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WordJong (DS)

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Genre: Puzzle / Video Game for Nintendo DS / Release Date: 2010-09-17 / Published by Funbox Media

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    1 Review
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      08.11.2010 20:50
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      A game which is not the best

      I do like playing word games whenever I can and I have found one which is kind of hard to praise but difficult to run down completely.

      The game is named Wordjong and it is a very familiar format to Mahjongg where you have various tiles with various letters on and your aim is to make words out of the letters and aim to delete every tile with a letter on to advance.

      So you might have 50 tiles and have every letter of the alphabet. You have to try and pick any letters which are free and form a word if you can. They can be as small as two letters or even bigger amounts and you add them to the score.

      If the game accepts them they are then deleted from the game and you continue to delete letter by forming words. Some letters if you use them highlighted in green give you an extra big score to help towards obtaining a different rating.

      You have the help there whenever you need it though so if you have formed a word and worked out you cannot complete the game you can undo every single move you have done right up to the first one you have done.

      You have a single tile you can use and you place this into the game and whatever letter you want it to be it shall become but you cannot choose the letter the game does that for you so that is why you need to be cautious when using this feature.

      The reason why I feel the game is pointless is because you cannot use free tiles. Like Mahjongg when a tile is not stuck between two others you can use them and yet on this game you cannot. A free tile might be free but you cannot actually touch it until the game highlights that particular letter, this is nothing more then annoying.

      When you have completed the entire puzzle and used all the letters another problem occurs because you need to get a set amount of points to advance your overall ranking. You get silly titles like Bronze Rabbit and it just becomes silly.

      There is no story behind the game and there is nothing really to shout about because you hardly learn new spellings at all and I found the game very easy to complete.

      I think the game lacks any real game play because it takes forever sometimes to finish a puzzle because you click on a tile with a letter on and sometimes it never highlights that choice so that is a major issue.

      The graphics are not fantastic either but I guess you cannot sit and complain but for me the entire game lacks any worthwhile investment as there is no incentive to continue or to even bother with this product.


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