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Baroque (Wii)

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    1 Review
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      12.01.2011 18:49
      Very helpful



      Good for experienced gamers, but impatient people, you have been warned!

      I'm going to be honest and say I bought Baroque originally simply because of its price; I snagged my copy at just £5 when it was still relatively new.


      You are The Protagonist. You wake up in a strange world knowing nothing except how to walk and wield a weapon. Your best and only ability is to purify 'Meta-Beings'. 'Meta-Beings' are your enemies, some are small and practically insignificant - if it wasn't that your health deteriorates when you walk around - and some are huge and will mow you down without a glance behind. They are a haunting lot whom you don't really understand, all you've been told is that you must enter the Neuro Tower and destroy them, along with 'God'. Who told you this? The Archangel - he gave you your first weapon and gave you your instructions, but somehow along the way you begin to feel unsure about everything that's happening and start trying to figure out this strange world.


      Okay, so this isn't your normal platform/RPG game, and this is seriously going to annoy some gamers. This type of game is known as a 'roguelike', and this means that the game will randomize when it resets. It also means you're going to be spending an awful lot of time stuck in dungeons/rooms facing layer upon layer of monsters before much new plot kicks in. The Wiimote and nunchuk controls are the same as most Wii games of the RPG variety, with the nunchuk responsible for movement, while the Wiimote is there for attacking, throwing and other actions/options. Baroque, sadly, lacks much variation in the movements needed to attack, and only gives you two types of attack (which happen to be quite similar) to choose from, and this really lets the game down, considering the range of weapons you can pick up when you're traversing through the world. This game is also likely to frustrate the impatient gamers out there who like frequent action to take place, or quick plot progression. This is a game which in all likelihood will consume months of your time doing the same task (reaching the bottom of the Neuro Tower to be reborn again) over and over again, to collect new items to try and trigger new cut-scenes. The game will also involve talking to the relatively few NPCs which don't try and kill you, to try and get new information. This is also very tiring, and you may now be wondering what good points does this game actually have...

      Other Positive
      First off, this game has a very short accompanying manga known as Ketsuraku no Paradaimu Baroque (Baroque: The Missing Paradigm) by Shinshuu Ueda, which is an interesting if bewildering read. The game is equally as fascinating, if mind-bending, and will keep you hooked if you're one of those people who like both a challenge and a mystery, as the story line is quite involving, especially after the first few cut-scenes/cinematics. The characters are also quite creepy and perplexing, but have good personalities which make them intriguing, if not fun, to revisit each time. The play time for the amount of money you pay for this game is also incredible, so if you're looking at a time-to-money-spent ratio, I don't think there's going to be a game that gives you better than this, seeing as you have to play the levels many times in order to collect the Baroques to learn about the world. Load times are also excellent, despite the randomization of the world, and the scope of characters/enemies.

      Other Negatives

      The graphics in this game aren't at all good, and are highly reminiscent of older 90's games, so it doesn't feel like much time has been given over to that side of the game. Having said this, the character designs are good, with so many different enemies rendering all of them to a high quality would probably have taken a huge chunk of money that the company is unlikely to have had. Most of the backgrounds look basically the same, the biggest difference being the outer world and the Neuro Tower, but I doubt you'll be looking at the backgrounds for very long with the waves of enemies that set upon you.

      Overall I would say this is a good game for those who are looking for the long haul game, or for experienced gamers who like intrigue. This is really not the sort of game you can pick up and play for 15 minute slots though, nor is it a game I would recommend for children as some of the ideas and images within it could be quite disturbing.


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