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Combat Controller Pack: Sword & Shield (Wii)

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2008 12:24
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      Great childish fun!

      Wii Sword and Shield

      I found this item when I was wondering around Toys R Us yes I still do that even at my age haha. I had just been to the cinema with my gf and I decided I wanted to bring back some childhood memories by looking at all the different types of Lego :) oh how I wish I was still a child, so I could get away with building a huge Lego Death Star! Or Even a Lego T-Rex. Anyway as I had a few pounds coins collecting in my wallet and weighing me down I thought lets splash out and buy £10 worth of random crap! So I found a water dispenser for those horrible nights where you wake up with a soar throat and cannot be bothered to get up for a drink and also some sweeties to cure my sugar urge but then the greatest thing ever happened! OK so no it didn't really but I stumbled across the bargain bin and found the wii sword and shield set for £2.99 so I had to have it to make the inner child within me happy.

      The reason I bought this was to have a laugh on what has to be the wii's most greatest of games the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess. Just the thought of swinging a miniature sword around like a mad man would surely do something for my urge to be a complete idiot.

      Upon arriving home I headed for the wii, loaded up Zelda and unpacked the wii sword and shield. Thats when it all went wrong the picture on the front of the box was completely different to the actual pattern on the sword and shield its self. The shape and style where the same so I dismissed this as it didn't really matter too much, the major problem I had was that the sword itself (not the handle) was made out of the sort of stuff you get your large delivery items packed in a sort of polystyrene material which as you know is very fragile. In a sense this is good as the wii remote doesn't become much heavier due to it being such a light material but in the case of me and maybe wanting the excuse to jab a few friends in the arm it was a little bit disappointing as the sword would just bend and snap rather than some decent strength plastic that would at least cause a little pain. Maybe the reason for this design is in fact to protect people from annoying people like me :( meanies!

      Using the sword and shield is easy. The wii mote fits in nicely and so does the nunchuck into the shield. Swinging as you would normally works fine as there is not much extra weight to compensate for and all the buttons upon the controllers are still easy to access even with the two peripherals connected.

      Now for the part where I admit if these added more fun to the game......well yes in fact they do. Swinging a miniature sword around and jabbing your shield in mid air do in fact make the game a lot more entertaining and add a sort of silly realistic effect to it.

      I do know of one person who has bought this (one of my friends) and had problems as the sword part of the set had no gap at the bottom meaning the wii motes signal couldn't be received by the sensor bar making certain things in the game impossible such as aiming with the bow and arrow etc. I my self got one with a gap so maybe that was just one manufacturing mistake? I can't be sure. My friend ordered off amazon as I got mine from retail so maybe try a retail shop 1st and be cheeky and check to make sure.

      All in all these silly little peripherals made my inner child extremely happy and all though I may have looked a tad bit daft swinging a short sword and thrusting a plastic shield at my TV I still would recommend these to any one with some lose change but I wouldn't go as far as spending anything over £9.99 on them try Toys R Us £2.99 and you cant go wrong!


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