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Pictoimage (DS)

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Sega / Genre: Family & Entertainment / Release Date: 2008

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    3 Reviews
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      20.10.2010 12:42
      Very helpful



      They're charging a lot of money for a game that can be gotten for free elsewhere, dont fall for this

      Well i bought this game together with mysims for £15 each (2 for £30 in Argos).

      Mysims was possibly worth it, this however, i must say, was not.

      It feels like a game that deserves to be put on the DSiware store, more like an independantly developed game that someone slapped together in a few months.

      The basic's of the game are this: An image is shown on the top screen, and you must write in at the bottom screen what you think the image is of. It can be hard to work out what it is, for instance one of them is just 8 lines drawn vertically on the screen, which could be anything. There are a couple of hundred of these if not more if i remember correctly. (i no longer own the game)

      The mode can be quite fun, it'll be hard to finish them all without a little help from your friends, but you'll manage it eventually. Unfortunately this is the only decent single player mode.

      Multiplayer mode happens as you would expect it too, one player is shown what he must draw, he draws it, then the other player must guess what he's drawn. Unfortunately even if you guess what the other player has drawn with 5 seconds left to go, you still probably won't get it as you won't be able to draw the word in fast enough with your stylus, coupled with the games problem at detecting what your writing. I have trouble with most DS games where it thinks my 'e' is an 'o' but PictoImage is worse than this. The game can be played wirelessly, but i believe it may have a same console mode of play, it also supports download play.

      Really all you would buy this game for, is a couple of hundred puzzles on the single player side of things, and to be honest, you can just do this on a PC, there are a lot of web browser flash games that are the same thing as this, and they are free.

      I wouldn't even say this game is worth a fiver, go online and play a free version over the internet with your friends.


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      23.02.2009 17:44
      Very helpful



      Give me a good ol' board game any day!

      I love the Pictionary concept - the board game was always a great laugh with my family at Christmas time, and on a sporadic basis I do love to have fun on iSketch. The unimaginatively named 'PictoImage' promises to bring this experience to the DS.

      Basically, in single player mode, the game 'challenges' you with a series of drawings ranging from semi-artful creations to scribble-a-thons, and you have to write what they are. Instantly you are thrown into fits of frustration by the terribly implemented handwriting feature.

      The handwriting detection here is worse than ANY I've seen on the DS, and this is something that has been done a lot of times before - that's just sub par. I try and tell my console that I think the image on the screen is a motorbike, and it tells me that I'm wrong - it's not a noforhike. Bloody great.

      Aesthetically, PictoImage is nothing special. It doesn't look particularly slick and in general looks uninviting and naff, like a bad GCSE I.T. project. Hmm okay maybe I'm being a bit harsh.

      There is a multiplayer mode, for up to 8 people. That is, if you can find enough people to play with you. I haven't had a chance to try this yet, and to be honest I don't really get the point. Drawing on the DS is much harder than drawing on a piece of paper.

      In fact, from the outset, I just don't feel as though PictoImage really gets the point of these games. The fun of Pictionary is being around a table with family and friends, getting awfully competitive and having a right old laugh at the same time. iSketch, another winning game, is great because of the sheer chaos of online play, with games consistently packed with multiple people.

      There ARE advantages here. For a start, this is a truly budget title, and you should be able to pick it up for less than a tenner. Also, there are a surprising number of multiplayer modes that can be played, giving the game replayability if you do find enough people to have a game with!

      In my opinion however, PictoImage doesn't pull off what it's trying to do, and the result is a bland effort at using the DS touch screen to buy in to an experience that the game just can't recreate.


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      22.01.2009 12:30
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Good value for money game for kids and adults

      Strolling through Tescos back in November, I decided to take a look down the entertainment aisle. After putting back the DVDs I'd realised I already had (idiot), I made my way down to the games section.

      Browsing the titles, I looked at the Nintendo DS games, muttering about how expensive the games were considering they're only little cartridges, when I stumbled upon Pictoimage.

      A Little Background Information
      The game was released by Sega in August 2008, exclusively on Nintendo DS. It fits in the puzzle genre, and can be played by 1-8 players on wireless ds single-card download play, and on wireless ds multi-card play.

      The Entertainment Software Rating Board gave the game an E, due to Alcohol Reference and Comic Mischief. The Pan European Game Information or PEGI age rating is 3+, though as the game is fairly customisable, you are really able to alter the rating according to what you do to the game!

      Official game website - http://www.sega.co.uk/games/?g=281

      The Game Basis
      Pictoimage is built on a library of 300 image drawn by people of all ages, depicting a range of items, animals and emotions. It is then the aim of the single player to identify these items and guess them. The tag line for the game is 'sketch and guess on your DS!'

      As far as I can remember, the ages of the people drawing the pictures ranges from 3 to around 70. As a result, the difficulty of guessing the pictures also ranges. I found that images drawn by very young children were almost impossible to identify, teenagers and middle-aged people were fantastic artists making it fairly easy, and the older adults returned to being poor artists!

      Single Player Mode
      You start the game by picking a letter to represent your player profile, then add your name. Click single player, then pictoimage, and you access the main game as described above. You score points for each correct guess - five for getting it right first time, and two for getting it after two or more times.

      Collecting points allows you to unlock other "characters" to use for your profile and colours to draw on the free-draw part of the game.

      There is also a 'How-To-Draw' section, which is like a drawing tutorial. You can learn to draw animals, objects, food and other objects. When you complete a drawing tutorial, it says "well done" next to the name of the thing you've just drawn.

      Then there is pictoimage for two, where you and a friend can take it in turns to draw and guess on one DS.

      A gallery is available for you to draw your own pictures, and save the ones you think are particularly good.

      Multi-Player Mode
      If you touch multi-player, then create a group, your friends can then join you via Nintendo DS download play. Press start when everyone has joined your group. You can then set rules for the game, such as:
      Words - changes the number of words/questions in the game
      Hints - if it is set to on, a hint (in the form of a letter) will be given after a certain amount of time
      Roulette - this allows you to change several factors such as 1-touch(when your pen leaves the screen you can't draw anymore), chance(not really sure what this does...), sponge (rubs away what you draw as you are drawing), blind (you can't see what you're drawing), spin (you draw at a different angle to what comes up on the screen) and no hints.

      There are then five multi-player games to play:
      Classic play - 2-8 players - just like the 'pictoimage for two' game i mentioned earlier, only obviously more of you can play it
      Team play - 4/6/8 players - same style only you are now in teams, and you can ban words to make it harder for the other team to guess. For example if it is a picture of a t-shirt, you can ban the word 'top' to make the other team lose points if that's what they guess it is.
      Picture race - 2 players - you take turns drawing and guessing to get the character Penzel from one side of the screen to the other within a certain time limit
      Grade play - 3-8 players - you are all given a rank, and the player with the lowest rank draws the image, it's then displayed to the other players in order of their rank. If the player of the highest rank cannot guess it, their rank drops to the lowest rank
      Picture pass - 3-8 players - this is pretty much like chinese whispers, only the subject is passed by a drawing. The person at the end has to guess the subject from the drawings within the given time limit.

      The only problem with the multi-player games is that if you want to play another type of game after you've completed your game, you have to switch the DS and create the group again - something me and my friends found VERY irritating!

      You will find the settings under the title of 'extras'. You can change:
      Player ID - You can change your player character and also change your nickname in this menu.
      My Words - you can add your own custom words (meaning rude ones can be put in hence me saying you can change the game rating!). You can add a total of 50 of your own words, and then when you play multi-player games you can change the words in the game to your custom words.
      Ranking - you can see where each player is in the ranks, and what records have been set.
      Delete data - This clears all your saved data, but you cannot recover any of it if you choose to do this.

      I bought this in store at Tescos for just over £12 - what a bargain! I think it is now available for £9.98, but that's either in Game or in HMV - I can't remember which so if you're interested go and have a look at both places!

      I think for the price, the game was well worth the gamble. I highly doubt I would spend the usual price of a DS game on it, but it has kept me occupied for quite a long time, and the multi-player mode makes for even more longevity.

      It is recommended to kids and grown-ups alike.

      (As written for Ciao.co.uk)


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    • Product Details

      Play on your own or with up to seven friends as you take it in turn to draw an image while competitors race against the clock to guess the word first. The random generated words can be anything from an apple, to a butler or even a giraffe. You don't need to be good at drawing, just use the stylus to help get the correct answer in the least amount of time.

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