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DJ Hero - Turntable Kit (Wii)

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2 Reviews

Genre: Music & Dancing / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / ESRB Rating: Rating Pending / Release Date: 2009-10-30 / Published by Activision

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    2 Reviews
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      29.12.2010 15:51
      Very helpful



      A great game

      As a fan of guitar hero, I heard the idea for DJ hero, and was very interested. I wasn't sure if it was just a rumor or not, but when Activision picked it up, I waited for the release. When it came out, I bought it, and was thrilled to get it started!

      As I opened the box, I saw the main "controller" or the turntable that will be used to play the game. It seemed sturdy enough and was very easy to set up. In just a few minutes, I loaded up the game and was ready to play.

      The beginning is great because it gives you a short tutorial of how the game works and how you are supposed to use the turntable and all of the different buttons and controls on it.. After the tutorial is over, I knew everything that I needed to know to play the game.

      This game was pretty hard at first, but after playing it for a couple of hours, I was able to get the hang of it. I started on easy difficulty, which was very easy after I got used to the game. Medium was a better difficulty for me because it provided a challenege while not being too hard to get me frustrated.

      There is a "party mode" which allows you to sit back and listen to the dj's mixes the way they made them without you having to play. This is good not only to learn the song, but to enjoy the skill put into this game.

      Overall, this game met my expectations and I was glad I bought it. I would suggest giving it a go!


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      22.03.2010 21:04
      Very helpful
      1 Comment




      Not being the greatest guitar player even though I had lessons as a teenager, I was very pleased that DJ hero was released on the Wii.

      I wouldn't say that I am the greatest DJ but I am not bad considering and can sure as anything know a good beat when I hear one.

      I had read reviews on X Box 360 and couldn't wait for it to come out. I bought it from Gamestation when it was on a special deal for £85.00. I had seen it priced in HMV and other stores a lot higher and didn't want to wait for it to be delivered so rushed out and bought it.

      The packaging and what the kit contains:

      With the DJ Hero Slogan and huge box, with madly decorated slogans and photos depicting all eras of music, this product certainly jumps out at you.
      It says that you can scratch and mix the hottest hits and displays an impressive list of artists. Ranging from Jay Z to Queen to Beastie Boys to Marvin Gaye.
      On the back of the box there is a list of artists and songs and includes 93 original mixes.
      In the box is the DJ Hero equipment which consists of the turntable and the mixer. The turntable is very light weight and easy to use as is the mixer.
      The hardware features a single record platter with 3 embedded buttons from the outer to the inner section of the table called a stream button. As the music plays there are 3 lines running down the screen as the music plays it's a little like riding on a rollercoaster and trying to keep your breath in at the right places. So as a beat falls into the ''hit zone'' you press the relevant red, green or blue stream button or to hold it to perform a scratch. You aren't supposed to move the turntable but it's more fun and makes it a bit harder but more realistic.

      The mixer features a fader switch that will let you switch between individual records by moving it from left to right. Or you can have a mix of both songs but keeping the fader at the centre.
      There is a knob above the fader that you can twist to add special effects to tunes and a euphoria button that you can press at the right time for a star power points boost.

      You also have an effects dial which allows you to add some personal style to the mix and double your multiplier.

      The game itself is standard and the disc slots into the Wii in the normal way. The turntable has a section in the side panel to slot in your Wii remote in order to activate it.

      The turntable is pretty sturdy and it also lets you detach the fader from the record player and flip it which makes it for either left or right handed people alike. And something I personally think was well thought out.

      The game:

      When you start the game it loads the main menu. Through the main menu when you begin I would advise that you follow the on screen tutorial. It shows you how to use the turntable and the art of Dj'ing with the basics. Once you have mastered the basics which I found easy to understand and quick to pick up, you can then move on to the advanced techniques.
      The jump to this stage felt very difficult, it was very fast and requires a lot of focus and attention, and I just couldn't get it. I think though it's like most things in life, you don't always get it first time but the more you practice the better you get.

      As the music plays the individual notes stream toward you and are played in a variety of ways. Using your embedded coloured buttons you must be in time to progress in this game. I must admit it's not as easy as it sounds!!

      Similarly to Guitar Hero your goal is to score as many points as possible in a song.

      The standard settings allow you to progress towards the vinyl cut and this is how you and unlock rewards. Sadly I haven't reach that stage and don't have the delight (yet!) of telling you that I can now have the added advantage of all the featured mixes. You can also construct a personalised set list of up to 8 standard or guitar mixes and continue to earn rewards.
      Once you have chosen your music the set list screen allows you to customise the running order as well as providing individual mix information, the current high score and most stars obtained.


      Every time you complete a mix you earn a maximum of 5 stars. This unlocks settings that give you new set lists. Djs venues, decks and costumes in the character customisation screen.
      A mix can be played on any difficulty to earn stars, but once the stars have been awarded to you you'll need to improve on that amount to earn more. Once you have earnt 5 stars no more can be earned by playing it. You must unlock a song before being able to earn any stars both on and offline.

      Party Play:

      As mentioned before there is a button called the Euphoria button. The effects dial and freestyle samples will remain active while the mix takes care of itself and you can party to your hearts content.


      Although a little overwhelming when you first use this, pretty soon you get the hang of it. You need to have a bit of patience to play this but once you start like Pringles you can't stop.
      The product itself I do feel is very expensive and not something everyone can afford. I saved for a bit to get this as it was something I really wanted. But to be honest it's a hefty fee for a bit of gaming fun.
      It's very ingenious though and something different and interactive. You literally get lost in the music and really want to be the next famous DJ performing on stage, and you can really get ''in the zone''
      It caters for people who are left handed as well as right which I feel is a great extra feature.
      Another thing that you can also do, I haven't yet, but you can download songs of your own choice onto the Wii. This is something that opens up the whole gaming experience and in my mind makes for a totally enjoyable time 


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