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De Blob 2 (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Adventure / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2011-02-25 / Published by THQ

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2012 18:20
      Very helpful



      A good lightweight fun game for all ages.

      After defeating Comrade Black and Inkt, de Blob might think he had earned a rest. Unfortunately there is a new and terrifing threat removing colour from the Prysmia: the brain-washing Blancs. Once again, Blob needs to find paint and get colouring to liberate the oppressed Graydians before their lives become pale shadows of what they used to be.

      This game is a strange mix of platform and action. In the main game Blob moves, runs, charges and jumps around the world, climbing buildings to find new areas that need colour restored, attacking enemies by jumping on them, and freeing citizens imprisoned in their buildings (when the colours and features went, so did doors and windows). The second type of gameplay, entered once you get inside enemy strongholds, is a classic 2D platformer with enemies, obstacles, and objectives.

      Blob has the ability to store and transfer colour by gaining colour-points. He picks up colour from pools or individual colour droids, and can colour other objects and the envrionment around him by running into them. As colour-points also double as Blob's health it's important to keep them high! Water and Ink pools will drain your colour points, and ink will keep draining them until you wash it off, so there are some tricky areas to climb around. If that isn't enough, certain enemies will also shoot it at you! Each area also holds inspriation points, which you can collect and use to upgrade Blob's skills to allow him to store more paint, improve armour, and so on.

      One of the really nice things about this game is watching the drab featureless world come to life as you move around. The aim of each level is to restore as much as possible - all the trees, population, billboards, etc. - and you are scored by how much of each objective you completed.

      There is also a strong plot running through this game. The Blancs, a disturbing brainwashing cult who drain the colour out of everything they touch, are actually good enemies even later on when they show their true colours (pun intended). Each level is about freeing part of the world from their grasp and weakening their influence and resources, and there are comic-style cut scenes between levels and occassionally during levels that let you know more of the story.

      For a game based on graphics and colours, this is heavily stylised and as a result still looks fresh and interesting. The physics engine is remarkable, handling surfaces from ice to tarmac, textures, clinging to walls and bringing a world to life as you play. The sound is cartoony to match the graphical style. Voices are gibberish, and information provided by subtitles, but this works for the game.

      The controls are nunchuck and Wii-mote, and I found them very simple to get used to. I am a little surprised there was no classic controller option, since the controls are simple enough to support it.

      de Blob 2 also has a two player option, allowing you to play Blob's new assistant, who you can also upgrade. Unfortunately I found her irritating, so I didn't play this very much.

      Compared to the first game, this one is less gridlike, and the areas you need to colour are less clearing delinated e.g. in the first game areas of cliff coloured completely at a touch, while here the colour fades towards the edges of where you actually made contact. The controls are improved, perhaps because it was ported to other consoles, and the graphics seem sharper.

      This is a good, enjoyable game suitable for nearly all players. It is simple enough to get into easily, and complex enough to keep you challenged trying to find the last tree/graydian or building on a level for hours.


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