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Doctor Who Return to Earth (Wii)

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Genre: Action & Shooter / Video Game for Nintendo Wii / Release Date: 2010-11-19 / Published by Asylum

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2012 19:39
      Very helpful



      A poor game

      I love playing video games but I am not one of those people who will spend forever playing them unless they are very good. This game I played for just 3 hours and will never play again due to how poor it was.

      ~~ The Game ~~

      Well first of all if people are a fan of the Doctor Who franchise they will buy this purely on the basis of being a huge Doctor Who fan. I understand why people would buy the game because online some websites have given this game a glowing reference which is total garbage.

      The game is about you playing the role of either Amy or the Doctor himself and your mission is to literally collect coloured crystals and they can be blue, red or a yellow type colour. These crystals are hidden around each chapter you encounter.

      The crystals then are used in the iconic sonic screwdriver which is your main weapon. You use this screwdriver to help defeat the various characters you encounter and to open up doors. You use your aim and persistence and hope to open the door up in front of you.

      The crystals are to be fair easily found there is nothing really difficult in that aspect of the game but it is the concept of the crystals which bewilder me. I have found that you do this same repetitive game play for all levels.

      Not much changes except some of the chapters have new areas to explore and navigate around. Occasionally you might be in control of a weapon where you need to shoot random objects aiming towards but other than that the game has little going for it.

      The characters are done to make it seem as if you're playing this fun game when in fact it is far from that. The game lets you explore huge scenes and you can die on the game and this can happen to the Doctor as well.

      You're given the occasional help instructions which enable you to continue your mission but at times those helpful hints are missing which can cause you problems later on. You need to use the Nunchuk and the Wii remote control for this game to play it otherwise you're told to look for the Nunchuk so make sure you have this controller as well.

      ~~ Screwdriver and Crystals ~~

      The screwdriver whenever I watch the actual series on television seems an accurate piece of equipment which enables the Doctor to escape some tricky situations. I am not a huge Doctor Who fan but when it is on television I will watch it.

      The game lets you use the screwdriver in many ways the biggest and most frequent usage for this screwdriver is to open doors using the coloured crystals.

      The doors open with much difficulty and to explain this issue I will give a brief description. You have a red icon which floats around the screen and your aim to hit this with your sonic screwdriver. This red object is going usually in a circular motion constantly.

      When you're sat down trying to aim for this object you will find you need to use numerous amounts of hits before you actually manage to hit the target. If you fail and run out of the bullets you to return and find more crystals again to stock back up.

      The accuracy is so poor it is not even funny because as mentioned above you would hope the Doctor might use some of his wisdom and creativity to reach new chapters but the whole game is built around these crystals.

      The crystals are easy to find and they are perhaps the one easy aspect to the game but when you are always looking for them on each level with little else to do it sort of makes the game very boring and quickly.

      ~~ Characters ~~

      You play the role of Amy Pond and the Doctor and you tend to see them pop up in various chapters and the Amy character wears the same clothes all the time as does the Doctor.

      The character of Amy is voiced by the real actress herself which is great because at least it is not someone who is fake and puts on the accent to pretend to be her. This is the same for the Doctor as well.
      When you are exploring the scenes you sometimes meet some of the other characters but the biggest problem with the characters is there style and there speech. Your character only speaks when they need to.

      So if you are approaching scenes where you need to speak to the Doctor you will but otherwise your character makes no other noise except when they are walking. You hear the footsteps and that is all which is kind of bizarre in my eyes.

      The Doctor character is the same and uses little vocabulary until the end of a chapter and he sounds as if he is miles away and you can tell he has spoken into a voice recorder because it sounds poor. The characters are never shown from the face onwards you always look at them move from behind.

      There is other characters on the game such as Ivy who is there to talk about the vessel your on and you get told about this during this rather weak story and you have other enemies out there aiming to hunt you down and shoot at you as well.

      It would be nice if they let the characters have more vocal performances during the game.

      ~~ Game Play and Graphics ~~

      The game play is the worst for any game I have played on the Nintendo Wii which says a lot. I have nothing good to say at all about the game play.

      The concept behind the game is to find crystals and shoot at these targets/holograms in order to open up doors and advance. The accuracy part is terrible and for the game play this does not help at all. You spend more time aiming at targets then you do moving around.

      When you do move around it is slow and lacklustre but if you're avoiding the enemies on the game you end up crouching down as if your character needs the toilet. This then creates a much slower paced game play which makes everything annoying.

      You get shot by some of the other characters yet you only know this by the life meter in the corner otherwise you do not know. Your character throughout the game ends up getting slower all the time and the levels being so huge makes it that much worse.

      The graphics are poor as well. The same colours feature on every chapter and the only good part is now and then you witness one piece of decent graphics other than that nothing else is worth mentioning.

      You see the Doctor wearing his nice jacket and having his long hair but his character does not look like he does in the series. Not only that but the flooring and the vessel you are on look poor and the game looks very dark.

      ~~ Final Thoughts ~~

      The game offered me so much hope because it was not that old as a game and it seemed on some websites it had glowing reviews. I paid £6 for this game online and when it arrived I hoped for so much but was let down.

      It feels as if the BBC has told the game producers to make a game with the Doctor Who name attached to it but with little else involving the series. You fail to see some of the big characters and even Rory the partner of Amy Pond seems to not show up either.

      If you were not a fan of Doctor Who and someone gave you this game to play you would assume it was a bargain basement production. I have failed to see any potential good parts at all.

      The voices from the actors themselves seem so far away as if they are on the phone talking whilst you're playing the game at home it is all poor. I feel this game was released to quickly and offered very little.

      I would tell people to avoid this game at all costs. Sometimes games like this appeal due to the name used on the box and the franchise but overall it is a 2/10 for a rating from me.


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