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Rune Factory 2 (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Role-playing / To Be Announced / Release Date: 2010-10-08 / Published by Rising Star Games

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    2 Reviews
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      31.08.2011 15:31
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      A great game and an imporvement from its predecessor

      This game is part of the Harvest Moon series, however Being Rune Factory it has slightly different approach. You start the game a boy and get a house and a farm to run. You can perform various actions like planting and gathering crops, fishing, mining and wood chopping. You can also explore the village and make friends with other villagers. In the village there is a message board from which you can accept quests from other characters which is different from the first game in the series.
      Besides farming you can also explore the areas outside the village where you can fight monsters and plant seasonal crops. The game has 4 seasons, with different crops to plant during each one. The monsters can also be tames and used to help around on the farm.
      Another aspect of this game which makes it different from its predecessor is that you cannot fully experience the game as an adult, you first have to marry and have a child of your own. You can then choose to be a boy or a girl and explore the rest of the game. There are many interesting crafting skills to master and this game can be enjoyed for a very long time (My current save file has more than 50 hours of game play and it is not yet finished).


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        02.05.2011 16:14



        Perfect Simulation game that won't make you get bored easily

        Rune Factory 2 is a sequel from the first game Rune Factory .
        Same like in the first Rune Factory, we still need to work in the field of a village and socialize with all the villagers, make friends with them, become close with them , and also have a love-relationship with them and also marry with one of them and make a new family. But in this version we're not really only work in field, but we have to defeat monster in the "outside world" .

        When we play this game, we will be a boy who lost in a village and lost all of his memories, just call him Kyle, he meets a girl call Mana, who offer him to stay in a house and work in a field that has been abandoned. And at last Kyle accept the offer so he stays in that house and run the field and also become a new villager.

        When I played this game i didn't feel bored at all, because of the gameplay is so interesting.
        When we are in the village, we will be a farmer that kind and diligent. But, when we're outside the village we will be a adventurer that strong and brave, cause we have to defeat monsters to gain exp. We can also make the monster become our pets. Every monster have their advantage, some of them will provide something like apple, milk, egg, wool, etc . Or maybe we can ride them to go faster when going to some place.

        The control itself easy to understand, after couple minutes of playing it i bet you will understand it.
        There isn't any change when we play as farmer or adventurer, so we will memorize it easily.
        We can use L button to do some action in turn based, without doing it manually, so it will make our job in field easier.

        The story in this Rune Factory 2 is kinda different with the previous one, the story will be continue with the child, when he/she begins a new live and new story without his/her father (Kyle) . This is the second generation system which is the best feature in this game. And also there is a Quest system that makes this game more interesting, when we become closer with the other villager, we can receive more Quest , so we really need to be close with all of the villager. And also, we can farming outside of our field, but of course this is has a pretty high risk, cause there are so many monsters that cover the area. If you like fishing , you can find so many kind of fishes, which is different in every place and also in different time.

        Summary : this game is different with the other Simulation game (like Harvest moon) , in Harvest Moon game we get pretty bored easily, because we have to do everyday routine. You won't find it in Rune Factory 2, because there are so many feature that different with Harvest moon. And also the best feature that Rune Factory 2 has second generation system , i bet you won't get bored to play this game. Because when you finished your first generation story (Kyle), you will have to continue your journey with Kyle's child and see the "outside world".

        I recommend this game for all Simulation game lover. Like Harvest Moon one, or the previous Rune Factory.


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