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CSI: Hard Evidence (Wii)

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3 Reviews

Genre: Adventure for Nintendo Wii / Published by Ubisoft

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    3 Reviews
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      13.08.2012 14:49
      Very helpful



      CSI: Hard Evidence

      CSI: Hard Evidence
      Based on the hit TV series CSI: Hard Evidence is a crime investigation game for the Nintendo Wii. The game comes in a normal white Wii box, the size of a DVD case, which contains the game disc along with an instruction manual for the game and also a separate manual containing safety instructions. The game instruction manual is written in English and is clear and simple to follow.

      I have never watched the TV show, however the idea of a game where I needed to investigate a crime scene and then interrogate people to find the guilty person really appealed to me so when I found this on eBay for £5.99 plus postage I decided to buy it.

      Let's Investigate!
      The CSI: Hard Evidence game consists of 5 different crime scenes which you must investigate one by one and find the person responsible for committing the crime. When you first begin the game you will be given a quick tutorial set in the FBI garage. In this tutorial you will be given an overview of how to conduct your investigations at the crime scenes and how to process the different evidence using the numerous different tools available including Luminol to reveal blood which has been washed away, Ninhydrin and Magnetic Powder for revealing finger prints, Casting Plaster and Mikrosil for taking moulds or impressions of things like tyre marks and footprints and swabs for collecting DNA and other various liquids or dried liquids you may come across.

      In the bottom left corner of your screen you will always see your PDA. In here you will find information about the case you are working on, the locations available for you to travel to, any evidence you have collected as well as case notes and the options menu.

      As I mentioned earlier, there are 5 different crime scenes in the game and while each crime is different the way in which you investigate remains the same through out. You can only work on one crime scene at a time and you must complete it before the next one is unlocked. When you begin working on a crime you will be shown a video introduction with an explanation of roughly what has happened in each situation and who (if any) the witnesses are. From here on you will need to point your Wii remote at the screen to investigate and search for evidence. As you point at the screen you will see a cursor, this cursor will turn green when you need to investigate further into the area you are pointing at. If there is evidence to be collected the cursor will then turn into a tool box, by clicking the remote you open the tool box screen and depending on what kind of evidence you have found will effect which tool you should use to collect it. This all sounds quite easy because of the cursor changing colour, however it isn't really that easy as you can quite easily miss hidden objects and evidence and end up having to repeatedly re-visit the crime scenes to find it before the game can progress. Once you feel like you have collected all of the available evidence you must then click onto your PDA and return to the FBI lab to process this information.

      The Crimes: I wont go into detail as this would spoil the game, I will simply give you an idea of how I found each crime to play.

      Burning For You: This is the first of the 5 crimes and I think it is a good introduction to the game. It utilizes almost all of the available tools so you can get a good grip on things however I did find the storyline to be rather predictable and therefore quite easy to solve.

      Double Down: In this crime the victim is still alive which you would think makes the crime easier to solve but this actually makes it much more difficult as there are too many potential suspects. I didn't really enjoy this crime so much as I found there was a lot of false leads taking you away from the main investigation.

      Shock Rock: For me this was challenging but enjoyable. I liked the story which came with the crime and it was quite difficult to solve.

      In Your Eyes: With a dodgy English accent involved in this case I found it to be of a medium difficulty, to begin with the investigation seemed to have a lot of dead ends but then it seemed that with a new piece of evidence everything was unlocked and solved.

      The Peacemaker: This is the final crime scene and the one I am currently working to solve. So far it has been the hardest one to get into, mainly because there is so much evidence to process and because of this the game wont progress until you have found every last piece. It does seem good though and I will be sticking with it until I have solved the crime.

      In The Lab
      Once you have collected your evidence and returned to the lab you will need to process this evidence using various different computers, a microscope and an analysing table. The main computer you will use in your investigations is the Trace Analysis computer, this computer processes fingerprints, shoe prints and any video or audio evidence you may have. Processing the information is like completing a few little puzzles because for example when you analyse a fingerprint you will be shown a section of the print and you will need to search through the FBI and civil databases to find a match, you then need to click to confirm the match and if you are correct this can lead to warrants being available from your boss Brass.

      The other machine which is most commonly used is the DNA analyser, this machine processes any DNA you have collected on the swab sticks and searches the databases for possible matches, as with the finger prints you must then complete a little puzzle to find the correct match. Personally I enjoy using both of these machines as I like puzzles, but I find the DNA one to be a little tricky as the colours and patterns have to match perfectly and this isn't always that easy with so many coloured markings on the screen.

      The assembly table is only used a couple of times and it is mainly for putting broken items back together, again in puzzle form or for looking at items such as any guns which were involved in the crimes and firing off sample rounds to compare bullets under the microscope, again the microscope is only used a couple of times in each case. I find both the assembly table puzzles and the microscope comparisons relatively easy to do.

      Warrants & Questioning
      Once you have processed the evidence you will have some warrants available for questioning suspects. When a suspect is called in for questioning they are taken to the interrogation room. Here you simply need to sit and click on the pre-determined questions and listen to their answers, their answers can sometimes open up new leads for questioning new suspects or new locations to search. While I enjoy this as it gives me new areas to search I also hate it as the questions are pre-determined and it seems to make no difference which order you ask them you will still get the same result. I also find that sometimes I want to ask for more information but I cannot as it is not available yet.

      If a suspect reveals some information about another potential suspect then you will be able to go to a new location and talk with this new person, usually you can have a look around the place too, but a full on search can only be done with a warrant and most people will be quick to remind you of this if you take a nosey look too far! You need to try to use any evidence you have to obtain warrants for searches and arrests and I find that quite a lot of the time these clues are very well hidden. I like this though as it puts a bit of a challenge into the game.

      Making a Conviction & Case Closed
      After collecting all the evidence, processing it and questioning numerous suspects you will be ready to make your conviction and close the case. In my opinion this is the part of the game which is a bit of a let down as the game seems to automatically do it for you. I have currently completed 4 out of 5 cases and in each one it has been the same process of me being in the interrogation room clicking on the questions and listening to the answers when the game seems to take over and the suspect is convicted. You are then shown a short animated scene of how the crime took place and the case is closed. While I can see how this is good because you have completed the case I was expecting a little more of a challenge to get the suspect to confess in the end.

      Once the case is closed you will be automatically taken to your evaluation screen where you will see how well you did with collecting evidence, how thorough you were and what rank you have been awarded for your investigation skills. If your rank is high enough then you may unlock some bonus material. I wouldn't get too excited though as the bonus material isn't that good!

      Multiplayer & Online
      CSI: Hard Evidence is a single player game with no multiplayer or online play options

      The controls of the game are very easy and are generally a case of point and click actions. The hardest part of the controls for me was getting the accuracy right for where I was pointing as I would click to zoom in and it would then zoom to the wrong area as my hand had moved slightly. This was annoying but I soon got the hang of it. The nunchuk controller isn't used at all within the game.

      Graphics and Sound
      The graphics in the game are great and the detail in each crime scene is fantastic. The game uses characters from the TV series which personally makes no difference for me as I've never watched it but I can imagine it would be a great advantage for those who are CSI fans, the characters animation is ok, but not as realistic as a lot of games available these days, the movements are a bit jerky and when the characters talk they hardly change their expressions. The sound is mainly the voices of the characters and various sound effects, the voices are nice and clear which is great as there are no subtitles.

      Price and Availability
      I bought my copy of the game on eBay for £5.99 and I have seen it pre-owned in Game for £7.99 so I would say to buy it on ebay if you can.

      Overall I enjoy playing CSI: Hard Evidence and I would recommend it to you. So far I have found all of the crimes to be very in-depth and only one of them was slightly predictable, but I think this was simply because it was the first one to ease you into the game. The game is rated as 15+ which I think is appropriate for the content. Overall I find this to be an enjoyable and rather addictive game, my only wish is that there was more than 5 crimes included.

      Thanks for reading :)


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      05.11.2011 03:47
      Very helpful



      A very good game.

      CSI : Hard evidence wii game.

      Of course as the title suggests this is a game that is based on the hit US crime series Crime scene investigation.

      You play the part of a trainee investigator and you are teamed up with one of the characters from the show for each of your cases. There are five cases for you to progress through and at the end of each case Grissom gives you a score based on how well you have done throughout the case.

      Your objective is to find and process the evidence to find out who has committed the crime and you do this by searching for clues, analysing evidence and interviewing suspects. The storylines are good and entertaining and I would say that it is not particularly easy, so you do need to think about what you are doing, but at the same time there are no parts that are impossible to complete.

      The game has a rating of 16+ and I would agree that it is not suitable for anyone under 16 as there are parts of the game that contain adult themes.

      I brought the game for £20 and I think that this is approximately what you will still pay today.

      The only bad thing that I can say about this game is that once you have completed the five cases there is nothing more for you to do. You could start over and try to increase your score but the solutions to the cases remain the same so once you have completed the game twice there really is no need to play the game again.

      All in all, I think that this is a very good, interesting game, which is made especially good if you are already a fan of the TV series.


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        13.05.2011 02:15
        Very helpful



        Very fun if you like this sort of game.

        I must admit to a guilty secret. I bought this game as a present for my husband. He wasn't interested in it at all but I got addicted very fast. Not sure that makes me a very good wife..

        It is essentially a point and click game but has more interesting features than your standard hidden object games. You are presented with a crime scene and as well as finding evidence, you need to use the correct tools to collect it and then use the lab to process the information. You get to interview characters, but like many computer games, it doesn't matter what order you ask the questions in really. You have as much time as you like and you can't do anything wrong, though you do get marked by Grissom for thoroughness at the end of each case.

        I like how you have to use your brain to try to piece evidence together and keep interviewing people about new evidence that you find. The stories were interesting and I genuinely couldn't guess who was the killer before the evidence showed me.

        I love the TV show and the Las Vegas show is definately my favourite. So it was good to play alongside those characters even if they were slightly wooden. You get paired up with a different character for each case, of which there are five.

        They do reuse some of the characters, and in one case all the victims seem to look identical. I did forget to get a warrant quite a few times, and then you can't progress and it took me a while to figure out why. Sometimes you might get stuck but generally it is not too hard to progress and there are also hints if you are desperate. I finished it in around two weeks of playing for a couple of hours each day. I have replayed one episode but only because I got a low thoroughness score and I wanted to see what I had missed. Once you have gone through the story there aren't any new options so you would just be repeating the same game over again.

        Someone asked me if it would be suitable for their children who love to play detective. I think the rating is 16+ and I did think it wouldn't be suitable as you have to do things like swab used condoms for DNA and look at drug evidence.

        I personally really like stress free point and click games and I very much enjoyed this one. But my husband far prefers real time games like Call of Duty so though he tried it he didn't find it very fun. Something to bear in mind when ever you buy a game.


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