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Space Invaders Extreme 2 (DS)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Arcade & Platform / Release Date: 2009-10-02 / Published by Square Enix

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    2 Reviews
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      23.07.2011 00:24
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      taking whats a not so great game and modernising and making fun, well done!!!!!!

      Space Invaders Extreme 2 - Nintendo DS
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      So im often referred to as a Retro gamer and a reviewer of retro games, even though ive not touched retro for a good few years.
      But one thing ive always found with other retro enthusiasts is their love for the really early classics, which unfortunately is a love I don't share, im not a fan of Pac man, frogger can just go and play in the traffic and possibly my most hated of retro games, space invaders, just couldn't see the fun in endlessly shooting the same bunch of aliens ad infinitum!!!
      So is that review over?
      You would think so, but if you look at the stars at the top you might realise my mind has been slightly altered, I blame my mum for those weird tasting mushrooms but that's another story involving a sheep a kettle and a block of stilton.

      Onwards we must march, aliens are again doing what they do best they be invading!!!!!
      Aaarrrgggghhhh lines of aliens coming down in a sorta left to right formation, how will we ever defend ourselves from this evil destructive menace?!?!?!?
      Should we send the army, or a frog over the road? How about we see if they are friendly first?
      Nah lets blast them outta the sky and let's ask one person to do it!!!!!!

      So that's it really the premise of space invaders extreme 2!!!
      If it was a movie it would have a deep growling American saying " One man, humanity willing him on, oh bugger that's way too many aliens for me too handle, let graham Norton take the voice over job!!"

      So onto the Game..............
      The first thing I have to warn you, is this IS space invaders!!
      But then I have top say, throw away any pre conceived ideas away, forget putting your pennies in machines, this IS space invaders, what it should have been all those years ago!!
      The basic principle stays the same, you have aliens on screen that need to be shot, and you're at the bottom of the screen defending gallifrey.

      You must shoot those slimy creatures before they mate with your chicken and create a pikachu!!
      So far so space invaders, well, firstly they don't all come in white! Yay no more racial space invaders, there are many colours for a reason which I will mention, but have some patience!!!

      Secondly they don't all come in lines, over the 30 odd years they have been invading they realised this was quite easy for our top guys to shoot down, so they now come down in various strategic ways, some can move straight down for instance, instantly killing you, until you regenerate into the twelfth you, played by Hugh Grant.
      So game play is basically the same you say?!?!?

      Well yes and a big no, and it's the no that takes this from rubbish old throwaway to modern classic.
      Firstly the aliens are all different colours because you have a combo system, kill a number of one colour and a number of another colour and you enter bonus rounds where the top screen comes alive with beasties, whilst bottom screen is still full of what you had left, so you are now fighting two screens of invaders for extra points and the love of your fellow geek!!!

      These bonus rounds vary depending on how many you string together how many of one colour you blast etc, that's something to learn through play, and will bring exciting fun battles.
      The other major change from classic invaders land is there are now boss fights, where your whole top screen is took up with some sort of monstrous alien creation ready to turn your land red to help it live, little does it know its gonna get a cold!!!! Don't tell it!!!!

      The graphi9c I hear you cry, well what can I say, its space invaders, with more than one colour on screen, to any modern day kid this will look less like a game and more like something that just got spat onto their modern phones screen, but for us old timers its fine, a mix of the 8 bit invaders with some funky colourful backgrounds!!
      Music isn't my cup of tea on games tend to ignore it, or not have it on in the first place but for the sake of this review (DESERVES AN EXCEPTIONAL JUST FOR THIS!!!!) I listened to the sounds!!!
      There is some kinda voiceover telling you to get ready etc, then a very weak electro dance techno kinda feel to the rest of it, then I turned it off so hope it didn't improve and I missed it!!!

      The game has various styles of play, multiplayer no ideas have no friends sorry!!!!
      Score and time attack are the two most used game styles, and both offer a good amount of time to master, going up through the difficulties which you really should with this game as it does change quite a lot!!!

      So to give my overall opinion, if you can find this game quite cheap, I would say definitely, especially if you are near or in your 30's this will change your impressions on one of the most classic icons of the video gaming world!!
      If your under that age id probably tell you to get something else this might not engross you as much as us oldies!!!!
      Though if your parents, older sibling get it then certainly give it a go!!!

      Anyway enough for tonight, party on Wayne, party on Garth
      Excellent, ive been Kyle Coare, you've all been beautiful except you!!! Good night!!!


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        13.02.2010 13:46
        Very helpful



        Average game!

        Space invaders extreme 2 is a logic type game which is on the Ds. I believe most of these logic type games only come out with the Nintendo Consoles, but of course sometimes they will come on other platforms. I decided to buy the game the other day and so I did, at only £10.56 I thought that was at the right price for a DS game.

        Firstly it has an arcade section with lots of different games to play at there. On the games the sound really is good and is repetitive at some points, but it sounds good so I don't mind. The graphics - talking about on the DS- is averagely good compared to other DS games. The levels are very challenging and if you lose the game sorts of makes you play the game again and again into you eventually win it.

        As you may of known this is the sequel game to Space invaders extreme, and was a massive success in the markets. But this years one just is so better than the first one, which is rare and usually in most games the first one is always better than the second. SIE2 generally has the same storyline to SIE, but just with different parts and characters and puzzles.

        There are online leaderboards, and head to head multiplayer games can be played both locally and via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. This provides some more incentive to keep playing, and there's a lot of fun to be had with the raucous seesaw gameplay in which you and a friend can send waves of invaders and large UFOs at one another as you get progressively better. Again, Taito made some small tweaks to the original's multiplayer mode but stayed away from major changes or additions. It remains fun and hectic, but it doesn't feel new.

        The game in addition to all said above is relatively short with only five stages, and so really could of done better with a little more than only five of them all.

        The game makes its mark and is very original compared to other games, and is recommended for all DS users.


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