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Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2 (DS)

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2 Reviews
  • Lots of characters
  • Fun minigames
  • Some pointless minigames
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    2 Reviews
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      16.09.2014 06:43


      • Storyline
      • "Sweet music and sound effects"
      • "Lots of characters"
      • "Fun minigames"


      • "Some pointless minigames"

      Better than the original

      As much as I love the original Tamagotchi: Corner Shop game, this one is better! It has a bit of a storyline, not as much as the third game but still better than the first game. The ending has a cute and humorous cut scene but I will not say it because it's more fun to find out for yourself.

      This game keeps some of the shops from the previous, such as the florist and cake shop, but with slight differences. This game's shops seem to be more enjoyable than those of the original; I love the sushi making shop and the car wash shop! Sadly, I really don't enjoy the bowling shop... all you need to do it put the bowling pins on the lane. But it's always fun to watch the dialogue between the characters as you work in the shop.

      Like its predecessor, you can unlock clothes, furniture, and food for your Tamagotchi partner. You can then use the points you get from working in shops to buy them. You can dress up your Tamagotchi partner and customize his house's wallpaper, windows, carpet, and more. Feeding him and buying stuff for him will making him talk to you. Also, when you touch him, he will say things to you. At first he will get grumpy when you touch him, but as your bond grows, he will say really sweet things to you!

      Most of the shops are quite easy but there are time limits. You don't know when the time will be up, but the music will change and your Tamagotchi partnet will warn you when the time is almost out. Still, it's always easy to finish before the time ends.

      This is a relaxing and cute game, not cute challenging or adventurous but still addictive and enjoyable for those who loves cuteness.


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      22.07.2008 17:43
      Very helpful
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      Probably better for the under-8s.

      This game surprised me by being immensely charming and addictive, despite the gameplay's simplicity and repetition. I think the cute artwork, lovely little songs, and quirky game style manage to salvage the tedium of serving customers over and over in various Tamagotchi shops.

      You play a tamagotchi entrepreneur of sorts, who slowly collects businesses from cake shops, to florists, to carwashes and pharmacies! Each shop has a mini-game associated with it to serve customers- for example assembling a cake to the customer's specifications, or making a diagnosis and treatment of their Tamagotchi ailment.
      I'd say it was more fun for a younger audience, as the minigames aren't massively challenging.

      It didn't actually take all that long to complete the entire game, and unlock all levels of all the shops- I'd say just a few nights of obsessive playing! After that the appeal is limited... there isn't a lot of replay value, and although you d unlock the princess character, you can't save playing as her, which defies the point.


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    • Product Details

      In Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2, shop owners must keep their Tamagotchi partners happy by earning Gotchi points through performing mini-game tasks for the customers. Gotchi points can be used to clothe, feed, and care for your Tamagotchi partners. As more points are collected, new types of shops for players to open will become unlocked. Shops not seen in the original such as the Bowling Alley and Sushi Bar will be available, as well as upgrades to old favorites like the Concert Hall where players can sing along to the music with the DS' microphone.

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