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Chick Chick Boom (Wii)

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Publisher: Tons of Bits / Released: 29th Oct 2010 / Avaialble: Download game - WiiWare

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    1 Review
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      22.03.2011 13:22
      Very helpful



      Cheep and cheerful fun game

      'Chick Chick Boom' is a Wii-ware game from 'Tons of Bits' that you can download from the Wii Shopping Channel, if your Wii is online.

      *** Is it cheep? ***

      You can buy Wii points using a credit card or with a Nintendo points card from a shop. £7 buys you 1000 Wii points. 'Chick Chick Boom' is available as a demo for free (limited version) and the full version for 800 Wii points. It takes up 184 data blocks on your Wii's memory, or you can download onto an SD card.

      We first tried the demo, and then bought the full version as we liked it enough.

      *** What's it like, eggsactly? ***

      It's a simple enough premise: you have 5 chicks, your opponent has the same, you try to kill their chicks and they try to kill yours. You can play as a two-player or against the CPU. All you need to play the game is the Wii remote.

      Graphically it's an attractive game: the chicks are just bouncy balls with faces really, but oddly expressive and charming. They start off in strong colour, either yellow or black, but fade as they receive damage. They even look woozy or sweat at times. I think that the game's strength lies in the simplicity of its design: everything is well laid out & clear and the stylised graphics are cute.

      The accompanying music is well-suited to the game, chirpy and upbeat. If left on in the background, it will do your head in(!) but when you're playing, it's fun.

      *** How to doodle doo ***

      The tutorial takes you through the controls, tactics and attacks you need for play, stage by stage. You use the motion sensing capabilities to draw your weapon of choice and defence lines, the 'a' button to use your weapon and the 'b' button for shooting bonuses.

      Once you've completed the tutorial, you are rewarded with your first unlocked team, the 'Master' chicks. You start off with five choices of team, but by completing various feats against the computer you can unlock up to 15. All this is, is basically your cute chicks getting a choice in head-gear: they can be the Chickings (wearing Viking helmets), Snobs (wearing top-hats), Little Devils (red horns), Eggheads (with wattles) and so on. Their abilities don't change, but it gets sillier!

      There are three modes to play in, which are:
      - 'duel' where you can fight a number of rounds (up to five wins) with your opponent and choose 'easy', 'medium' or 'hard' if playing the computer
      - 'timed' where you choose how long to play and chicks are just replaced as you lose them, the winner whoever kills most chicks. You can play 3, 5 or 10 minute rounds.
      - 'pro' mode where you have to keep your chicks alive while the CPU gets its chicks replaced, and the challenge is how long you can stay alive and how many CPU chicks you can take out. (32 is my highest score so far).

      There are three play arenas to choose from: the city, the ship and the haunted wood. These are all simply designed areas: a white picket fenced yard, the deck of a wooden galleon and a ghostly hedged area with sinister trees behind. To go with the scenery, the music changes slightly, with a steel-pan version for the ship and a spooky take on the piece for the haunted wood. The bonus attacks also change. In the city, it's UFOs, on the ship it's sea-monsters and in the haunted wood, it's ghosts. In all arenas there is also the occasional storm-cloud, which you can harness to zap your rival chicks with lightning bolts.

      You take turns to attack. There are three types of weapon to use on your opponent: grenades, weights and chick-eating plants. You use your remote to select which one to use, then draw it dot-to-dot fashion. If you draw it really quickly, you get the chance to make it more powerful. With a speed between 80 and 90, you get a better weapon, while if you have a speed between 90 and 100, you get the most powerful version. This might be a ladybird bomb that explodes into two more bombs, or a gnashy plant that flicks chicks up into its mouth with its roots! All the weapons have these quirky and amusing upgrades.

      Sometimes I find that the control doesn't seem as responsive, and although I feel I'm making the right moves, the dot-to-dot sticks and I end up finishing it slowly. This could well be due to my error or low power in the remote rather than anything else, but always seems to happen when I'm doing really well - and then I blow it! Argh.

      Apart from attacks, you have the ability to thwart moves by your opponent. You can draw lines to deflect weights, keep your chicks away from bombs or to train plants out of reach. You can also use your lines during an attack to stop your opponent's defences, interrupting *their* deflective and protective lines. Much of the tactics needed in the game are a question of timing: too early and your line will fade before the weapon destructs.

      *** Eggsiting or poultry? ***

      All in all, it's a very simple yet appealing and cute game. The Other Half doesn't see the attraction at all, but the children and I find it fun. I think I'm the main player of this in our house, although both children can play it. My son (6) needs to play at 'easy' level or against me, as if he plays against his sister cries of "it's not faiiiiiiiiir" shake the room!

      It's a shame there aren't further weapons or arenas to unlock, but other than that I've no complaints.

      I suppose 800 Wii points probably translates as about £6, so it's a reasonable price for it. I'd recommend that as there is a free demo available on the Wii Shopping Channel, anyone who's interested should check that out before buying to see if they'd enjoy it.


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