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Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations (DS)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Suitable for 12 years and over / Release Date: 2008-10-03 / Published by Nintendo

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    2 Reviews
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      10.09.2012 20:27
      Very helpful
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      The game that saved my life

      I was going to wait until later to review this one, but this is a game that I always wanted to review. Going back to college has giving me a routine check up and some fresh motivation to write some reviews. This is my favourite DS game because it ticks all the boxes for me and has a really colourful cast. I love this game and the series for very personal reasons because they pretty much saved my life. I used to be suicidal, but playing the Ace Attorney series took my mind of it.

      The Ace Attorney cast are so diverse and well developed that it makes me care about all of them. Including the villains aka final bosses have their own qualities about them.

      The game focuses on five cases. Three of them are Phoenix's cases whilst the other two are flashback cases where we play as Mia Fey, Phoenix's former mentor. Phoenix Wright is determined to be the best defence attorney there is by trusting his clients and proving their innocence. However, in this game there are many twists in this game.

      The first case takes us back to the days where Phoenix was an art student who was happily in love with Dahlia Hawthorne. Unfortunately they were not meant to be together and Phoenix finds out in the worst way possible. He is arrested for murder and put on trial, this is where he meets his future mentor, Mia Fey. Capcom did a really good job developing Phoenix's character. In the first case he is shown as an immature teenager with a cold whilst in the last case we see him as a brave and daring lawyer who lives for the truth. He even crosses a burning bridge to save his best friend. If that's not true friendship or heroism, I don't know what is?

      The controls are very much the same as they were in Justice For All. You can use the DS mic to shout objection or hold it if you're up for it, although I prefer to let the characters say that. You can use the stylus and touch screen for investigations and presenting evidence and also the buttons to progress through the text.

      Playing the Ace Attorney games is very much like reading a graphic novel. It's very interactive and the people are looking right into your eyes so it feels very interactive. Trials & Tribulations is no different. I think it's the best game of the Ace Attorney series because it has all my favourite characters from the series in it and they are all well developed and fleshed out into a vibrant cast I care about.

      One thing that always amuses me with this game are the punny names. Luke Atmey and Ron De Lite for example. At first I didn't even notice it at first until I tried to pronounce the names. Another character that I found very amusing was Jean Armstrong. He's a witness for case three. Loads of people hate the man because he's french, feminine, wears pink, lies and flirts inappropriately with men. Another character that gets a lot of hate is Sister Iris. I personally like both characters and think they would be pretty sweet together. I think the reason why so many people dislike Iris is because they don't like the way she behaved after everything she put Phoenix through. I can't go through it in detail without spoiling it though.

      The music and sound effects on this game is divine. They were always great in the previous games but I never really took as much attention to them compared to this game. Some of the character's themes blew me away because they're beautifully crafted and are full of character. The character's themes suit the character perfectly. The Dark Fragrance Of Coffee and Distant Traces Of Beauty are the two best tracks for me because they've got some real great soul.

      I noticed that the graphics also seem a lot more vibrant. Compared to the previous games the colours on the sprites look a bit stale but on this game it seems a lot more brighter. The backgrounds have more detail and the atmosphere's improved.

      So overall it's a great game that takes full advantage of everything the DS has to offer. I think if you ever buy an Ace Attorney game, that you should get this one. For me this game is essential and I think that it's such an inspiring game. The game has made me laugh, cry and smile. I used to hate coffee and would never touch it, but now I drink it and I no longer add milk to my tea. It's little things like that, but it shows how much this game has inspired me.


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        29.05.2010 17:30
        Very helpful



        Buy it! Buy it!

        Oh the joys of a birthday, namely starting obsessions with one of the best games I've played.

        ~~The Game~~

        Now, the initial reaction I get when I tell people that the game is essentially you playing a lawyer is: That's boring! But, it's not until you play the game you realise how amazing it is!

        This is the 3rd instalment of the phoenix Wright Ace attorney series, and the first one I've had the pleasure of playing. You mostly star as phoenix Wright defence attorney, as you take on his cases, in this volume, you also get two chances to play as his mentor from previous game Mia Fey, while she is a rookie lawyer. I found the game play easy to pick up, despite being the first I've used it, so it is perfectly suitable to newbies to the ace attorney game, however, it does have the odd spoiler to the previous games. In all, you get 5 cases, which are often split into investigations and trials. It took me about 24 days to complete, and often has me staying up till ridiculous hours puzzling over it, so you'll get plenty of game play.

        ~~ Investigation~~

        After a short introduction the case, or chapter, you have the chance to investigate and look for evidence you can use in the court. You move from different locations and talk with some great characters! (More on that later) Sometimes you may have to undo someone's "Psyche Locks", these will appear when someone has a secret in their heart, and you need evidence to unlock them. You also have to examine the areas for clues that could be added to the court record; an essential whilst in court, it contains all your evidence and profiles that you need.


        During a trial, you must face off against the prosecutor, (In this game, the main prosecutor is the amazing Godot) to prove your clients innocence, the main thing you will be doing is cross-examination. When a witness gives testimony, you must press the statements and try and find evidence to find contradictions.

        More often than not, the plots will take unexpected twists, and will leave you on the edge of your seat. It is hard not to get addicted, particularly in the final case, where nothing is, as it seems!

        ~~ Characters~~

        Phoenix Wright: The main character, a lovable defence attorney you play as.
        Maya Fey: Wright's assistant, often helps you if you get stuck in court, Mia's sister. She is a spirit medium
        Mia Fey: Wright's mentor, the game gives you more opportunity to play as her.
        Pearl Fey: "A channelling prodigy" Maya's cousin
        Dick Gumshoe: Local detective, very clumsy, hardly helpful.
        Larry Butz: One of my favourite characters! Wright's childhood friend and a general nuisance.
        Godot: The mysterious prosecutor, wearing a mask and bearing coffee, he makes a great impact.
        Franziska Von Karma: Another prosecutor, seen in previous games, has a fondness for whips.
        Miles Edgeworth: Prosecutor and old friend to Wright, helpful in the game.

        I have to give Jean Armstrong a special mention, despite only appearing for one case, let's just say, he lights up the screen.

        The graphics are in cartoon style, and pretty good, though when the court "zooms out", it is a bit grainy.

        ~~ Price and Availability~~

        Amazon currently sells the game for £13.66, other places, such as game play and play.com, sells it for £24.99.


        Sadly, I am unable to buy the previous instalments for new, but there are two other games in the series out, though they don't star Phoenix. But there is news about another game release starring him. So for now, I shall have to find some other way to satisfy the craving for Ace attorney game Trials&Tribualtions has given me.


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