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Sonic Chronicles (DS)

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Manufacturer: Sega / Genre: Role-Playing / ESRB Rating: E - (Everyone) / PEGI Age Rating: Age 7+ / Max. Number Of Players: 1 / Control Elements: Gamepad / Control Elements: Joystick / ESRB Descriptor: Mild Cartoon Violence / Release Date: September, 2008

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2010 18:27
      Very helpful



      Great Challenging Game from Sonic.

      Sonic Chronicles - The Dark Brotherhood on the Nintendo DS is a clash of old and new sonic games - where you get to explore the traditional lands like Green Hill Zone but in a 3D, touch screen environment and also completely new worlds.

      The Basic story is a mysterious enemy is causing havoc on Angel Island, Knuckles has been kidnapped and the Chaos Emeralds - which hold great power have been taken, only one remains.

      In this game you eventually have 12 characters to choose from to make up your team or teams of 4. These include Sonic, Knuckles, Tails and Shadow.
      Each Character has it's own set of skills and you must make a team with the best set of skills, not only for exploring a new land but for battling the enemies within it.
      Characters level up with experience, you can level up basic skills and also special skills which use PP to make them more powerful.

      Additionally on each zone, there are a eggs to collect which contain Chao, each of these has a different effect when bonded with a Character. These can be traded over Wi-Fi and local Wireless play should you be unable to get all the types available whilst playing through the game.

      The story element of the game is quite good and explains the circumstances and how they came to be well. The characters are quite well developed and you get a feel for their personality and attitude through the dialogue.

      A shop is available on most levels to buy things you may find helpful, however there are only so many rings to collect on each level so you need to be careful with what you buy - rather than buying a lot - battle with easier foes to gain items.

      Items include things to revive life, wearables to increase stats and potions of different effect in battle.

      In each land there is usually at least one puzzle to put your brain to work on - these are unavoidable as they are vital to you progressing through the game, but in addition you will gain either rings or an item or two.

      Overall I find this an enjoyable game, battles are sometimes gruelling and repetitive but they provide good rewards and are challenging. Battles are turn based but you do have to defend against incoming special attacks from the enemy. Likewise you have to take control of your own special attacks in order for them to hit their target and do some damage.

      The puzzle element is great for some brain workout, it is somewhat like Zelda but on a much smaller scale. Personally I like this and although it may not be what everyone expects from a Sonic game, it isn't frequent enough to be off putting for anyone who isn't fond of this sort of game play.

      I would recommend this game to both Sonic fans and non fans, it's a great game that's challenging but not overly difficult for a child to play either.


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