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Cursed Mountain (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Action & Shooter / ESRB Rating: Mature / Release Date: 2009-09-04 / Published by Deep Silver

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    2 Reviews
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      10.08.2014 15:48
      Very helpful



      one of the better wii games out there

      Being quite a big computer game fan I was interested in a game that claimed to have "graphics so good you will be jumping off your seat in terror" especially as the game in question is for the wii... not that the wii isnt good its just that you find graphics are normally a lot better for xbox 360 or the ps3.

      **Game basics**
      Platform-wii but a later 2010 edition came out for the pc
      Year released-2009
      Recommended playing age-16+
      Price and where to buy - costs £9.99 from amazon
      Type of game - survival horror-adventure video game
      Game play - The game is set in the 1980s before gps and the moile phone era when only the brave took on the Himalayas. Most of the combat that takes place in the game is through encounters with the angry souls of monks and climbers who are trapped in Bardo, a spiritual realm in between this life and the next. The player must stun the enemies and make gestures with the Wii Remote to free their souls.

      Graphics - For a wii game fantastic
      Controls - you use both the main control and the nanchuck in this. The game also makes use of the speaker in the control. It works well but coming from mainly playing the xbox it does feel a bit akward.

      Value for money - I don't think the price is bad for the game but once you complete it you are unlikely to go through the game again.
      **What I liked**
      The graphics in this were so much better than I expected. Quite realistic and it really makes a good game to play in the dark for a slightly scary appeal.
      The amount of time I took to complete it wasn't bad (around 20 hours)
      The game has a Tibetan/Buddhist theme which again you can see in detail through the graphics - it looks really nice.
      As you get higher up the mountain your character goes slower and starts to hallucinate - this makes it feel more realistic.

      The only thing I ended up not being a fan off really was the controls which is what puts me off my wii in general...I think this would have made a nice game on the xbox where the controls are better.
      Overall not bad value and if you are looking for a wii game that is a bit more serious ie not the normal party style game then this is is. The graphics are not as good as say the xbox 360 or ps3 but I don't think that's really what the wii is designed for.


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      05.07.2011 12:44
      Very helpful



      A survival horror game that offers something different!

      The other day I decided to buy a Nintendo Wii from my local Cash Converters shop. I was going to buy one to try and make profit on eBay. After getting home with my Nintendo Wii I decided to give it a try to make sure it was all in working order. I received the game Cursed Mountain with it and after putting the game on I was immediately impressed and have since decided to keep it. Cursed Mountain is a survival horror adventure game and is available for the PC as well as the Nintendo Wii. The game was developed by Sproing Interactive Media and Deep Silver Vienna. I actually liked the basic story to the game. It gave me the feel of a Silent Hill game which I loved.

      You take the role of Eric Simmons back in the 1980's as you go in search for your lost brother Frank who went missing on a mountain in the Himalayas called Chomolonzo. Frank was hired before he went missing to steal a ancient artifact called terma. A mysterious goddess for the island became extremely angry with this and bestowed a powerful curse upon Chomolonzo, trapping Frank. Now Eric must find a way of getting his brother back and find a way to unlocking the truth about the Cursed Mountain.

      === GAMEPLAY ===
      The game is set how many survival horror games are set. You can only play as the one character in the game and to be fair you don't even meet many characters that you can interact with. The game feels and runs smoothly with the Wii controller and Nunchuck. If you've got both the controller and Nunchuck connected you can use both to maneuver around and explore your surroundings. Cursed Mountain is a little like the Silent Hill/Resident Evil survival horror games but it gives gamers something different. On Silent Hill you would be fighting demons, on Resident Evil its zombies but on Cursed Mountain its ghosts. The ghosts seem to fit perfectly into the game as well.

      Cursed Mountain has to be one of the more scarier games around. Not many games make me jump nowadays but this one certainly did in certain places. The story of the game and the setting is absolutely brilliant. There isn't many games that are set in the late 1980's on a mountain. Battle extreme and hazardous as you come face to face with evil itself. Take on numerous ghosts that appear to look like Tibetan Monks. Immerse yourself in ancient traditions and horrifying rituals. Find weapons to defeat your foes. There are numerous weapons to find scattered throughout the environment and some of these include an Ice Axe, Kila which is a ritual dagger and many more. Use your weapons to survive. I do feel that there could of been more variety in the weapons and a few more wouldn't go unharmed. Over the course of the game you will learn different gestures with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. These gestures include things like shaking off ghosts, escaping, speed climbing, balancing, meditating and many more. Each of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

      On screen in the bottom left corner of the screen is Eric's health and if that reaches 0 the game ends. Eric also has a backpack which I think comes in handy especially when you collect so many items. At first you only get the odd few items but as you progress in the game more items will appear. You can also view or change your weapons in the backpack. You can find many books on your journey that help you on your adventure and also improve your story. I like the game and I feel it has a lot to offer especially if your a fan of these type of games. When your in game its easy to follow and unlike most games there is only the one way to go. This definitely works to the games advantage and it certainly doesn't waste time. The only downside to the game is the lack of multiplayer modes and the lack of any other game modes. Story mode is the only option and this could let the game down severely to some gamers.

      The graphics are mixed in terms of quality. The overall scenery of the game is absolutely fantastic in my opinion. It looks stunning and stands out as the games best feature. The characters are a little on the weak side in terms of graphics. Your character Eric is one of the worst designed characters I have ever seen to a game. Playing through the whole game I barely noticed Eric's face at all. I did find that the ghosts in the game are really well designed and do make the game more scary. Each ghost looks different to each other and I believe the game benefits from this. There is nothing worse than enemies looking the same in my eyes. Overall I feel the graphics are really good except for the characters but with the rest of the graphics it doesn't affect the game much in terms of quality.

      I loved the sound effects the game has to offer. Overall the music to the game when it appears is spooky and certainly puts you on edge at night time. Also the cutscenes have some brilliant sound effects. The characters are all voiced but by no one seriously famous. I was also very impressed to see certain parts of the games sound was coming through the speaker thats in the Wii remote. The basic sound effects are really well polished and certainly make the game better and they certainly take the game to a new level. Just about everything to do with the sound and graphics to the game make this really promising and a game worthy of getting/owning!

      I didn't find the game that difficult. It hard a few tricky parts but nothing seriously hard or challenging and I feel that many gamers will also find the game a little easy. The most challenging thing about the game for me was finding the keys you need to unlock the doors and to be fair thats not exactly hard if you look around. Also the ghosts can be tricky if your not careful. Using sneak is always a great advantage to you as long as you know when to do it. The puzzles in the game are simple and easy to do. Literally everything about Cursed Mountain is simple and most gamers shouldn't have a problem conquering this game.

      The length of the game is another matter. We all know that games should take close to the 30+ hour mark to complete for it to labelled a good game and we all know there are many games that are just far too short and Cursed Mountain is no different. The game takes a maximum of 12 hours to complete and thats if your struggling on what to do or where to go. It seriously is way too short and the game needs more if its short like that. I was very disappointed because the game was short with unanswered questions. The game developers could of easily fitted in another 10+ hours its a disgrace. With story mode being the only game option it makes matters far worse. Overall I was very disappointed and saddened to find how short the game actually was but luckily its going really cheap and it does have promise.

      === GOOD BITS ===
      *The story to the game is a very interesting one with lots of detail added into it.
      *The graphics and sound effects at times are incredible and really did surprise me.
      *Its scary and has lots of ghosts in it so be warned.
      *The game has variety and its a survival horror game.
      *The game is really cheap and easy to get hold of.

      === BAD BITS ===
      *Only one character to play in the game and you barely see his face.
      *I felt the game was way to easy and could of offered more of a challenge.
      *The game is also not long enough and could do with something else to make tit last a lot longer.
      *Might make you jump in places especially if you play it in the dark.
      *No multiplayer or other game mode available and its not Silent Hill!

      === FINAL THOUGHT ===
      Cursed Mountain is a good game but there are a few downsides to the game that gamers wont like. By far the best points to the game are worthy of me keeping it but other gamers might be put off due to the length of the game and how easy it is. If your a fan of survival horror games like I am then nothing can put you off. Cursed Mountain offers variety and a unique type of gameplay that most survival horror games can only dream of offering.

      Don't let the length of the game and how easy it is come between your decision because I am still very glad that I purchased this game. It is a lot of fun but it can be scary when you least expect it. The Himalayas are the perfect setting for a survival horror game with a twist. Also the weather effects that come into play make the game stand out a little more. Every so often it changes but I'm not 100% sure if its done automatically or if it does it at a certain point in the game. Nether the less its still really impressive because one minute it could be sunny and the next your fighting your way through a heavy storm. Usually when the weather is nice nothing will attack but when it changes be ready.

      I would recommend the game because I fully enjoyed it and I do believe if you like these type of games you will like it as well. The game manual is one of the best I have read. It offers everything about the game and lots more. Its a fantastic game manual and stands out. It offers photos and information as well as gameplay features. I got the game with my Nintendo Wii console but I have seen the game going really cheap. Its a 2009 game and it sells for around the £3 mark. Amazon sell it for a little more than that but local game shops are cheaper for games like this. The game has an age rating of 16+ because it is scary and might be unsuitable for the younger gamer.

      Overall I like Cursed Mountain and will eventually play it again one day. I would give the game a very reasonable 7/10 and if it was much longer I would of rated it higher.

      Review also on Ciao under the username: MrBrightside1987!


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