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Pass the Pigs (DS)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: THQ / Genre: Family & Entertainment / Release Date: 2008

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    3 Reviews
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      13.11.2011 13:41
      Very helpful
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      Pass the Pigs DS

      Pass the Pigs is a really entertaining game that I like to play with friends and family. It's a bit silly but that is the fun of it . I usually play it with real little plastic pigs and bought this game a while ago as I wondered whether it would be as entertaining as the original board game version and its fun for a few minutes but after that I have to admit it's a bit boring. Mainly I miss playing it with other people as I think that's the most fun of this game, to watch other people physically throw the pigs and see how they land. With this game for the DS you use your stylus to roll the pigs or throw the pigs and so the computer does it for you so you never really feel like you are throwing the pigs yourself.

      The aim of the game is to basically reach 100 points. I've always just played this game on the DS on my own against the computer as I have never tried to wirelessly connect to other people in the room or online or anything like that so all you have is the computer rolling the pigs against you. I don't think its stacked either way as I seem to win quite a lot and lose quite a lot so I don't think any one person or computer has the advantage.

      The pigs act as the dice and it is these you throw with the stylus to reach your 100 points. You get different points for the pigs landing in different positions and you keep on rolling until you Pig Out and then it is the computers turn. The different positions are listed below but for example, if one of the pigs lands on its nose, this is called a Snouter and you earn 10 points for this. If both pigs land on their nose in one throw it is called a Double Snouter and you get 40 points.

      You play this game in the one player mode in different places across the globe which basically is just the same every time but with some different graphics to indicate a different type of country. There are various things you can do to upgrade your pigs which makes it a bit different that the board game. Upgrades include iron snouts which makes your pigs a bit tougher but even so the game is still fundamentally the same.

      A players go ends only when they "Pig Out." This is when the pigs land one their sides with one of them showing the black spot and the other showing the side without the black spot. The Oinker is good too and very funny. This is when after the pigs have been thrown and they are touching. IF this happens the players score goes back to zero and the game is over.

      The first player to 100 wins.

      The other scores are counted as follows:

      * Single Pig
      o The pig is lying on its side - 0 Points
      o Razorback - The pig is lying on its back - 5 Points
      o Trotter - The pig is standing upright - 5 Points
      o Snouter - The pig is leaning on its snout - 10 Points
      o Leaning Jowler - The pig is resting on its snout and ear - 15 Points
      * Both Pigs
      o Sider - The pigs are on their sides, either both with the spot facing upward or both with the spot facing downward - 1 Point
      o Double Razorback - The pigs are both lying on their backs - 20 Points
      o Double Trotter - The pigs are both standing upright - 20 Points
      o Double Snouter - The pigs are both leaning on their snouts - 40 Points
      o Double Leaning Jowler - The pigs are both resting between snouts and ears - 60 Points
      o Mixed Combo - A combination not mentioned above is the sum of the single pigs score
      o Pig Out - If both pigs are lying on their sides, one with the spot facing upwards and one with the spot facing downwards the score for that turn is reset to 0 and the turn changes to the next player
      o Oinker - If both pigs are touching, then the total score is reset to 0 and the game ends
      o Piggyback - If one pig lands completely resting on top of the other, then the player is out of the game.

      All in all this is an ok game to pass a few minutes of your time on the DS but not something that will keep you entertained for hours or a game you want to go back to very soon after playing.


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        24.02.2009 17:53
        Very helpful
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        What's next, snakes and ladders? Snap? Actually, Snap would be better...

        The advent of the DS and the apparent expansion of the video gaming audience appears to have started a rather alarming trend, where video games are made that NEVER SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

        If you have ever played the board game 'Pass the Pigs', you will know that even for a board game, it is very simple, largely based around luck and an entirely unfeasible candidate for conversion to a top-class video game title.

        The best thing about it is the fact that it comes with some cute, tiny wooden pigs, it's cheap, it's quick, and it's quirky. The DS conversion fails on several fronts:

        1) It's not cheap, it's a video game
        2) No wooden pigs
        3) You would be unlikely to play 'Pass the Pigs' very often, or for longer than 20 minutes at a time. Video games need more longievity than that.
        4) There are approximately 2.3 million video games out there that are better than 'Pass the Pigs', and half of them are free on the internet.

        If you've never played 'Pass the Pigs', basically it's a very simple dice game, but instead of rolling dice you roll two little pigs. The points that you get are different, depending on how the pigs land. There are all sorts of different positions, which can be either good or bad, for example the glorious 'Snouter' or the game-ending 'Oinker'.

        The single player adventure or campaign mode takes you on a tour of the world, which basically means you're playing the same pig-tossing game against various backdrops, listening to awful 'appropriate' music and competing with xenophobic stereotypes for example 'Sydney Walkabout' from Australia. It's a bit embarassing really.

        The idea of playing 'Pass the Pigs' without a friend is a bit sad and pointless really... which is why the game offers a multiplayer option. Weirdly however it doesn't feature wireless or wi-fi play - could they just not be bothered programming it in? Instead the game is played on the same DS, which you pass between you. So basically it's a carbon copy of the board game, except it's more expensive, and only one player can see the action at a time. Hmm.

        Overall I feel strongly negative about this game and feel that although it is quirky and unique - it certainly made me laugh seeing that it had been released - as a game it really is quite a waste of space. Apologies for the rant - be warned!


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          15.02.2009 09:48
          Very helpful



          I wouldnt recommend this game, I would suggest to buy the original if you have to have it.

          I dont quite know where to start with this game other than its a little bit....strange?

          I used to play this game when I was a kid at my Grans house with my brother and it was the sort of game where it helped pass away 30minutes of the evening and although wasnt great, was still a bit of fun.

          For those of you who dont know what this game is, it is very simple. You have two pigs, which you throw, and depending on how they land you will recieve a certain amount of point per roll. The idea is to get to a pre-set amount of point to win, which in this game is 100. It really is that simple!

          You have to be slightly tactical as when you roll the pigs if they land in a certain way, called 'piggin out' you will lose all of the accumilated points in your turn and then it is the turn of the other person. You have to decide when it is best to bank the point and pass over your turn, or carry on rolling in order to build up your total.

          There are a few different ways of actually plaing the game, you can play against the computer, wirelessly against anybody over the world, you friends and also in career mode. Against the computer is quite boring and as you usually go first you will nearly always win which is the case nearly every time. The wireless option against a friend is quite good, but if you are both in the same room then you may aswell have just bought the original game which is much cheaper and in my opinion is a bit more fun! The career mode is where you lay against various computer oponents from around the world, but each one is so easy that you could win almost with your eyes closed.

          The user interface is a little bit more interesting as you have to move the stylus from side to side, until you reach the optimum throwing point then release, and the pigs will roll. They could have just made it that you press the 'A' button to throw, but this would have made the game even more boring than it already is.

          Overall I really dont like this game. It didnt give me any of those childhood memories that I was thinking it might of being with my Gran and brother, instead is just a simple and boring version of the original. If you do want to buy this game then my reccomandation is to buy the original as it will be cheaper and is more fun. For those of you who have £15-20 to spare then this will pass away a bit of the time during the day but I think it would get very boring very quickly!


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        • Product Details

          A Big Pig Adventure! Visit pig-tastic landmarks and silly landings around the globe on your quest to Pass the Pigs before you Pig Out and lose all your points.

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