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The Sims 3 (DS)

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4 Reviews

Genre: Simulation - Life / Video Game for Nintendo DS / Exempt / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2010-10-29 / Published by Electronic Arts

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    4 Reviews
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      18.11.2011 02:52



      A great follow on game.

      ==The Sims 3 DS==

      For those who are unfamilar with the game The Sims it's basically a virtual reality game in which you get to pick a person, design them to your liking and move them into a house with or without a family, get them to make friends and live a life.

      The Sims 3 opens up like many of the other Sims games and you are greeted with a bright green diamond shape, a symbol used throughout the game.
      Upon loading the game you get through to the start menu and are greeted with ' Welcome to Beacon Bay' in the top screen, the bottom touch screen has three boxes allowing three profiles on one console.
      If you so wish to do so you can take a tutorial here which will give you the basis of the game.

      Buttons X and B allow you to zoom in and out, Y and A allow you to rotate the screen left and right. The + shaped control pad is used to move the camera/or pan the camera up, down, left and right.

      I find it really easy and the controls are easy to get used to.

      The menu bar can b found at the bottom of the screen and pressing the little tab will bring up the different options in the menu.

      ===Making your Sim===

      This is like making an avatar or character to represent yourself, you can make them however you want with the options available, I think this is what makes The Sims such a popular game.
      Of course the basics of making your Sim must first be to choose male or female, a name, body shape, and skin tone.
      After this you can move onto the appearance of your Sim by choosing a face shape, hairstyle/hair colour etc, then it's down to clothing, theres a good few options of clothing to choose from. After this you then choose the personality for you Sim, it's this that will affect them and how they find their lives. You also have to choose a lifetime wish and there is a choice of four to choose from.
      When you are happy with your character it is then time to begin playing.

      ===Moving you Sim in!===

      After making your character it is time to move them in to the neighbourhood, The Sims 3 has a much bigger choice than the previous Sims games and you have a choice of many houses. As usual your Sim will start out with 20,000 Simeleons (Sim money). Use this to buy somewhere to live, you can choose furnished, unfurnished or just a plot to build on.
      Your Sim will thank you for having a nice, well furnished home and you will find they don't get so miserable as quickly!
      Having a good home will increase your Sims mood.

      Your Sim will have wishes and aspirations which you will need to fullfill. You will see these in the bottom of the screen and clicking on each item as it pops up will let you know what you Sim needs/wants.


      The basis of the Sims is great and it is a very enjoyable game that does move with the times, now there are so many more options in how to play the game it brings more to what was a brilliant game anyway.
      The fact that you can design everything in a way you want to makes it interesting and means you can pretty much play the game how you want to, you need to get your Sim to work, go to the toilet, eat etc but if you like virtual reality games then this is a game you will enjoy, the graphics and movements are so much more clearer than they were in previous games and it is so easy to pick up where you left off after each save.
      I really like this game and what it has to offer.


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      03.09.2011 21:54
      Very helpful



      Hated it.

      I was lucky enough to get to spend a few weeks on this! I am a huge fan of The Sims but have not been able to afford it for the PC ( which is my favourite version of it ) so when I found out my OH sister had it on her DS it didn't take long for me to get into it and create my own person.

      ******CREATING YOUR SIM******

      The first thing which happens with this is you are brought the main home page, where you get 3 slots in which you can create your own sim, you can pick any one of these and then after that you are taken to create your Sim.

      I haven't played the Sims now for a week so I probably will get the order a bit mixed up in which you create things but I hope that doesn't affect your decision.

      I was quite disappointed with the create a sim part of the game, you have very limited choice in making your sim, you get about 6 faces to choose from most of which are the same, its just face shape that varies really. After you have picked your face shape you go on to the next part in which you can drag and pull around the face and make your nose longer ect..to get a look you like, but I dont see the point in this as the sim always looks the same, and the boy is no different to the girl.

      You can then create your sims name into what ever you like, a first name and a second name and you get the keyboard on the screen and this is how you insert your name into the slotted place, quite easy and you get a choice of characters to put into your name if you fancy being a bit different.

      The next part is clothes, and again I was disappointed, the graphics are awful and look like a old game from the 90's, I know its only a DS but still the graphics really are awful and could be a lot better considering other games on the DS.

      You get a choice of about 15 tops, 15 bottoms, 10 shoes and no accessories! I am ashamed of you Sims!

      You get a choice in your skin colour, you can be black, white, tanned and even green/blue! You also get to choose your hairstyle, another awful part of it, most of the styles are paired with hats that look ridiculous on and the styles are pretty much the same, the colours are also very horrible to choose from and if you have blue hair you get blue eyebrows!

      After you have designed your sim you then get to choose your sims personality and career, you get to tick up to 4 choices I think mine were natural cook, coward, flirt and childish! and my career goal was to reach level 10 in the cookery business!

      You are now ready to start the Sims.

      *******BUYING YOUR HOME*******

      I think you get 20,000 to start of with and you get a wide choice of houses to choose from which are spread around a big city! You use the control pad to move around and the pen to interact with things, I found that with the DS you can not really control the camera so well so it ends up getting quite frustrating and can also give you a headache.

      When buying a house you can get it part furnished, fully furnished or unfurnished, I think the unfurnished is around 10,000 and the part around 15,000 and the fully about 17,500 so be careful when spending your money as at the beginning of a job you dont earn that much.

      Once you have moved in you will find things to interact with ( or you can add things in if you got unfurnished ) and then have a little experiment around with the house just to help you get the hand of things, I found this easy enough to be honest. If you are struggling though do press start and it will take you to a menu which will give you some options, click on lessons and you will be given lessons on everything you need help with ( how to interact, invite people over, learn new skills ect.. )


      To find out your mood and skills ect they will be displayed on the top screen of your DS, to browse through different sections use the two back buttons on your DS, the ones on the left and right.

      ******EXPLORING TOWN*****

      When you feel ready you can go and explore the town! To do so you click on the little tab at the bottom and it opens up a little menu on your screen, click on the icon which has a little city on it and wait a second and you will be taken to town, you can use the map view which is better and view everything from above, the buildings will have little icons on top which will give you an idea of what it is ( e.g the gym has a weight, the library has a book, restaurants have a baking hat .. )

      With the sims 3 I was looking forward to being able to go into new places, see what its like to watch your sim have a meal or see your sim getting their nails done at the local spa ect but I was disappointed to see that when you do put your sims forward to do these things you get the lovely view from outside! Very disappointing, it would of been fun and a great feature if you were able to be inside with your sim! but nope, just a building is all you can see while a timer in your action que tells you how far along you are.

      You do get to go into certain places though, your friends houses you can visit but to be able to do things you have to be very friendly with them ( you can not bath or shower, watch TV if your not that friendly with them! ) you also get full acsess to your local gym, dance club and library and museum 24 hours a day, I thought the layout of these places though was awful and didn't look like the creators had put much effort in it, still it was nice to be in somewhere and be able to use the gym ect..


      To get a job you can just click on the place you would like to work and see if there is a job there or just look on a computer ( buy one, library, gym.. ) and you can easily get a job on there.

      I got a job working as a police officer as it was the most money! You get told what skills you need if you look through your work menu, you get to set the tone for work, mine was always work hard but you can also set it to relax, work on case, chat with co-worker ect.. it totally depends on how you want your sims mood to be or how you want them to progress at work
      You also get a little progress bar and once it fills up your promoted and on more money, it only took 3 days for me to get to the top of the career and then I was on over 1,000 a day! you really do need the money as the prices for things are ridiculous, 50 pound for scrambled eggs!

      ******** OPPORTUNITIES*********

      In this sims you get offered opportunities, this can be simple things like read a book, or harder things like make friends with 15 people which can be hard as you always have a limited amount of time to do so, but the rewards can be good, the most I ever earned was 1000, you also get skills for doing this.


      Making friends is easy, if you wonder around town ( I have to be honest on this Sims I tried to avoid this as much as possible, it gave me a headache because of the camera angles and it was just hard to navigate around. ) you will bump into people and then can interact with them, you first have to greet them and as you get to know them you can unlock more things, a lot more than on other sims, you can:

      talk about the weather
      get to know
      ask about work
      funny joke
      tell inside joke

      and lots more, I mean lots more!

      as well as chatting the more you get to know some one you unlock certain things about them, say if they like cooking it will tell you and then you can cook for them or share recipes to help improve your relationship with them.

      Another good thing is when your speaking to them on the top screen of the DS it tells you how they are finding you, like it tells you if they think your funny or boring, cruel or nice ect..

      You can friends with as many people as you like, you can have a best friend, you can go to the cinema with your friend ( although a boring view from outside ) ask people out on dates, kiss and marry people, but when you marry some one you move in together and you have to look after them too ( I do not like this part, they should look after themselves, they do for a while but then they let themselves go.


      You get a simphone to keep up to date with things, how its going at work, how your friends are finding you and how your relationship is holding up, a quick way to find out where some one is and to invite people over or out, its a nice feature to the sims.

      **********CREATING A HOME*********

      My favourite part of the sims is creating my house, once I had enough money I knocked it all down and started building it all again! It was probably the most enjoyable experience for me with this whole game, although once again the camera was a bit awkward and also the choice of furniture and wall patterns and plus the price of things was ridiculous, the patterns you get to choose from are awful and so old fashioned, not modern at all, I mostly had to stick to plain colours because everything was vile! I only found one patterned wallpaper I liked, most were similar to stuff in the Sims 1.
      You also get a stupid fire code in this which annoyed the hell out of me as its the worst thing to have.


      To get skills is easy, there is various things around your home and around the city to learn skills, you can take cooking classes, go fishing, read books on certain skills, work out for fitness skills, if you wander around you will see this.

      *******KARMA POWERS********

      You also get karma powers in this but I have no idea what they are as I didn't use them, sorry!

      ********MY THOUGHTS********

      Over all, it was quite a bad game and I am surprised I was so hooked! The headaches I got because of the quality and angles were awful but I couldn't put it down, I think its just because I wanted to play on the sims so bad! I want the Sims 3 on the PC but I hope its not this bad, I will be so disappointed.

      I guess though if your not bothered about graphics and stuff this games fine, especially if your a kid ( well, it may be a bit hard to figure out..)

      Hope I helped in some way.


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      15.01.2011 18:53



      A good addition to the SIMS family

      A great addition to the SIMS family of games. Spend your time living in Beacon Bay where you can build a life which will probably be far better than your current one! You can choose your own life and career and your neighbours (if only you could in real life!). The game comes with a full instruction booklet detailing how to start your new 'DS' life and shows you how to build your SIMS person. Once set up the game is really easy to work but you need to look after your SIM which can make the game quite addictive. It is a PEGI 7 (anyone 7 or over can play) but really I would only recommend it to anyone teenage or over. Younger players will probably get confused with the adult lifestyle of the SIMS. Overall it is a good game and one which I have spent many hours playing.


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      30.10.2010 18:11
      Very helpful



      Good for new players

      I was most excited when I heard that this was going to be released onto the DS. I currently play the PC version, but due to lag and the inability to play it at high settings, it isn't the most enjoyable experience. Having it on the DS would mean I could play it anytime and hopefully without much lag but still retain most of the PC features as advertised.

      So upon getting the game, you choose one of three save slots and start designing your Sim. The customisation isn't as vast as you'd thought having seen the trailer and the controls also weren't as easy. Using the stylus and selecting the facial features- I found it difficult to select a part other than the brow/eye area... but managed to make a decent looking Sim within a quarter of an hour. You will also need to dress it and choose some traits (neat, artistic, slob etc) before choosing a lifetime goal. So what next?

      As with any Sims game, you will need to find a place for your Sim to live, furnished or unfurnished. For easy game play, I selected a cheap furnished household which only cost about 12,000 simoleons (they start off with 20,000).

      After looking around the house, I decided to make my Sim go out onto the town, which requires you to leave your lot (load screen) and reach the town where you can roam about. The navigation of the town screen was far easier with the buttons than with the stylus, but the combination of both will perhaps be the easiest. So going to the library, my Sim made friends with this blue faced girl and started flirting until my Sim needed to shower. So back to the house.

      The options that this game gives you is indeed quite similar to the PC version, in that there are pretty much limitless opportunities and the storyline is up to you to create and tell. You get the regular jobs, the aspirations, the skill building and the socials system (which I have to praise, is complex for the DS) matched with decent graphics and animations for the handheld. Of course having played the PC version, the pixelated images do grate but you get used to it.

      The "new" thing that this game brings, making this even more of an obvious "God" game is the Karma features. You can deliberately thwart your Sims actions by depleting their needs or even sending a rain of fire! These are mainly for comedic purposes but really they do make this game slightly more fun, as you can't do that on the PC!

      The best thing about this game, perhaps the most exciting is that you can design, build and decorate your own homes. Whilst in previous Sims handheld games, you were limited to decorating; now you can pretty much build a home from scratch. Again, the stylus does limit the precision of building, but with care and patience, it can be done! Personally, this takes too long, and I only make minor edits.

      After about 20-30 hours of game play, maxing out the Sims skills, making loads of money, upgrading to a big house and having an on-off romance, I think it is time to kill our Sim... this is just one of many possibilities with the game. When you're bored, kill them off and start again. Like I said, every game is different and you can control it however you want.

      The game is also available on other console platforms and cost around £30.

      Overall, this game does what it says in the advert, but for all those who have played the PC version, there will be something missing, be it graphics, custom content, or even just the overall finish of the game. The features are there, but it isn't matched by the graphics. For new players, this is definitely a game to start out with, get to grips with the Sims and then upgrade to the PC version for some ultimate fun!

      NOTE: There will be an updated version of this game for the 3DS... so maybe hold out for that. :)


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