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Peppa Pig: Fun and Games (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Family & Entertainment / Video Game for Nintendo DS / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-03-26 / Published by Ubisoft

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    2 Reviews
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      27.11.2013 10:53
      Very helpful
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      Simplistic game

      My youngest son aged four has recently discovered the world of the Nintendo DS. My eldest son who is five and a half has had a DS for over 2 years now but my youngest has never seemed interesting in it till he realised there was a Peppa Pig game for it. How did he miss this it was my eldest son's favourite at one time. He is now hooked to the simple delights of Peppa Pig world on the DS. The fact the game is extremely simple and he can work it out for himself is something he probably likes. He has always struggled with his development and is about a year behind his peers. So the world Peppa creates on the DS is one he can lose himself in.

      *****The Game*****

      This particular game is actually the second Peppa Pig game released but we don't own the first but that doesn't matter. This game has a total of ten games plus a bonus dressing up game too. All the games are very simple and only really last a few minutes.

      On first setting the game up you can have a few users simply typing in your name. Once you have clicked on your name each time it takes you to your saved game. Then the first screen is of four areas of which you can play. The first is the bonus game of dressing up then the other ten games are split across the other three screens.

      The ten games included on this DS game are:

      Feeding the ducks with Peppa: Using the stylus you tear chunks off the slice of bread Peppa is holding and throw it into the pond. And you watch the ducks eating it.

      Picking Apples: Help Peppa collect the apples by using the stylus to put them in her basket. As well you need to help George pick the rotten apples up in his bucket for the compost heap.

      Watering the flowers: Use the watering can to water the seeds and watch the flowers grow. Watch the snails though they are trying to eat the flowers.

      Making a picture: Using the different shapes below use the stylus to move them above and make a picture.

      Bursting Balloons: Using the stylus tap the balloons to burst them and find Peppa and George underneath them. The balloons keep coming back so make sure you keep bursting them.

      Decorate the Cupcakes: Help Peppa and George decorate the cupcakes by sliding the toppers from below onto them. This game is very similar to the making a picture game.

      Blowing out the Birthday Cake: Help blow out Rebecca rabbit's birthday cake by tapping the flame on the candle or blowing into the microphone but be quick before they relight.

      Popping bubbles with daddy pig: Tap the bubbles Daddy pig is blowing out in the garden for Peppa and George. Again this game is very similar to the bursting balloons game.

      Clean the bike: Using the sponge clean the dirty bike and then spray it with water to wash the bubbles off.

      The Rocket game: Using the stylus steer the rocket through space to the moon but mind the flying bits of rocks and spaceships.

      The bonus game is a dressing up game with Peppa: You can change her outfits, hat and shoes and dress her how you like then take a picture. The pictures you take are stored in an album for you to look back through. Once the album is full you can go back through the pictures and delete them by clicking the rubbish bin icon.

      *****Our Opinions*****

      From the moment my son switched this game on he has been able to navigate around it alone which for him is a special achievement. He loves the fact he can be independent with this very simple game. Everything about it is nice and simple and follows suit. Getting back to the menu screen from any part of the game is easy as you click the little door icon in the bottom corner and this is in the same place throughout the game.

      The cosmetics of the game are very much like the television programme brightly coloured, bold and fairly simple. The game mainly consists around Peppa and George and only features a couple of characters in some of the games. That said this game would appeal to any young Peppa fan. And let's be honest most children who are interesting in Peppa are fairly young. Playing throughout the games is the Peppa Pig theme tune. Thankfully the DS comes a volume control as after a while this can get a little annoying! The voice over from the show also does the voice over for this game simply explaining the idea for the game at the beginning of each one.

      When my eldest son used to love this game (now five he says it is too babyish) he loved the rocket game. For him it seemed to have more about it. For him at three years old it resembled more of an actual game to play as you navigate the rocket past flying things. It took him a few attempts to get the control of the rocket with his stylus but he had soon mastered it and since then he has liked playing more complex DS games on his DS.

      As my younger son is quite young for his age he likes the repetitive games on this DS game. He particularly likes the bursting balloons game and gets excited by the noise of the popping sound the balloons make when they pop. He also really likes the bonus game of dressing Peppa up and the innocent laughter as he dresses her in some odd combinations is lovely to hear.

      My son has struggled with the grasp of his pencil for some time now and the idea of being steady and gentle. Using the stylus on this simple game has really brought him along. He has slowly got the action of being slow and steady and now uses this skill when using a pencil to paper. Being able to do this simple game alone has also helped his confidence which since starting school in September has been knocked a little.

      For my older son he grew out of this game quite quickly as the games are very simple and don't last very long. He craved something a bit more complex and something that lasted a bit longer. I would personally recommend this game for DS starters and quite young children. Obviously my younger son is an exception in this.


      This game is available for around £13 on Amazon. I think this is a good price for the game as I don't think it will last most children that long. I would only recommend for true Peppa Pig fans as if your child isn't that fussed by Peppa they may get bored. I have loved the change this has brought my younger son. He has also tried other DS games but it is the simplicity that makes this his favourite.


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        12.03.2012 14:47
        Very helpful



        Great game for 3-4 year olds.

        I was looking for a Nintendo DS game that would be suitable for my 3 year old when I came across a game called Peppa Pig: Fun and Games. The age recommendation was 3+ years and my daughter loved Peppa Pig so I figured it would make the perfect game.

        * Setting up *

        The game is relatively easy for little ones to set up and isn't full of menus. You just need to create an initial Player Profile (by typing your name in). You can then select the same Player Profile each time you play the game. This enables you to save all of your fun and games. You can save up to 3 Player Profiles.

        There are 3 areas of the game to explore - front garden, back garden and Peppa's house. They can be accessed by the main menu. Inside each area are 3 or 4 games each - the game has 10 games in total. There is also a seperate Dressing Up game which can be accessed by the main menu. None of the games need to be unlocked so you can choose to play whatever game you want, whenever you want.

        * Games *

        The Dressing Up Game - This is an activity where you can dress up Peppa. You can change her head gear, outfit and shoes. When you are satisfied, you can take a photo of her. Your selection of different looks can be viewed in a seperate photo album. This is a fun, simple and creative game.

        Feeding Ducks - The idea of this game is to help Peppa feed the ducks. Peppa and George stand next to a duck pond and you have to rip bits of bread off and throw it into the pond. If you don't feed the ducks enough bread they will fly away. You also have to give George bits of bread to throw or he roars like a dinosaur and scares the ducks away.The bread is unlimited and the game lasts for as long as you want it to. My daughter enjoys this game but she never spends too much time playing it - maybe it would have benefited more if a challenge was set? The educational benefits include counting.

        Picking Apples - Peppa and George move across the bottom of the screen with a basket and a bucket. The aim of the game to collect juicy red apples in the basket and worm infested green apples in the bucket. It's quite simple and enjoyable, but my daughter does get a little frustrated when the apples start dropping off the trees too fast and when the wrong apple falls into the wrong basket/bucket! The educational benefits include counting, hand eye coordination and colours.

        Watering Flowers - In this game there is a strip of mud which you have to water with a watering can to make flowers grow. Bees help the flowers grow but snails eat the plants so you have to stop them with the watering can. My daughter loves this game and gets very excited when her flowers sprout up from the ground.

        Making Pictures - As you may have guessed from the name, this is a game in which you can create your own pictures. There are all sorts of shapes, objects and pictures that can be dragged on to a blank green and blue (grass and sky) canvas. You can create a number of different pictures and they automatically save. This is a very fun and creative activity that my daughter has spent a lot of time on.

        Bursting Balloons - This game is set in Peppa's living room. Peppa or George walk on screen with lots of different shaped and coloured balloons. The aim of the game is to pop them all (by tapping them on the screen). This is a fun and satisfying game (plus good for hand eye coordination and concentration) - much like popping bubble wrap!

        Cupcakes - This game is quite similar to the 'Making Pictures' game. You are given a huge number of plain cupcakes and it's your job to make them look more exciting by adding all sorts of toppings including flowers, stars, clouds, rocket ships and Peppa Pig characters! Cakes are automatically saved. Again this is a fun and creative game that my daughter has spent a lot of time on.

        Birthday Cake - There are two ways to play this game. Either tap the candles on the birthday cake to put them out or blow on the screen to blow them out. Blowing them is the easiest option as tapping them takes longer and often results in the candles relighting! The game ends when the candles go out. You can probably guess which option my daughter goes for...

        Daddy Pig's Bubbles - This game is quite similar to the 'Bursting Balloons' game. Daddy Pig blows bubbles in the garden, whilst Peppa and George watch on. You must tap the bubbles on screen to burst them. Some bubbles have butterflies and wasps inside - if you tap them, you release them from the bubble. It's a fun game but quite short lived in my opinion and you have to end the game for yourself (or poor Daddy Pig will be blowing bubbles for hours!).

        George's Rocket - This game makes use of both screens as you steer a rocket through space to reach the moon. Watch out for spaceships and meteors! There is no time limit and the game ends when you reach the moon. The rocket is easy to manoeuvre but the objects can be awkward to avoid - this is good for quick thinking and problem solving.

        Cleaning Bicycles - My daughter loves this game, but I find it highly frustrating! The aim of the game is to wash a muddy bike with a sponge until it froths up, then rinse it with the hose, then pop the bubbles to make sure it's all clean. Peppa and George also regularly walk across the bottom of the screen covered in mud and you must clean them too. This is probably the most challenging game because every time you think the bike is clean, another blob of mud appears out of nowhere! As I already mentioned, my daughter thinks it's great - highly amusing. However it drives me mad! The game ends when you decide.

        * Overall *

        The graphics are very good for a childrens game - bright, simple and everything looks just like it does on television. The sounds, voices and music are also recognisable from the programme. I like the fact that all of the games are narrated too. There is no reading required which makes it perfectly suitable for preschoolers (each game has drawn instructions at the beginning, rather than written instructions). Quite often Nintendo DS games are rated as 3+ years but then have lots of writing which makes it impossible for young children to play.

        All of the games are fun, fairly simple and educational. My daughter really enjoyed this game as a 3 year old, she could play most of the games with ease but a couple of the games were slightly more challenging. She is now 4 (approaching 5) and still plays and enjoys her Peppa Pig game from time to time (all of the games are extremely easy for her now), although she plays it a lot less than her other Nintendo DS games.

        I would best recommend this game to 3 and 4 year olds. Possibly even older 2 year olds. I do not recommend this game for children older than 5 as it will be far too easy and probably quite boring.

        I've already listed most of the pros and cons of each game/activity, but overall I say that the pros far outway the cons and I recommend this game to all young Peppa fans.

        Peppa Pig: Fun and Games is widely available at places such as Amazon, HMV, Game and most supermarkets. It generally retails at about £15.00.


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