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Rafa Nadal Tennis (DS)

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Nintendo / Genre: Sports / PEGI Age Rating: Age 3+ / Max. Number Of Players: 4 / Release Date: 2006

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    2 Reviews
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      30.06.2009 12:26
      Very helpful



      What a fun game for ds

      Rafa Nadal Tennis for ds uses all the nintendo ds features to the max and creates a capitaviting tennis game.

      Where I bought the game from and how much.

      I bought Rafa Nadal tennis from gamestation about 4 months ago. I bought it for £9.99 which is a bargain. Especially by the fact that itsa brand new game and not preowned. After I bit of research I also found out that amazon also sell this for around the same price.

      First impressions.

      When I first loaded the game I came on a very user friendly menu screen. On the menu screen there are icons such as quick match, career mode and tennis school which you touch with stylus to load up the certain aspect of the game.

      Before I started actually playing the game I went to the tennis school. Tennis school is where you learn how to perform the different shots in tennis and how to control them and also learn how to move your player. Going to tennis school first definitely made it easier for me to play the game when I started in career mode. To play tennis you use the stylus to move your tennis player. To do this you touch on the screnn where you want him or her to go and the player moves there. To hit the tennis ball and the shot you and where you hit all the depends on how you move your stlyus. If you wanna take a shot where the ball goes to far right of the court then you slide your stlus in a long line from left to right. Do the opposite if you want the ball to the far left of the court. Of course you learn all this in tennis school mode. Sounds quite difficult but you soon get the hang of it and it becomes very fun pulling off some cool shots.

      Career mode.

      This is where you play as Rafa Nadal and you play the tennis season. You go from country to country playing different tournament earning money and points to make your ranking higher. This is very fun as the tournaments vary in difficult level, some more then others and playing them is both challenging and fun. Aim of this part of the game is to become the best in the world.

      When you earn money from winning a tournament you can go to the shop and buy better equipment such as clothing or a new racket.


      You can play with up to 4 people on only one game pack. This is really cool to do playing against your mates and if you have the game you should as it is fun beating your friends.


      I was really surprised by this game, for under ten pund I was expecting a mediocre game but its not its really good. I am very happy with it. Really fun to play.

      My ratings

      8 out of 10
      7 out of 10
      8 out of 10
      8 out of 10

      8 out of 10


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      06.05.2009 19:04



      One of the best tennis games for the DS

      Rafa Nadal Tennis made a weird impression. Due to the name, i always thought it'd be one of those second to virtua tennis or top spin, but i was surprised. This game surpasses them both on the DS.

      The gameplay is simple. You are an aspiring tennis player, and you have to enter championships, get prize money, gain fame, buy better stats, clothes and so on, hoping one day to be #1.

      The game is easy to control and maximises the use of the stylus allowing you to play both with buttons and with stylus. Usually with different flicks, flick length, direction and speed will determine where you hit and how fast. A little practise is all you need to get yourself to grips with it.

      You get a range of opponents with difficulty modes and can take a while to maximise your skills and get better and be the champion of the world.. which makes the gamplay long and well worth it. However, it can be abit repetitive when you are playing 5 sets will a really easy opponent.

      It is alot of fun, and very responsive and does what you want it to do (most of the time). It has a range of features including multiplayer, campaign, quick match and so on. You can unlock new clothes etc but that is rather useless..

      The opponents are all pretty low grade and unknown people and it would be better to have a range of people we did know, such as federer, henman, roddick and other players which would make this game top notch but neverthe less it is really good!

      You can get this for around £15 and undermwhich is a great bargain!


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