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Big Brain Academy (Wii)

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38 Reviews

Genre: Puzzle / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / ESRB Rating: Everyone / Release Date: 2007-07-20 / Published by Nintendo

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    38 Reviews
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      16.01.2011 15:06
      1 Comment



      Great for groups of people

      I bought Big Brain Academy for Wii for my mum and dad and we had so much fun playing it that I eventually bought a copy for myself too! The idea is that you play series of metal games in different categories; memorise, identify, compute (maths), visualise or analyse. Each aims to build up your brain function in different areas. Does this actually work? I have no idea - you certainly get better at the games as you practice but whether this means your brain function is actually improving I would be reluctant to say.

      Nevertheless, the games are certainly fun. You can play in teams, against each other or on your own trying to beat your own scores. This means that the whole family can play and each game is short meaning that you are not waiting for ages for someone to take their turn. As each person finds their best games and the games get harder and harder, it can get quite competitive!

      The only bad thing i have to say about this game is that sometimes the 'host' - the little figure introducing the games and summing up how well you did, can be a little bit annoying and there is no good way to skip his introductions. However, this is only a minor problem and I would certainly recommend this to anyone looking for an easy to use, interactive game for large groups of people.


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        21.07.2010 00:43
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        This is a great fun game for all the family. I did see results in my scores improving when playing t

        '''BIG BRAIN ACADEMY'' on the Wii is designed to exercise your brain and develop certain areas of learning to improve brain power. But does it work? It appears it does!

        This clever game was made by Nintendo in 2007.

        Select your Mii character - this will enrol your Mii as a student at The Big Brain Academy and keep a student record which shows all your learning and achievements.

        You are then greeted by your Brain Coach (Who looks like a gone wrong Morph with a moustache!)
        Then he checks your remote coach (to you and me your remote control).
        This is quite cool as he asks how it is feeling today. A voice answers from your remote.
        Depending on the battery life of your remote, the answers are different!
        "I am feeling super today"
        "I am feeling very sleepy today!"

        Your Mii will then be sent to the Academy Hallway. All your other Mii's that are saved on your console will walk up and down the hall - which is quite funny!In the Hallway you have 7 doors you can enter:
        Student Scores
        Mind Sprint
        Mental Marathon
        Brain Quiz

        TEST - Take part in a 5 sectioned test to see how big your brain is. This also shows what type of brain you have. Mine leaned towards Memorise - which is odd as I have the memory of a goldfish!
        (I would recommend doing this first before going anywhere else in the game, so you have a result and work towards increasing your brain size)PRACTICE - This allows you to practice in invidual areas of learning.
        OFFICE - You can view your student record.

        STUDENT SCORES - Shows your score in comparison to other students
        MIND SPRINT - Race against upto 4 players to complete a set of questions

        MENTAL MARATHON - 1 to 8 players sharing a remote see how long they can keep a wining streak of correct answers in a row.
        BRAIN QUIZ - Take turns selecting a mental - activity. upto 8 players.

        OK, so to play the game! These activites below appear in both Test and Practice modes.

        Choose from
        * Whack match - This is like the old Whack-a-Mole game but with a slight difference.
        There are 3 symbols at the top of the screen. Whack the mole on the head that is thinking of one of these symbols, until all symbols matched.

        * Fast Focus - A pixelated picture is shown and slowly the gaps are filled in, click on the word at the bottom of the screen which matches the animal in the picture.
        * Species Spotlight - The screen is black, you have a little spotlight, scroll around the screen, which animal is there more of?

        * Covered cages - at the begining you will see birdies in the cages. Covers will then be placed and casges moved all around the screen. Click on the correct cages to uncover the birdies.
        * Face Case - cartoon faces travel aross the screen. By memory you have to select which characters you saw on the screen. More difficult than you'd think as the faces to chose from only have slight differences.

        * Reverse Retention - a number of animals/objects show in order on the screen. You will be prompted to put these in reverse order. Its a case of chosing from the objects shown and remembering what order they were in. The good thing about this one, is that they had made noises, so I found myself remembering that way if I had forgotten.

        * Match Blast - A shape will appear on the screen. You have a number of blocks shown in your grid. Blast on the blocks to match up to the shape on screen. If a block is resting on top of another block and the block underneath is blasted, if there is no support, the top block shape will fall!

        * Speed Sorting - Sort pictures of animals/objects from prompt on screen, slowest - fasted. Smallest - Largest.
        * Block Spot - A block shape appears at the top of the screen spinning around.
        Choose from the spinning blocks below to match its shape. This is harder than it sounds as the blocks are spinning and there are only very slight changes in the 3D blocks.

        * Balloon Burst - There are numbers on the balloons. The numbers do not match up with the different size of the balloons.
        Pop balloons in order of number, lowest to highest. This is quite difficult as the size of the balloons throws you off!
        * Mallet Math - number blocks show piled on top of each other. You are prompted to add up to a certain number, whack the blocks away, leave the ones remaining to get that figure given.

        * Colour Count - red & blue balls are thrown into a basket. At the end of the game you are asked which colour balls are there most of in the basket.

        * Art Parts - You are given a completed picture and another one almost complete, with a choice of picture icons at the bottom of the screen. Click and drag missing item to place on to picture so they both match.

        * Train Turn - A Train Track is shown, with 4 different directional pieces of track. Select the correct piece to get to end of track.
        This one is difficult as the track twists and turns. The pieces below would need to be turned around a few times to be able to see if it fits.
        * Odd one out - There are 4 pictures on the screen all extremely similar and all moving. Pick the odd one out. Tricky as alot of the time the movements are all the same until 1 slight difference.

        The faster you answer, and the more you answer correctly the bigger your score. Because its not just about answering right its about speed, it makes it tricky! Alot of the time I was trying to go as quickly as possible in haste and would get the answer wrong!
        All the games have an option to speed up the game, thus making even more complicated.

        There are 3 different difficulty options:
        However, you can unlock to expert if completing the hard level.

        You are evaluated with a rating
        You are also evaluated on the shape and size of your brain against your score.
        A chart shows with the 5 different activities and the shape your brain takes, in conjunction with your answers in each section.

        Win Medals! You are awarded a medal for your efforts, depending on your brain weight (Judged by answers correct and speed answered)
        These medal shows in your record book!
        Bronze - over 100grams brain weight
        Silver - over 200grams brain weight
        Gold - over 300grams brain weight

        Get a great score on gold and you will unlock expert level on that individual game.
        As soon as you have taken the test or practice you are greeted by your trainer, who tells you how m uch your brain weighed.
        He makes a big fuss iy you beat your record or win a medal. Gone wrong morph, jumps up and down to the sound of cheering, and confetti rains down.

        This is a really motivational game. Especially for children. And challenging for competitive adults! :)


        I lilked the options to play against friends and challenge them. It is a fun family game and suitable for children. Some of the games are quite complicated but the Fast Focus was good learning for my 4 year old, as he was learning the words to match the pictures on the screen.
        I like the idea of the remote coach, telling you how your remote feels.

        I liked how you are rewarded for your efforts.
        I liked how it shows your brain shape, pointing towards the areas in which you have more knowledge.


        Not overly great, standard Wii basic graphics. With the Wii it is more about the gameplay rather than the grraphics!
        Very colourful and the screen is fun to look at!

        Loved the sound coming out of my remote telling me how it was feeling. The music is quite average, nothing special.
        I quite liked the sound effects though. The hammer whacking the mole on its head.

        GAME RATED
        This is probably due to the more simplistic games on here.

        Play.com - £14.99

        GAME INFO

        55-57 High Street
        SL4 1LP
        Tel: +44(0)8706060247

        MY RATING
        4/5 Stars

        This is a great fun game for all the family. I did see results in my scores improving when playing this game. It is very humourous and motivational.
        If you don't have this game, get out there and bulk up your brain!

        This review also appears on Ciao under my username theguester


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          29.04.2010 12:14



          A good buy

          This is a great, addictive game for the whole family. I have never tried any other brain training games before, so I can't reeally compare it, but the games are fun and varied, with a range of difficulty. My kids aged 5 and 8 really love it. There are easy levels for them and medium and hard levels for the adults. One complaint I have though, is that you cannot chose different levels of difficulty in the head-to-head group games. It would be a much fairer match, if my 5 year old could play against me on easy, while I was on the difficult setting. It's a shame because the group games are my favourite. You may have problems if you have ultra competitive children!

          In solo play, there are practice games and a test in the five areas (compute, analyse, visualise, memory, identify) and you are given a grade at the end, and are told which are your strongest and weakest areas. One annoying thing is that the 'coach' keeps talking to you all the time after a test and when you start the game, and you can't really skip all this, so you just have to keep pressing the A button all the time to get through it.

          But all-in-all it's a good game and well worth the price.


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          22.04.2010 10:20
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A fun game to play alone or with friends.

          I was watching a programme on TV last night about whether "brain training" games actualy work. The BBC got people (including me) to participate in a series of brain training excersises similar to the ones you get in commercially available games, and tested them after 6 weeks to see if their memory and other brain functions had improved. The result of the study? Interestingly, while brain training makes you better at the games themselves, there is no evidence to prove they make you smarter!

          Ho hum....never mind.May be I won't get smart playing these games, but I really enjoy playing them. I'm a big fan of puzzles and logic problems in general, so when Big Brain Academy was released on the Wii, I went out and got it straight away.

          The game is set within a "college", where your proffessor is keen to train you to be a genius. There are several categories: Identify, Visualise, Memorise, Analyse and Compute, with three games within each category. To begin with, you train at the games and practice at improving your score. It isn't just about getting questions right. The game also times your responses to the questions, and that affects your score too. If you do well in a task, the game awards you a medal, and these are stored in your record book so you can keep an eye on your progress.

          When you feel you are sufficiently competent at each game, you can take a test, which incorporates all the puzzles you have practiced. At the end of the test, you are given a grade, a "brain weight" and a graph, that shows your strengths and weaknesses in each category, so you know what games to practice to improve further. You can retake the test at any time to see if you have improved your score and grade.

          The games are as follows:

          1: Identify

          Whack Match: Similar to the old whack a mole game, the game pops up different pictures very quickly, which you have to match with the target pictures.

          Fast Focus: A scrambled picture appears. You have to work out what it is as quickly as possible, as it unscrambles, from a multiple choice list provided.

          Species Spotlight: The screen is black apart from a circle of "light" that you can move around the screen. You have to work out which animal appears most on the screen.

          2: Memorise

          Covered Cages: A bit like the old cup and ball game. You see two birds in cages and an empty cage. The cages are covered, and mixed up, you need to work out where the birds are.

          Face Case: One or two impossibly ugly children pop up briefly on screen. You need to identify them from the multiple choice list provided, a bit like an identity parade!

          Reverse Retention: Three or more images flash up in sequence. Remember the sequence backwards.

          3: Analyse

          Match Blast: A target shape appears on the left of the screen. You need to blast away pices of the shape on the right so that it matches the target shape.

          Speed Sorting: You are given four pictures and have to click on the ones that match the criteria given on screen.

          Block Spot: A shape made of blocks appears at the top of the screen. Four similar shapes are at the bottom of the screen. Click the one that matches the top one.

          4: Compute

          Balloon Burst: You see balloons with numbers on them. Click the balloons in numerical order. Beware, some numbers are negative,and some are fractions!

          Mallet Math: You see a tower, comprising of blocks with different number values. You are given a target number. Knock out the numbers in order that the tower adds up to the target number.

          Colour Count: Several balls bounce into a basket, some red, some blue. Work out which is greater.

          5: Visualise

          Art Parts: Like putting a jigsaw together. Copy the picture on the top, although sometimes your picture is inverted.

          Train Turn: A train is coming down the track.You need to lay down the correct pieces of track for it to complete its journey.

          Odd One Out: Four pictures, one is the odd one out. Can you spot it?

          The games are fun, and the varying difficulty levels mean they remain challenging. The game also has three multiplayer games, so you can challenge friends:

          Mind Sprint: Two teams race to answer a set number of questions. First to answer all the questions is the winner.

          Mental Marathon: Try to keep a perfect winning streak as long as possible. The game stops when you get a question wrong.

          Brain Quiz: A gameshow syle game, which pits players against one another at a chosen task. You pick a box containing a puzzle you think you will be good at, but you don't know the difficulty level. the player with most points at the end wins.

          Big Brain Academy is a really fun game, and really gets your brain working. It is great fun to play alone, or with friends, and of course, if you win, you can be quite smug about it! The music drives you a bit bonkers when you are trying to concentrate, but the graphics are cute and colourful, incorporating the Mii avatars, so you can play as yourself during the game.


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            16.04.2010 20:23
            Very helpful



            A good fun IQ lesson with tests.

            THE SUMMARY
            In these days of amazing interest in brain training activities the Wii has entered the arena with The Big Brain Academy. Test yourself with a series of IQ test style questions.

            THE STORY
            It is just like being back a school. Go back to class and test you mental agility in this brain training game for the Nintendo Wii. Train or test yourself on a series of IQ style tests. It is big fun, for big brains and big groups.

            THE GAMEPLAY
            Undertake tests using the Wii controller pointing to the correct answer and selecting it using the A button, nothing could be simpler. There are five categories in this game and the more correct answers you get the higher you score. Test yourself every day and watch how you improve. The 5 brain bending categories are named Identify, Memorise, Analyse, Compute and Visualise. These categories are all self explanatory.

            You can also test your mental agility to see how you compare against your friends and family. Use the Mii character you have previously created. Don you school uniform and head on back to the classroom.

            This is a good fun simple to use game which is good for general arithmetics and ability to do IQ tests and it will entertain you.

            THE GRAPHICS
            This is all done in the Wii's own cartoon like style. The graphics are simple but clear enough to be able to undertake the tests clearly and quickly. There is a certain element of fun as with all the Wii games.

            THE RATING
            This is a short review as there is not that much I can say about the Brain Academy Games other than:

            If you like to test yourself this is a new and fun way to be able to do that. If you do not like a challenge then maybe give this game a miss.

            I rate is 5/10 as it could go either way dependent upon who you are.

            WhiteMarion - KOTEJ
            "King of the Entertainment Jungle"

            Also Published on Ciao Under Name: www.kotej.com


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              07.04.2010 17:06
              Very helpful



              Give this a try but dont expect to feel any smarter for playing it!

              Big Brain Academy was a game I really wanted for the Wii but I held back on buying. This was due to the price tag attached (at the time £20.00) and whether or not I would get enough use out of it.

              Big Brain Academy is a game that has jumped on the brain training wagon. This game focuses on five different categories to train your brain: visualise, identify, compute, analyse and memorise. Each category then has three diffrerent activites which can be played at varying levels of difficulty. This makes it great for people of all ages and makes sure that when you first use it you dont jump in straight at the deep end. Another factor that makes this game user friendly to everyone is that all you need to do is point the Wii remote and press A to select an answer. No complex controls at all!

              Training activities include:

              Species Spotlight: You use the Wii remote like a torch to find out the animals that are hidden in the dark. You have to find which animal appears the most.

              Colour Count: Red and blue balls fly in to a basket. Some fly in to the basket and some miss it. You need to keep track of the balls and then select which colour landed most often in the basket.

              Odd One Out: There are four simple (ish) short animations. One is different to the others - you just need to select which one

              What I enjoy about Big Brain Academy is the fact there are a few different training options. You can use this on your own, practising the various activites and then testing yourself to see if you have improved. You can also use it in groups. My favourite of which is called 'Mind Sprint' this involves competing against someone else on a number of activities and seeing who can finish them all first. What I love about this is that its really diverse - you can pick how many activites you want to test yourself on, the difficulty and what categories you want to use. This has led to the odd argument over picking things people are good at - rather than being fair! What I dont like about most of the group training is that they only use one remote - this means taking turns which can end up getting boring.

              Personally I find this isn't as good as Dr Kawashima's brain training for the DS, but it is a good alternative for the Wii and I'm sure it would keep children amused for a much longer time than it has me. When I use Big Brain Academy I dont paticularly feel like I have 'trained' my brain very well. After purchasing it didnt take me too long to get to grips with the various training activities and when I havent used it for awhile I still find them easy to pick up again after about five minutes of use. However, as the cost has come down and can be bought from amazon for around £14.00 I woud recommend it as it is fun, especially when you first use it and it is nice to play and 'train' once in awhile, but there is a limit to how much you will use it.


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              06.04.2010 00:49
              Very helpful



              Fun game for all to play at home

              If you are expecting this to be like Big Brain Training for the DS, think again as this is nothing like it. I thought it was the first time I popped it into the Wii, to find it was not exactly what I thought it was, but that dosen't mean I didn't enjoy it anyway.

              Big Brain Academy is like the exam to big brain training in a way I guess, you basically take some tests on different areas of the brains core learning, and get told how great or badly you did, giving you a general idea of how your brain works and what areas it is best in. You have to make a profile to play this game, but this only takes a minute or two, and if you have a Wii Mii set up already, this is even quicker. There is quite a lot of gumph on this game, which is all the introduction an other information you need, but it is a bit long winded and if you just want to get to playing, this can be quite annoying, I try to skip past it as quickly as possible.

              The games you can play include things like number games, memory games, maths, concentration, and pattern following. The games are very colorful and lively, to help keep you interested and to help you remember certain things, although I have found some of it easily distracts me, but then I am one of those people who is easily distracted by almost anything. There is a practice mode, so you can have a practice at your weakest games or just have some fun in your strongest games.

              This game is quite good for kids too, as the colors and game types will hold their interest and it makes it fun for them to learn, they may even not know that they are learning if they enjoy it enough. The game is something I do not play very often, but when I do feel like playing it, I am on it for quite a while, as it annoys me if I get below a certain score and I will then keep on playing over and over until I get a decent score that pleases me, or I just throw the controller in anger and walk away from it lol.

              I recommend this game to everyone, as it is good fun, and even if you do not learn anything, it is something you can do with friends and family, as you can all have a go, especially if you have extra controllers.
              I found this game sold cheapest on Amazon, brand new, but you may be able to buy it cheaper elsewhere second hand, or even brand new, just take a look around and see what you can find.


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              06.09.2009 11:57



              Excellent game, lots of variety

              Big Brain Academy for the Nintendo Wii is a fun and quirky way to help stimulate your brain. Complete a range of tasks including maths, spot the difference, and memory games. The tasks are split into 5 different categories, compute, analyse, memorise, identify and visualise. Compete against family and friends to see who is the smartest and make the loser do the washing up. Also contains training and an 'exam' style test where you can receive medals based on your achievements and brain score. A huge variety of activities. It's best to do the practice sessions before doing a test to get used to the controls and what is expected of you, but this is a game that you can really get into and get quite addicted. Easily playable if you are not playing against an Einstein, (or your mum), home schooling with a difference, lots of fun and lots to do.


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              04.08.2009 02:48



              Train your brain, its fun

              Big Brain Academy for the wii is a great game and is enjoyable played alone or with all the family. It is similar to the original ds version in that there are test and practice mode but the wii version is far more multiplayer compatible and the tasks are all different.

              In practice mode you can do a number of tasks from the five categories, analyse, identify, memorise, compute and visualise whilst attempting to achieve large brain mass and win medals.

              In test mode you do a task from each category and then receive an overall brain mass and grade along with a career suggestion.

              The multiplayer section of the game contains three different games for two or more players, my favourite is brain quiz as here you can do tasks that are not found anywhere else in the game such as pattern completing, and taking restaurant orders.

              The worst part of the game would have to be the wii remote coach, i find the voice that emanates from the remote thoroughly annoying and unhelpful.

              All in all i believe it is a great game for the wii that can provide many hours of fun.


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              25.07.2009 09:44



              It's worth buying for £15 - don't pay more than this.

              You do not need to be into traditional computer games to enjoy this. As the title implies this is definitely more cerebral. The best way to describe this game is like a cuddley IQ test. If you score well on IQ tests then you can enjoy this as there are four levels of difficulty - the fourth you have to unlock by scoring well on hard - is very, very challenging. You can get a lot of playability out of this because you will keep doing the tests over and over to improve your score. Even if the desciption of an IQ test puts you off, don't let it. This tests five areas of the brain which means everybody will be good at something it tests creative thinking as well as traditional things like maths. You can play the games indiviually to improve you scores as well as take tests combining the games and giving you an overall grade. This game can keep you occupied as a one player or it can be enjoyed with friends as there are group challenges. The biggest down side is that there are only three "games" in each category so only 15 different games in total and that your score can be impeded by bad hand-eye co-ordination having to use the Wii remote to point accurately.


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              16.06.2009 04:33
              Very helpful



              The modern day family 'bored' game

              Big Brain Academy for the Wii is jumping onboard the Brain Train(ing) bandwagon, along with a number of other titles out. However, Big Brain Academy offers something to the market other than flooding us with the same old repetitive puzzles to solve for no apparent reason other than selling us the story that if we don't use our brains we'll end up like the monkey's we once were.

              This game is like Wii Fit, but for the brain and has a lot of similarities to logging progress, scores and diagrams to make you good (or stupid) about your results.

              There's three difficulty levels to select from and a total of five categories - Identify, Memorise, Analyse, Compute and Visualise. Each of these categories offer a varied number of puzzles you would expect to find an 8yr old to walk through, yet a lot of adults struggle badly when up against something so simple, yet challenging at the same time.

              You can play this game solo, or you can drag your mother on with you in hope that you can beat her - but beware, she might get one over on you! Big Brain Academy is a true family event where back in your grannies day everyone would gather around a table to play Snakes & Ladders, in today's modern era we gather around the TV to compete to see who can answer childish questions and puzzles the fastest, or team up and solve various puzzle games and crack riddles and problems.


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              03.06.2009 20:37



              Great game for all ages!

              We got this game for christmas and had the whole family playing on it even an 84 year old! It is a very fun game and VERY addictive, once i play on it and i go straight back on just to try and beat my last score and the everyone elses score! It tests 5 different parts of the brain and has 3 diffculty levels so it can be adjusted for the age of the player! Eventhough it would of been thought, this is a very exciting and entertaining game, as it is timed and you feel like you want to beat every one! It is a great game but also helps you use your brain more but in a much more fun way. The only annoying thing about this game is having to go through the intro at the start with the teacher, but this doesnt have to be listened to!


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              22.05.2009 14:36



              Great fun way to learn

              I always think of Big brain academy as one of the standard wii games. Most people have it, most are offered it in a package when they purchase a wii and it entertains most people. This includes those that take it seriously and those who have a quick dip in and out a social occassion. I do not know anyone who doesn't think of this as a good all round game.

              The purpose of the game is to improve your brain age over a period of time. starting off with some kind of quiz, questions to answer etc at the end of which you are given an age and an grade. The purpose of the game is training, to improve your brain age and grade, and of course, to have fun.

              From then on you can try out exercises and re test yourself whenever you want. The exercises are not traditional, they are not sums and english grammar, they are the sort of excercises that make you think, why am I doing this, surely this cannot improve my brain, but it really does! They involve following moving drawings to see where the object you are following ends up, they involve watching a short sketch and then picking out the character you just saw.

              In short this is learning made fun, much more fun that the national curiculum!


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              19.05.2009 22:06
              Very helpful



              Excellent overall family game

              I would recommend this as an excellent game that can be enjoyed by the whole family that is both very addictive and highly accesible. Challenges vary from very easy to extremely demanding once the expert level is attempted. If you think you are good at memorising or analysing or perhaps computing arithmetic problems then this is the game for you. There are a vairety of different types of game that can be played. It is fun to pit your wits against each other or alternatively work in teams in a game called a mental marathon. The best thing is that people of all ages and with pretty much any level of skill can play. The main challenge is to try and increase the weight of your brain, with a grade from A++ to D-- being awarded. This single player game involves answering as many questions correct in the fastest possible time. From my experience time seems count for slightly less than accuracy in achieving the highest scores. A highly recommened game that gets you thinking on your toes as well as providing hours of entertainment.


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              23.04.2009 14:43



              Great game

              I bought this game at Christmas and it is so much fun! Me and my girlfriend are getting quite competitive about it and I have to say I think I am slightly addicted. There are several different sections of the game you can go in to, and you can choose either to go to the solo section, and play by yourself, or in to the group section, in which you can have between one and four players. There are also four different level modes of easy, medium, hard and expert. You can train your brain and practice so that you can master all of the categories and get a really big brain! You can go on the practice mode and earn medals for how good you do, as well as the teacher telling you how much your brain weighs so you can monitor how well you are doing.
              On the brain test, which tells you the size of your brain and how heavy it is, and which categories you are best at. It also suggests a job type (though I am a little skeptical of how they choose these, having got Leonardo Da Vinci a couple of times!) It has five different sections consisting of analyze, memorise, compute, identify and visualise. And what the teacher says is true! The more you practice, the better you get. The Wii teacher speaks a bit too much and sometimes I wish you could push the button to fast forward the speaking, which unfortunately you cannot do!
              I really feel like this is a good educational game that is also a lot of fun to play. And the plus side is also that you can play with your friends at the same time. I highly recommend it.


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