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The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (DS)

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2 Reviews

Rating: E - (Everyone) / Published by: Vivendi Universal / Release date: 2007-11-02

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    2 Reviews
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      03.10.2009 17:49
      Very helpful



      Move on swiftly!

      I remember the first time I met Spyro.

      I was around 8 months pregnant, with backache, sickness, and ankles so swollen that the only footwear I could squeeze into were trainers.

      My partner at the time was very kind and decided to buy me a brand new PS1 (the little cute white ones). Knowing I was not very good on console games he went for one of the easiest options - Spyro the Dragon (not sure which one but I've played a lot of them since).

      On the PS1 and 2, Spyro was a simple game that was fun and cute and easy to play.

      On the DS, Spyro seems to have since grown up and become a bigger, tougher version of himself that is no longer easy and fun to play (he is still cute though!).

      My son enjoyed playing Spyro on the Ps2 so when we bought a DS this was one of the first games I bought him.

      Oh dear. The game is a LOT harder to play and a little complicated as well.

      There are four main sections of the game and the end of each section brings a dragon master to beat.

      You work your way through the levels, collecting 'gems' (they're nothing like the gems he used to collect) There are three types of gem: Red, for health; Purple, for fury; and Blue, for spirit.

      Health is obvious, you just gain a little extra health on the health bar.

      Fury is a strange one. You collect it until a bar on the screen fills up, you can then release it by clicking on colours that come up on the screen in the right order. You then go and fight the baddies with 'fury'.

      I am not impressed with this feature as even if you do click it in the right order it can suddenly stop, and when you go to fight with 'fury' nothing really happens. You just wander around with a purple haze around you.

      Spirit is a slightly better idea. You collect spirit gems then you can go into the options screen and use them to upgrade your breath powers.

      You start with fire breath and you can gradually gain; earth, ice and electricity as you work through the levels.

      You can then upgrade and increase the power of each breath.
      A good idea, but I can never notice any difference in the breath, it does not seem to get any better than it was before you spent all of your gems.

      Some of the dragons at the end of the levels are very hard to beat. I once had to go online just to find out what you had to do to defeat one! Not what you expect from a kids game.

      I didn't really like the game, it was an average game and it seemed a little flawed and not very well thought out. It is also not in-keeping with other Spyro games so you will probably buy it expecting one thing and get something completely different.

      Maybe a game for youngsters who grew up with Spyro and have now moved on to more challenging games? Not for me though, that's for sure.


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      09.09.2008 18:37
      Very helpful



      A better than average platformer for the DS

      Spyro it seems has been around for a long time, Enter The Dragonfly on the PS2 seem to be wholly based on platforming, this game is different though. The developers really nailed the formula with this game with a perfect balance between an interesting story, platforming, action, good level design and simple but fun puzzles. They even have voice acting from such stars as Elijah Wood!
      The levels are huge as well as being well designed, where you can jump, glide, breathe fire and attack enemies. As well as standard melee attacks though, you also get four magic breath attacks (fire, earth, lightning, ice) which definitely adds to the depth and variety of the game, even if it's just being able to kill baddies in different ways. One negative I must mention though is that the save points can be rather sporadic, you can't save when you want to and if you stop playing you'll have to start playing from whenever the game last saved, which can be a bit problematic. Overall this is quite a nice game, although there are better platformers out there for the DS.


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  • Product Details

    Skabb the Pirate and Gaul the Ape King. Explore your World - Eternal Night features an added degree of exploration and puzzle solving challenging Spyro to use his powers not just to blast through enemies, but also to uncover secrets and navigate through challenging environments.

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