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Playground (DS)

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Developer: Electronic Arts / Genre: Family & Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2008 12:13
      Very helpful



      Great, varied game for children

      Playground for the Nintendo DS is made by Electronic Arts and has a mixture of traditional games and new games.

      You can play either Single Mode, Quick Play or Multiplayer.

      Single Mode - In single mode, you play different games against the computer. You need to complete certain stages before you can move further on in the game, opening up other parks and the ability to play against other computer players.

      Quick Play - With quick play, you can play a certain game of your choice. However, you cannot use quick play until you have completed some games in single player mode.

      Multiplayer - With multiplayer you can play against another player next to you who has the same game or use Wi-Fi (wireless internet connection) and play other players throughout the world.


      When you complete games or do well, you will be awarded stickers and marbles from the player you were against. Once you have completed all the player's challenges, you will no longer receive marbles and will then be able to progress to the harder stage. You can trade your marbles for "special" stickers which will aid you in the specific game field you have selected.

      Dodge Ball - The classic dodge ball came is on Playground. You have two other players on your team and are against another 3 player's. In this game you use your stylus to throw your ball an the opposing team member's. The team win's when all of the opposing team member's players have been knocked out. After completing this game, there are other challenges to complete. You will find there are three different dodge ball player's around the playground, each with a number of challenge's for you to complete. You will be unable to play the other dodge ball player's until you have completed the easiest challenges first, progressing to the harder ones.

      Spit Ball - With Spit Ball, you need to target a specific player(s) and fire spit balls at them. To do this, you aim with your stylus at the specific person and blow in to the mic to blow your spit ball at them.

      Kick Ball - In Kick Ball, there are a number of challenges for you to complete in Easy, Medium and Harder stages. This is simply like playing penalties, where you have to score as many goals as you can or hold on to the ball for as long as you can.

      Basket Ball - With Basket Ball, it is similar to Kick Ball, where you have to score as many basket's as you can, against other player's.

      Bug Hunt - In bug hunt, you need to try and catch as many butterfly's as you can, avoiding the bee's! However, watch out for the red bee's!

      Trampoline - In trampoline, you compete against another player. You need to collect as many balloon's as you can, avoiding the bird's flying past. Also, watch out for the opposing player landing on your head!

      Skate Park - When playing Skate Park, you need to draw certain shapes as shown in the top screen. These shapes will make your player do certain tricks, winning more marbles for yourself.

      Hop Scotch - When playing Hop Scotch, you need to have your volume up and watch closely to the top screen. You need to copy the sequence, matching the beat at the same time.

      I think this game is aimed at younger children, around 8 - 12. The game is recommended for children above 3 but I do think some of the games would be slightly too difficult for three years old. The game is varied, so you won't be bored too quickly and because the games get more difficult, you have more of a challenge.

      The game is widely available in stores such as Virgin, HMV, Game, Game Station and Asda and costs between £20.00 - £25.00. I have noticed that amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) have games for sale a lot cheaper than in the shops.


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