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Street Football (DS)

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Manufacturer: Nintendo / Genre: Sports / PEGI Age Rating: Age 3+ / Max. Number Of Players: 1 / Release Date: May, 2008

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    1 Review
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      30.06.2009 13:49
      Very helpful



      Really good game and very good price

      Street football for nintendo ds follows the journey of a group of friends who try to become the first street football world champions. The group of friends include people called Tag, brains, eloise and twins called Tek and No. The team is called the rifflers. The main man of the team is Tag who is also the captain and probably the best footballer of the team. Brains is Tags best friend and the best tactician in the group. Eloise is the goalie of the teamand also a very fiesty girl. The twins are the attackers of the team.

      Main menu.

      On the main menu there are icons that include Adventure mode, Practice mode, Matches mode and options.

      Adveture mode is when you control Tag and you have to collect the other members to become a football team. Then you need to travel all over port marie. Port marie is where the team live with there families. While traveling around the port you talk to the other citizens and play aginst opposing teams. On the way you also learn different special techniques which help you in a game enviroment. Such as how to perform a power shot. There are also some very fun mini games where you use the ds's features to perform them such as trying to do alot of kepping uppies. To do this mini game you move the player from side to side on the screen by moving the stylus back and forth the way in which you want your player to go. To keep the ball up you have to bounce the ball on your players head. If you win the games against the other temas you are then entered into the Street Football World Cup. This is where the game gets interesting as the teams in the world cup are very challenging to beat and you will to use all the special techniques you learnt in the earlier stages of the game to overcome them. But at the same time it is very fun to do as it keeps you focused and into the game.

      Practice Mode

      This is where you repeat the various street football exercises such as techniques and mini games that you have unlocked in adventure mode. This mode is very useful as you can improve and perfect the techniques which will help you to become the best.


      Allows you to adjust the sensitivety of the microphone, choose a different language, see the crdits and even delete your game so as to start a new one. This is the one of the only bad parts of the game as it means that you can have only one persons game on it at any one time. You can't have two different peoples game on it.

      There is also a bonus menu, This is where you can view all the music and video clips you unlock throughout the game.


      The game is done in a type of sketchy cartoon like style. The characters of the game look like cartoon characters. The graphics in the game are done very well.


      The sound in the game is also good. Not the best, kind of samey after a while but okay none the less.


      I really enjoyed playing this game. At first easy but after a while became very difficult so I became more into and started to really enjoy it. I think I bought this from argos for about £7 at the time which now I think about was a bargain of a game.


      8.5 out 10


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