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Sonic Classic Collection (DS)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Arcade & Platform / Video Game for Nintendo DS / Universal, suitable for all / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-03-12 / Published by Sega

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    3 Reviews
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      14.07.2010 16:30
      Very helpful



      A good game for memories

      After my Megadrive review it was evident many were fans of Sonic and the franchise, so here is a review of 4 Sonic games on 1 cartridge.
      Sonic classic collection was released on the 2nd March 2010 and features Sonic 1 to 3, Sonic and knuckles. What I should point at this point is that this collection really adds nothing special and new, its just the games, a few pictures and thats it.
      But if thats all your looking for then let us move on......

      For any Sonic fans, most will agree that the games featured on the catridge are the best of the Sonic series.
      But those who are new to Sonic may want to know that the games revolve around you controlling a very speedy hedghog and flying through levels, filled with gold rings to collect and obstacles to avoid. I'll give a short rundown of the 4 games below, it is primarily a 2D side scrolling platform game.

      Sonic the hedgehog is the origional title, released in 1991 and featured stunning 16 bit graphics, which are ported over directly to the DS from the Genesis with very little loss.
      The game involves you speeding through six areas each with 3 acts, In Sonic 1 you are trying to stop the main antagonist of the game Dr Robotnik from getting the six chaos emeralds and bringing destruction to the world, with every end level of the act seeing you try and beat the DR in his rather funny Eggmobile.
      Sonics main ability is running, but he can also jump and roll which comes in handy when your faced with a plethora of loops and ramps throughout the levels.
      The story never holds up much for me in Sonic, it's more about the speed and action which entices me. This doesn't mean it wont keep you intrested as the game will definatley have you on the edge of the seat.
      Graphically the game used very vivid colours to attract attention to it, but everything is easy to see even at pace. The world is full of green grass and palmtrees, with a cool sea background which really suited the game.
      Control wise it is extremely simple to pick up and play , being one of the reasons it is so popular, it mainly comes down to your ability to react to whats on screen more than anything else.

      Sonic the hedghog 2 is the sequel and came 1 year after the origional title.
      Much of the previous information widely applies here too , but the game did bring a few new peices.
      Firstly we met Tails, Tails is a fox and mechanic with 2 tails. He is Sonic's sidekick and able to use his 2 tails to hover in the air like a helicopter for a few seconds.
      Secondly the story is slightly different, in this title Sonic and Tails must stop Dr Robotnik from stealing the Emeralds which would power his new weapon, the death egg. Not only this but Sonic's freinds are captured and so it's his and tails job to save them.
      The game levels were upped to 11 zones bringing new areas to both explore and defeat, this both increased the longevity and made it a little more intresting.
      Sonic also has a new move named "spin dash", this made him spin at high speed before moving off in a certain direction at even faster speeds.
      There was the option to play as either Sonic or Tails, this added a bit more variety and difficulty as Tails wasn't as strong as Sonic.
      But the biggest addition in this title has to be the entrance of Super Sonic, by collecting all the Emeralds Sonic would turn a yellow colour. Following this he would become enhanced in every way as well as being invincible, however this increase made jumps incredibly difficult so you had to be very skilled in timing the movement.

      Sonic 3 was released in 1994, carrying on the story from Sonic 2.
      After defeating Dr Robotnik, Sonic lands on a strange floating island. Unfortunatley it's not "The Island" which would of been much more intresting. But anyway, crashing on this island we meet a new character called Knuckles and a new drama to evade.
      Knuckles is a strange character as he is both a good and bad guy in the series, whilst very similar to Sonic in all aspects he can also glide and climb walls. He was also red which to me meant he was way cooler than the other characters.
      Sonic must retrieve the Chaos Emeralds and stop Dr Robotnik from using his new weapon the Death Egg. Now Sega , using the storyling once is fine, using it twice is a bit annoying but OK, but a third time used and I think you need to hire some new writers.
      The game let you play as Sonic or Tails, but also allowed the one not controlled to be AI and follow behind doing not very much.
      The levels were worked on heavily, not only did they feel darker with more atmosphere but they were also 3 times the size of previous games, this meant the levels could improve the platforming elements and make the game more difficult. Although these were cut back to 6 zones due to their size, but they were connected more than older games through the use of cut scenes.

      And so the final game of the collection , Sonic and Knuckles, which was released late 1994 and followed on from events in Sonic 3.
      This game has 2 different story's first Sonics then Knuckles , this was a nice change and meant you could experience something different in the Sonic world.
      However , guess the storyline for a fresh baked cookie. After landing on an island Sonic see's that the place is rife with Emeralds and sets off to stop Dr Robotnik from relaunching his Death egg. Yaaaawwnnn. To be honest I was brutally disappointed by the fact that Knuckles story isn't so much a story as an alternate ending.
      There are new levels , although these feel pretty similar to the old games just with a new design. On top of this there is no real push to improve the graphics which considering it's been 4 games I am surprised their is no difference.
      Tails is no longer a playable character in the game which was also a bit dissapointing as I quite like him.
      This was by far the weakest title and feels a little un-needed.

      So in total, the game really is for those looking for a bit of nostalgia. As a collection it offers nothing exciting or better to newcomers and only supplies around 15 hours gametime to fully complete.
      Whilst it was fun , it would have been nice for it to be released as a worked on version with better graphics and improved sound.
      The collection is available on Amazon for £30 which seems a little extortinate considering the qaulity.


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      16.05.2010 11:52
      Very helpful



      Read Before Buying. It Just Ain't That Great

      As a child in the 90's I grew up with Sonic 2 being the best game of all time in my little world. The others were also amazing. So why is it that I feel this collection of classic games is a waste of my cash? The games themselves are great but on the DS in this format and for that price?

      It's a very much a no frills experience when it comes to this game. You are presented with a menu with some nice artwork of the characters and a game select screen. Nothing special at all.

      The games themselves are emulations of their genesis/megadrive origins. Nothing more but much less. The original games were full screens so the reduction of screen size is less than welcome. On sonic 2 you could play with 2 controllers but there is no download play function or even wifi play to be seen here. It could have been implemented but wasn't.

      So you are in fact getting much less than the original games offered and when you're paying for old games you expect something new or something for old fans to enjoy. Some rare videos like those found on Sonic Jam or some new gameplay features like the ability to save in game (earlier games like sonic 1 and 2 as sonic 3 includes this ability). Third party emulators offer this why not the official game?

      A quick look on amazon reveals you can buy a megadrive console with 15 built in games for around 25 quid. 4 old games on a smaller screen for 20 pounds seems like a slightly bad deal now right?

      Utterly Disappointed.


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        26.04.2010 22:07
        Very helpful



        Highly Recommended

        This is quite shocking that I'm yet again the first to write a review in a video game catagory! Clearly we need more youngsters to write for Dooyoo. Still, at least being a bit older means I remember these games from the first time around. This Sonic Classic Collection is, after all, just a compilation of old Master System and Mega Drive Sonic games.

        Included on the disc is Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Sonic and Knuckles. That's pretty great to four full length video games on one cartridge for under £20 I think. What's more, if like me you've only played some of the Sonic games before, then you'll appreciate getting to relive old memories and create some new ones too.

        Sonic 1 and 2 are the games I've previously played, and I think they've transposed really nicely onto the DS. The graphics look just as good as any other similar style DS game I've played, and that really surprised me considering these games are about twenty years old. The actions are all really smooth and the controls respond perfectly as well which also impressed me. You really don't need to read the instructions to play any of these games either - everything is easily worked out along the way.

        Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles are new games to me, and I have to say that I didn't really like playing Sonic 3. So much so that I haven't got past level one or two on it, and probably never will. I don't think it's a particularly exciting game, and it was obviously just trying to push the technology of the time with it's faster movements (which are too fast) and it's funkier graphics (which just look a bit forced and silly to me).

        These Sonic games are classics that generations old and new can enjoy. The games are easy enough for a youngster of about seven or eight to play, but challenging enough with all the little bonus rounds and points targets for older players to get something out of as well. The games are all in a platform format, and rely on the player staying in control and making decisions at speed first and foremost. Along the way there are bosses to beat, gems to collect and points to score. Simple but so effective - even after all these years.


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