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Real Adventures: Pet Vet (DS)

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Manufacturer: Mindscape / Genre: Puzzle / Release Date: 2008

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    1 Review
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      19.08.2010 20:42
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      Perfect for budding vets and teaches you about real animal diseases.

      The title of this game pretty much sums it up in a nutshell, in this game you are a vet and it is your job to diagnose animals and treat them. There's a wide range of animals to care for, ordinary pets like dogs and cats and then more unusual ones such as iguanas and parrots.

      This game is alot more realistic than others I've tried in the past, there are 30 medical cases to resolve and there is also an interactive encyclopedia so that you can learn all about the different animals.

      At the beginning of the game you start off as an intern and throughout there is a vet technician to advise you on the cases. As you successfully treat more animals and progress through the game you will increase your skills and unlock new tools in the process. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from.

      I'd like to comment on the medical cases now, unlike some games they are actually very realistic and require the use of different tools, the cases are infact written by real vets. The graphics surprised me a great deal, they are fantastic and the animals are truly life like and highly detailed. As you diagnose the animal's illness you get to treat them accordingly, at times you are even required to operate like taking an abscess out. After the initial treatment it's your job to do the after care duties such as cleaning cages out, feeding and changing bandages.

      This game requires alot of reading so in my view isn't really suitable for 3+, you could always help out with the reading aspect though. Different cases are unlocked as you go along and you also go up through the ranks yourself, by the end of the game you are the leading veterinarian in the clinic.

      Three rooms are represented in the clinic. The waiting room is where you will obviously see the people waiting to be seen. This room also has a trophy case and other objects like the computer that you can interact with. Then there's the treatment room where you will see to the animal, make your diagnosis and then treat it. The recovery room is where the animal will be housed afterwards, it's here that you can apply medications, bathe the animal etc.

      All in all this game is very interesting in the beginning, I was hooked but unfortunately it ended much to quickly for me and I grew tired of starting again to treat the same cases. This game is perfect for budding vets as it is actually informative and teaches you about real animal diseases. I would say to definately try it, especially if you're an animal lover like me.


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    • Product Details

      Pet Pals will allow players to treat animals as if they were a veterinarian at an animal clinic. There will be several dog models, 2 or 3 breeds of cats, plus other animals, such as an iguana, parrot and rabbit. The number of cases per animal varies, but there will be at least 15 different animal models and about 30 different cases total

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