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Zenses Rainforest Edition (DS)

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Manufacturer: Nintendo

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2009 22:18
      Very helpful



      Nice steady game with a bit of relaxing music

      This was one of the first games I went out and bought when I received a shiny red DS Lite for Christmas. The music is gentle, sounding strangely enough of rain gently falling in a forest! You know the kind of music when you go for a relaxing facial or massage.... Don't be deceived by the gentle games (active relaxation they call it). All the games come with bonus rounds to add those extra points and interest to each game.

      Stack Jack
      How hard can it be to put a circle within a circle within a circle of the same colour to build stacks. Eezee peezee..... until they start moving faster down the screen and you're suddenly putting in purple circles into yellow squares. Rather liked this one the best - I know....hardly stretching myself here.

      Treasure Spin
      Rotate the board of stones to gather up flowers in one bunch against the clock. Bit like a rotating maze with more obstacles being added for each round. A sense of achievement when one has figured out how to move those bricks.

      Twist 'n'Turn
      Rotate each of the 3 wheels of gems to line up into the pattern shown in the top screen. This one I found the easiest to do, but still fun.

      Flower Board
      Objective is to clear the board by matching the flower combination shown on the top screen.

      Sapphire Wheel
      From the stack the objective is drop the gems into a grid onto a large wheel. My least favourite game - got bored with it.

      Similar to the normal game, but it starts off with just a few squares and adds more squares after each round. There is a yellow pad the stones have to hop over to reach. One can move onto the next game if that particular round is hard to fathom.

      I really enjoyed this game because I felt it was a lot different to the norm - although not being a hardened gamer I probably don't really know what the norm is just yet, but I'm slowly getting to know.

      I'm now waiting for the Zenses Ocean Edition to arrive through my letterbox and will post a review on that.


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