        At the beautician you can purchase cosmetics, including eyeshadow, mascara, coloured contacts and lipstick. There are 82 eyeshadows, 44 mascaras, 12 coloured contacts and 48 lipsticks to purchase. There are many differnt colours to choose from, including natural and muted make-up to bright pink and blue. You can also get some new eyebrows done at the beautician. At both the hair salon and beautician there are magazines to read (monthly - the game works with the DS calendar in mind) to find out the latest trends plus you can also get a recommendation from the hairdresser or make-up artist.

        Fashion contests are also fun to enter, too. As soon as you get a 1/5 shop rank, you can enter the beginner competition, and as your shop rank increases you can enter more contests. The object of the contest is to dress your model up in clothes that the theme requires and hope that you'll win. If you do, you get a trophy and an item of clothing from an exclusive brand, Masquerade, that I have only ever seen in the Exibition Hall once and is very rare and expensive. Libby will also take a photo of you for your album if you win.

        OK, only a little more to go! Hang on in there!

        You can also use the wireless feature on the Nintendo DS to communicate with other people who have Style Boutique and you can purchase items from each other's boutiques. You can also set up your own shop in the Community Emporium, which uses Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection so any owner of Style Boutique in the world can buy your outfits!

        OK, OK. You've done really well to get this far. The last things I want to write about are the bad things about Style Boutique. All the cusomers are female. Young. And too skinny! I was very disappointed at this because I am a recovered anorexic so to see women like that is just sad. It would be so much better if the customers were different sizes and ages. Also, the game only allows you to create a female character, which I am not totally bothered about as this game is not aimed at boys.

        So, my conclusion is that even though it could be improved, I thoroughly enjoy this game and although customers' demands get repetitive, you'll never tire of the endless differnt outfits you can create with all the clothes and different beauty looks you can create with the cosemtics and hairstyles.

        Thank you so much for reading all this! xxx


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          07.04.2010 19:40
          Very helpful



          A entertaining and slightly addictive game!

          This was a game I bought for my nine year old niece but I have become a bit adddicted to the game after having discovered it whilst playing my niece's Nintendo DS on the sly!

          It's a role playing type game where you are responsible for and/or assume the role of a character who aspires to become a world famous fashion designer. The character lives and breathes fashion and you must guide your character through her daily events, helping her live her fashion dream.

          The game involves walking in the footsteps of a fashion boutique owner who is trying to earn a living and achieve success and fame in the fashion world. The game has a split screen effect and in one screen a character will talk to your character, guiding and hinting what you need to accomplish. The on-screen prompts pretty much tell you what you need to do in order to successfully complete certain tasks and they are easy to understand I imagine even for younger children.

          Your character is heavily involved in the fashion world, and throughout her existence finds friends and contacts who will help her on her way. The main part of the game involves being in charge of a boutique where you must serve and advise customers as if you are a shop assistant/professional designer. Random characters will show up at the shop and tell you what kind of clothes they are looking for. The visiting characters might be high class celebs or surf bums and each requires you to deal with them in a different way. You are required to find whatever they are after. If you have satisfied their needs they will buy the items you have suggested, if not they'll leave emptyhanded and you will be out of a few bucks.

          It doesn't always work out how you want it to. Characters in the virtual world have minds of their own and won't necessarily like your fashion reccommendations even if they seem appropriate to their needs! It's a learning experience as far as being able to identify clothes types according to the description given. For instance, a character might come into the workshop and request a "funky disco" skirt or "ski holiday" top and you have to choose which clothes best fit these descriptions. There is a lot to consider, too, from gloves to eyewear to hats to shoes. Every whole outfit has to gel together and if it doesn't that customer might walk out the door and you won't have sold anything! Serving customers in the shop is my favourite part of the game as there is a new scenario every time you are in there and there are lots of amusing and unusual characters who interact with you/your character. As well as being a challenge it's fun to be able to be so creative and to see how different characters look in the outfit you have ultimately designed. It never gets boring for me and there is never a shortage of visitors. One complaint I'd have is that all of the customers have the same bodyshape - are there no larger people in this virtual world?

          There is also a whole new social world to explore in the game. You will find friends who will invite you to fashion events in the area. Find them and the special locations via an interactive map. If you attend any events you gain the opportunity to make new contacts or be seen in the latest fashion. You might bump into a fashion photographer on the street who is just so keen to take your picture!

          There is the opportunity to enter fashion design shows too. You can dress your character how you wish and also give her make-up options. These options are limited by how much money you have in your account. You can earn money through selling clothes at the store or by winning competitions. Your make-up and clothes collection can be vast. I am amazed at the choice of lipstick shades for instance - there is more choices of colour available than I've ever seen in any real life chemist!

          Competitions are fun and you are talked through the process with the on screen inserts. A stroll down the catwalk is mandatory as is getting your picture taken. Your pose is snapped and then sent to your personal gallery where you can view it as many times as you wish as your moment of glory. This part of the game is exciting and there is a lot of razzmatazz and suspense although the competitions are suspiciously easy to win!

          I found it quite interesting just to play around with the way the character looks rather than get caught up in completing a mission as quickly as possible. It's also fun to see the clothes they feature in the game. Wow, there are some items that you really only would find in a Vivian Westwood boutique or draped over super skinney supermodels on a Milan catwalk! I think this is a game you should just relax and have fun with. Think of it as a slow journey to success and take your time with it!

          My niece, who's very interested in fashion also has a couple of other fashion games for the DS: Beauty Stylist and Style Icon and she thinks this is the best of all of them. I certainly think it's the most sophisticated of these kind of fashion based games and think this will appeal to older kids and adults too!


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            12.12.2009 16:43
            Very helpful




            Style Boutique is a new game for the Nintendo DS, which puts you in charge of your own fashion store, allowing you to style all your clients to their needs!

            ~~~GAME BOX COVER~~~
            The box for the game is very stylish and attractive... Although I probably wouldn't pick it up from the cover or the name, knowing the range of games out there of the same genre (none of which are very good)... but decided to having seen the advert, and just gave it a go, and it is absolutely fantastic!

            You are instantly thrusted (well after like a 2 minute intro video you are forced to sit through...!) into the game having typed in your name and birthday, and you are quickly put into your first styling challenge and taught basics on how to use the game and different mechanisms...

            After a few satisfied customers, you will then be put on other challenges to stock for the store, and in this way learn more methods and techniques in using the game functions...

            Within an hour, you would have been given your own store to manage and style the customers! This loose gaming allows you to do almost anything, and releases the restraints very early in game, in which you are left to discover game play yourself.

            You can:

            -style yourself
            -enter fashion contests
            -set mannequins and window displays
            -set interior design (a range of presets to choose from)
            -shop at (the equivalent of) a mall
            -guest design outfits for in game brands

            These are the main elements of game play, but what makes it so fun, is the range of clothing and styles you get... I have yet to unlock all of them and it is exciting to see new clothes on the racks and also fun to style these clients... of course you can never get it right ALL the time, and sometimes it's not your fault, just that they don't like your style!

            I found this game extremely fun and you can say I am currently addicted to it. It does also teach you many things, if not style related, to the names of clothes. Who knew there were so many different varieties and I certainly didn't know many of the names of clothes I would just have called a jacket... there's duffle coats, trench coats, jackets... and many more!!!

            The attention to detail is very immaculate and makes you come back for more... small details such as featuring some of your items in a monthly in game magazine, and the ability to send out leaflets featuring your stock... it expands the game and makes it much deeper and gives a more varied activity.

            This game is also just a great laugh. Some customers come in looking great, and they ask for something terrible and persuading them to buy something hideous you stocked is hilarious. As is forcing a client to buy thousands of pounds of clothes... However, it is also very fulfilling to have conjured an outfit of sheer style you will just want to remember forever...

            The game is not at all difficult, and it teaches you quickly the basics of controlling the game... the element of styling are then entirely down to your own choice. The tutorial (if I can even call it that) is very short, but does not leave you on your own, it guides you slowly as you progress bit by bit so it is not too overwhelming.

            The graphics are not bad... although facial features and hair is a bit flat and two dimensional... The clothes look great, and the shapes come out really well... Many textures do come through, although the fine detail lacks only slightly.

            There is a range of sound tracks, some are good, some not so good. A few reminds me of the urban tracks in game "The World Ends with You" which is very modern and vibrant... and those are the ones I like...

            Normal sounds such as transition are quite typical and standard, and are nothing special.

            With wireless play, you can visit your friends' boutiques and buy items from their stores, and also compete in fashion contests and see whose the best stylist!

            On Wifi, you can download content which is great, as you can get regular updates to the clothes, so it will never be boring!

            The game can be purchased for under £30 in game stores, and I'm sure much cheaper online!

            I would definitely recommend this game to all girls (the target audience) but guys interested in styling and just fashion can also just as easily get into the game as anyone else...

            One criticism is that the game assumes the player is a girl, and does not allow you to choose your gender... which I think is really shallow, but not shallow enough for me to deduct a star from! XD If there ever is a sequel, they should allow the option to choose MEN as well...

            For a bit of light fun and free play, definitely get this... it is the BEST styling and fashion game on the market today!


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